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Singaporean's Ultimate Guide: Supermarket's Grocery Price Comparison

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We have four major supermarkets in Singapore (and maybe one really popular atas supermarket), selling everything the average Singaporeans need. We know that these supermarkets do defer to what they sell but HOW MUCH difference is there in the prices of their products.

In order to compare the prices between the different supermarkets, we will be looking at specific categories and product ranges to identify the price. Also, since some supermarkets do sell different products we will compare the price range as well as the variety.

So, before you figure out which supermarket you need to go to, here is our ultimate supermarket guide!


The supermarket that meets the needs of Singaporeans from all walks of life through their various retail formats like Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest, and even Warehouse Club!

NTUC is known for their reasonable prices and a wide variety! Let’s take a look at the prices of goods sold at NTUC!

Items SoldPrice Of Items Sold
Whole Chicken$7
Ready Meals$4.50-$15.50
Liquid Detergent$4-$13
Air Fresheners$2-$12

Cold Storage

Cold Storage can be seen and NTUC’s slightly more atas sibling. This supermarket is the place to visit if you’re looking for international produce. Some items can be found in NTUC and are sold at the same price while some goods are priced at the higher end to cater to those who are able to pay the premium price.

Some Cold Storage supermarkets may have a wider variety of alcohol. However, what it sold on their website is only up to $88. NTUC on the other hand, carries a wider variety of their website and prices for alcohol can go up to $138.

Items SoldPrice Of Items Sold
Whole Chicken$7-$12
Ready Meals$5
Liquid Detergent$4-$37
Air Fresheners$6-$13


The best supermarket to go to if you’re looking for wholesale goods or affordable products with regular grocery items like fresh produce and breakfast items $2-$4 cheaper than NTUC and Cold Storage. Apart from the regular food and drink items found, Giant also sells other things such and household items and clothing at a lower price as compared to other retailers.

Items SoldPrice Of Items Sold
Whole Chicken$5.50-$7
Ready Meals$4-$10
Liquid Detergent$4.50-$28
Air Fresheners$3.50-$13

Despite Giant being the supermarket that sells affordable groceries, it also has a wide range of products in each category. This is why items such as beef can go up to $55 which is more than Fairprice because unlike Fairprice which sells only cubes or strips of beef, Giant sells ribeye of sirloin steak. However, staying true to their brand, Giant still sells their beef cheaper than Cold Storage.

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Sheng Siong

Located in the heartlands of Singapore, Sheng Siong, similar to Giant sells affordable groceries. Although their range of products is not as wide as Giant, it is the supermarket to go to if you know what you are looking for and to save some money!!

One thing noticeable about Sheng Siong’s ready meals is that they do not sell meals that contain rice but instead sell options like lasagna and pizza. Therefore, if you want something more asian inspired, head to the other supermarkets around you.

Market Place by Jasons

For those of you who have a much higher disposable income and don’t mind spending for higher quality groceries, Jason’s has a wide selection of international goods. A high-end supermarket that has its very own Wine Cellar or even Cheese Room, is sure to have the high-quality international good you’re looking for.

Items Sold Price Of Items Sold
Whole Chicken $68-$88
Ready Meals$18-$100
Liquid Detergent$30-$177
Air Freshener$26-$59

Although we have only 4 major supermarkets and one additional atas supermarket, they have so many varieties that there’s nothing we are lacking! We have Giant which is the most affordable. Followed closely by ShengSiong, Fairprice, Cold Storage and finally, MarketPlace by Jasons.

However, with an endless variety comes the possibility of overspending. Be sure to keep track of your expenses with a personal finance tracker and join our community where you get to see more comparisons 🙂

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