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7 Memorable and Unique Restaurants in Singapore to Experience

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One of the perks of living in Singapore is the endless amount of dining options we have.

We have anything from private home dining; meals that cost $2.50 and below; food delivery options or even cool hipster hawker centres.

But, are still somehow faced with this dilemma:

Source: Giphy

Well, look no further as there are a couple of restaurants in Singapore that are capitalising on the experiential dining trend by pairing their menu with memorable and unique experiences.

Here are a few of our favourite dining options in Singapore that are demonstrating that dining can be about way more than just good food on a plate.

*Information and prices accurate as of 23 November 2020. Prices listed here are all nett and inclusive of GST and/or service charge.

TL:DR: 7 Memorable and Unique Restaurants in Singapore to Experience

There’s no doubt about it. Prices for these dining experiences are on the higher side.

But what you get is an immersive and memorable experience paired with great food.

Dining Experience Type of Dining Experience Price/Pax (Nett)
Sushi Airways'Aeroplane' dining experienceFrom S$25
Smith MarineSeafood kelong diningFrom S$38
Sky Cable Car DiningDining in the skyS$53
RWS Ocean Restaurant Dining next to marine lifeFrom S$91.80
Nox RestaurantDine in the darkS$103.50
AndSoForth’s “Around The World In 80 Days” Immersive DinnerTheatrical dinnerS$133
Royal Albatross Dinner CruisesDinner cruisesFrom S$208.65

1. Sushi Airways (From S$25/pax)

No thanks to COVID-19, travelling out of Singapore has become prohibitive and stupidly expensive.

But on the bright side, you can kinda ‘travel’ at Sushi Airways (寿司航空).

Source: Sushi Airways

Located along Baghdad Street in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, this sushi bar offers diners a unique ‘flying’ experience.

Source: @ameliaprima | Instagram

Entering the restaurant feels like you are stepping into an aeroplane thanks to its uniquely designed door.

You will be greeted by staff dressed as flight attendants and an interior design inspired by the vintage Douglas DC-3 propeller-driven aeroplane.

Source: @travelfoodescapedia | Instagram

Little details like an aeroplane boarding pass name card; aeroplane lighting; aeroplane windows and even food served on airline meal trolley complete the ‘flying experience’.

But thankfully, there is no dull airline food here.

Instead, you get fresh and yummy Japanese cuisine fresh from a kitchen headed by Chef Wong Eng Chun who had previously worked as a chef at Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Sushi Airways Price

The meal starts from about $25 per person (According to Quandoo)

Sushi Airway Address

20A Baghdad Street
Singapore 199659

Sushi Airways Contact

6291 1151
For reservations, please call between 11 am and 3 pm, and from 530 pm to 930 pm, daily.



Opening Hours:
Daily [11.45am – 2.30pm, 5.45pm – 9.45 pm (extends to 10pm on Fri & Sat)]

2. Smith Marine (From S$38/pax)

As city dwellers, we rarely get a chance to catch our own food (going to the wet market doesn’t count).

I would think this is why the Smith Marine Halal-Certified seafood kelong restaurant is appealing.

This floating restaurant is located somewhere between Changi and Pulau Ubin and is reservation only.

Before you head down, do give them a call to book a table at least three days in advance, as the restaurant will need time to prepare.

The restaurant staff will also help you book a two-way boat ride for $100, where you will have to make payment to the boatman directly.

Source: @Boatboy.sg | Instagram

The boat capacity safely handles out at 12 people (including toddlers), so do try and get as many of your friends and family as possible to save on transport.

Source: Boatboy.sg

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the refreshing sea breeze and calming view. And for a moment, it may make you forget that you are still in Singapore.

To complete the experience, you can fish from their ‘sure catch’ pond at the back of the restaurant.

The staff load up this pond with hundred of fish so you’ll be sure to not leave the pond empty-handed.

After catching the fish, you can send your catch of the day to the kitchen to be prepared in almost any style you can think of.

The rest of the menu is similar to what you can find at Tze Char restaurants, with seafood charged at seasonal prices and individually priced dishes like Oyster Omelette ($20) or Sambal Kankong ($15).

The meal is not cheap, but what you’ll get is fresh seafood, a bit of adventure as well as bonding time with your family and friends.

Smith Marine Price

The meal starts from about ~S$29/pax (excluding ferry)

Ferry costs $100 for a two way trip with the boat being able to fix a maximum of 12 people.

This works out to an additional S$8.30/pax if the boat is full.

In total, you can expect to spend at least S$38/pax.

Source: Smith Marine | Facebook

Smith Marine Address

1°23’49.3″N 103°57’41.7″E (Johor Strait)

Smith Marine Contact

9792 7609
For reservations, WhatsApp or SMS only



Smith Marine Opening Hours:.

10am – 7pm daily

3. Sky Cable Car Dining – Singapore Flavours Cabin (S$53/pax)

Fancy a meal in the sky away from the crowds.

You might want to check out the cable car sky dining experience.

The premise is simple. S$53 gets you a decent meal on a cable car while you enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore as the sun sets.

Source: One Faber Group

But, do note that you will need to book the cable car for a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people.

The entire Dining experience will last for about 60 minutes (two rounds).

The dinner starts from 5.30pm (Last boarding at 6.30pm) daily and you will need to be on time.

You will also need to arrive on time or earlier, as diners who arrive after 6.30pm will have their dinner duration shortened to one round instead of two rounds.

Here is a look at the menu:

Source: One Faber Group

Granted the meal is nothing spectacular, but it is not too shabby either.

Sky Cable Car Dining Price

Officially, the tickets are priced at S$76.50/pax. But, you can get tickets for just S$53.00/pax when you book it via Klook.

Sky Cable Car Dining Address

Level 2 Faber Peak Singapore,
109 Mount Faber Rd
Singapore 099203

Sky Cable Car Dining Contact

(+65) 6377 9688

[email protected]


Klook Link

Sky Cable Dining Opening Hours

5.30pm (Last boarding at 6.30pm) daily

4. Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s Ocean Restaurant (From S$91.80/pax)

Next up we have the Ocean Restaurant.

Like its name suggests, the Ocean Restaurant is an underwater dining spot with an unrivalled view of S.E.A. Aquarium’s watery inhabitants.

The experience is really something else as you get to see fish, manta rays and all manner of marine life glide pass your plate thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass of the tanks.

Source: RWS Sentosa

As for the food, S$91.80 (S$78++) gets you a four-course seafood festive set lunch.

Source: RWS Sentosa

Here is a glimpse of the restaurant’s menu:

Source: RWS Sentosa

Ocean Restaurant Price

The festive set lunch retails for  S$91.80 (S$78++).

If you want to have dinner at the Ocean Restuarant, it will set you back about $197.70 ($168++).

Ocean Restaurant Address

Equarius Hotel, 22 Sentosa Gateway,
B1M, #B1-455 & 456
Singapore 098136

Ocean Restaurant Contact

6577 6869

Ocean Restaurant Website

Reserve via Restaurants.sg

Ocean Restaurant Opening Hours

Closed every Wednesday and Thursday except eve of public holiday and public holiday.

Lunch Operating Hours 

11:30am – 3:00pm

• 11:30am – 1pm (1st Seating)

• 1:30pm – 3pm (2nd Seating)

Dinner Operating Hours 

6pm – 10:30pm

• 6pm – 8pm (1st Seating)

• 8:30pm – 10:30pm (2nd Seating)

Nox Restaurant (S$103.50/pax)

The first thing that came to mind was that the restaurant must be that the restaurant must save quite a bit on its electricity bill.

Bad jokes aside, this is one of the more unique experimental dining concepts in Singapore you’ll want to try.

Source: Venuerific

The word ‘Nox’ is Latin for night; a more than apt name for the restaurant.

If you dine at Nox, you will get to enjoy a multi-sensory journey beyond what you can see.

Diners will be immersed in a jet black environment that lets you experience a bit of what the blind go through every day.

You will also be served by the professional visually handicapped servers as well.

The cool thing about this experience is that your sense of touch, taste, smell and sound are heightened above their normal levels.

This will probably increase your enjoyment of the food and give you a more clear impression of what the food tastes like without seeing it.

Nox Restaurant Menu

Here is a glimpse of Nox’s menu.

Source: Nox

Diners will get to enjoy a mystery three-course meal whipped up the chefs at Nox.

Source: Nox

I would hazard a guess that this is all part of the experience.

Nox Restaurant Price

The Prix Fixe Dinner costs S$103.50(S$88++)/pax.

Nox Restaurant Address

269 Beach Rd
Singapore 199546

Nox Restaurant Contact

6298 0708

Nox Restaurant Website

Reserve via noxdineinthedark.com

Nox Restaurant Opening Hours

Tuesdays – Sundays (6pm – 10pm)

AndSoForth’s “Around The World In 80 Days” Immersive Dinner (S$133/pax)

Growing up, I was the biggest fan of the book Around The World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.

The fantastical novel follows the adventure of protagonist Phileas Fogg’s who attempts to travel around the world in 80 days.

This dining experience is based on the book.

The AndSoForth “Around the World in 80 Days” theatrical dinner is an immersive 150 minutes long dining experience that lets your ‘travel’ to seven destinations in one single session.

Although the experience is a book analysis workshop at its core, you do not need to bring the book along.

Source: AndSoForth | Facebook

You will get to experience seven themed rooms from cities around the world, ‘travelling’ to destinations like Egypt, Hong Kong, India, London and New York.

In addition, you will get to enjoy the cuisines of the country you are ‘visiting’.

The location is secret and is revealed 24hrs before the workshop.

Do note that this dinner is only available for those 18 and above.

For more friendly sessions, you can head over to www.andsoforthjr.com.sg.

AndSoForth’s “Around The World In 80 Days” Immersive Dinner Price

The Prix Fixe Dinner costs S$133(inclusive of S$5 booking fee)/pax.

AndSoForth’s “Around The World In 80 Days” Immersive Dinner Location

The location is secret and is revealed 24 hours before the workshop

AndSoForth Contact

[email protected]

AndSoForth Website

Reserve via website

AndSoForth Opening Hours

Starts from 6.30pm on weekends

The Royal Albatross Dinner Cruises (From S$208.65/pax)

Got to admit this one is really pricey as it starts from S$208.65 ($195+)/pax adults and S$101.65 (S$95+) for children.

But, for the price, you will get to enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise on The Royal Albatross, a ship that will sail around different parts of Singapore as you eat.

All meals are had on the upper deck so you’ll get to catch iconic Singaporean landmarks during the dinner cruise.

There are two cruises available the Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise and City Lights Dinner Cruise.

For the Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise, diners will set sail from RWS and cruise around Singapore’s Southern Islands of St John’s and Lazarus on her way back to RWS.

Source: Tailship

The dining experience will last for about one and a half hours and starts when we enter the golden hour and lasts till the sun goes down.

As for the City Lights Dinner Cruise, diners will set sail from RWS and cruise along Singapore’s southern coastline for an unparalleled view of Singapore’s stunning City and Marina Bay skyline at night before turning around and heading back to RWS.

Source: Tailship

Guests are welcome to stay longer on board for the night and soak up the unique ambience if they wish.

You will get to enjoy a luxurious three-course dinner with options for upgrades.

Here is a glimpse of the menu.

Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Menu

Source: Tailship


Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Price

Adult Price: S$208.65 ($195+)/pax

Child Price*: S$101.65 (S$95+)

*(Child Age from 4 to 12. Adult to child ratio must be 1:1 minimum.)

Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Price Location

8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269

Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Contact

6863 9585

Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Website

Reserve via website

Royal Albatross Dinner Cruise Opening Hours

Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise

Fri (7pm – late)
Sat (5pm – 7.30pm)
Sun (6pm – 8.30pm)

Sunset Sail Dinner Cruise

Sat (8.30pm – late)


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