facebookUltimate Guide To Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs): Costs, Things To Do and What To Take Note Of
Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Guide Singapore

Ultimate Guide To Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs): Costs, Things To Do and What To Take Note Of

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Ever since travel restrictions began, we have been finding various ways to decompress during our long weekends.

And when the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) were first announced in September, it was like music to our ears.

This piece of news brought comfort to a lot of us as the first step towards normalcy in this pandemic era.

The VTL allows fully vaccinated travellers to enter Singapore without having to serve a stay home notice (SHN).

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The current countries that are covered under the VTL are Germany, Brunei, and the newly added South Korea (from 15 Nov onwards!).

While Brunei is currently not open to leisure travel, Germany has been open to leisure travellers.

Singapore is also looking to launch new VTLs by the end of the year, including countries like those in Europe and also the United States.

For this article, we’ll be looking at the costs and steps to take for traveling to Germany.

(Psst… We will be covering Singapore-South Korea VTL once more details are released, so keep your eyes peeled for that!)

TL;DR: All You Need To Know About Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) Singapore: Steps to Take, Costs Involved

StageThings to DoCostTo Note
Before Departure from SingaporeCheck requirements for entry into the country--
Booking of flight~$960SG to Germany: Any flight
Germany to SG: Has to be VTL designated flight

Designated Airlines:
Germany: Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines
Purchase travel insurance~$70Look for coverage that best suit your needs, e.g. types of coverage during COVID-19 related emergencies
Take Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR test (Optional)$160Could be part of insurance coverage which requires mandatory PCR test (cost to be borne by individual)
Before Departure back to SingaporeTake Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR test$108.25 to $437.72Prices vary according to speed of which test results are obtained
Register for on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test$160-
Submit SG Arrival Card-To be submitted within 3 days before arrival in Singapore
Upon Arrival in SingaporeTake on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test- (paid previously)To take private transportation immediately after test is completed
Travel to declared self-isolation accommodation via private transport$15 to $25-
In SingaporeRemain isolated until a negative PCR test result is received--
Make appointment for COVID-19 PCR tests on day 3 and day 7 at designated clinics~$188.30 ($94.15 x 2)-
Total$1,666.55 (or $706.55, without air tickets)

Are You Eligible To Travel Under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)?

The VTL is only open for individuals who are fully vaccinated.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), an individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after he or she has received the full regimen of the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna vaccine, or other vaccines in the World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing.

They also have to be fully vaccinated in their country of departure or Singapore.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents also do not need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) to return to Singapore under the VTL.

Short-term visitors and long-term pass holders will need to apply for a VTP between 7 and 30 calendar days before their intended date of entry into Singapore.

Steps To Take for Travel via the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)

Before Departure from Singapore

Booking of Flights

Travel from Singapore to Germany does not require a designated VTL flight.

On the other hand, a designated VTL flight has to be booked for return flights to Singapore.

For now, you can choose VTL flights from Singapore Airlines (SIA) or Lufthansa.

Airline CarrierRouteFlight NumberDay of OperationDeparture Time | Arrival TimeAircraft
LufthansaFrankfurt to SingaporeLH 778Thursday, Saturday9:55pm | 4:45pm (+1)Airbus A340-300
Singapore Airlines (SIA)Frankfurt to SingaporeSQ 325Tuesday, Friday, Sunday10:00pm | 4:20pm (+1)
for 7 Sep to 30 Oct 2021
Boeing 777-300ER
9:55pm | 5:15pm (+1)
Munich to SingaporeSQ331Monday, Wednesday1:15pm | 7:05am (+1)Airbus A350-900
1:15pm | 7:55am (+1)

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is very important when it comes to traveling under such circumstances.

Some travel insurance policies are now enhanced to cover COVID-19 related medical expenses.

It is highly recommended to purchase travel insurance as early as possible for coverage to kick in earlier, which is important for situations that require last-minute cancellations.

Do cater some time to do your travel insurance comparisons to decide what’s important for your trip, such as having quarantine allowance coverage, etc. Remember to also look out for these things when purchasing your travel insurance!

Some insurers offer an additional add-on that would require a mandatory PCR test before the insurance coverage kicks in, and this can be an option for individuals that wish to have a peace of mind before traveling.

A pre-departure PCR test costs around $160.

Booking of Accommodation

For trips made during the pandemic season, it is advised to look for any bookings that allow flexible cancellations for any change in events.

This is to ensure that you will be able to get any refunds as soon as possible.

Most hotels are also very strict on cleanliness and hygiene, so certifications of cleanliness standards is something you can take a look at when you book your accommodation as well.

Documents Required for Check-in

  • Valid travel documents
  • Valid Visa (if required)
  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination OR a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours before departure (electronic or printed copy)

You are advised to download your vaccination certificate from Notarise, a government platform that contains our digitally authenticated certificates.

This certificate is very important when you’re overseas as it contains details such as your vaccination type and date of vaccination.

While in Germany – Can I Travel To Other Countries?

If you want to visit another country, under the VTL rule, you have to spend at least 21 days in Germany before you can return to Singapore.

This is because all travellers, irrespective of their nationality/citizenship, must have remained in their country of departure and/or Singapore in the last 21 consecutive days prior to departure to Singapore.

Do also take note of the COVID-19 risk levels that other countries could potentially pose, which could potentially increase your exposure to COVID-19.

Before Departure from Germany to Singapore

Submit SG Arrival Card

Travellers are required to submit their health, travel history, and accommodation declarations electronically via the SG Arrival Card e-service, no earlier than 3 days prior to their date of arrival in Singapore.

Pre-Departure PCR Test

It is mandatory to take a pre-departure PCR test within 48 hours of the scheduled departure flight.

The price of the test varies according to the speed of the test results, which could range from 35 minutes to 24 hours.

It understandably costs more for a PCR test with faster results, where a 35-minute test would cost 279 € (~ S$437.72), and a 24-hour test would cost 69 € (~S$108.25).

Book On-Arrival COVID-19 PCR Test

To facilitate the process upon arrival in Singapore, travellers are advised to book and make payment for their on-arrival PCR test in Singapore.

This PCR test costs $160.

Documents Required for Check-in

  • Valid travel documents
  • Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination
  • Proof of negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours before departure

Upon Arrival in Singapore

Take On-arrival COVID-19 PCR Test

The on-arrival PCR test will be taken at the airport.

Once the test is taken, travellers should immediately take private transportation, a taxi or a private hire car from the airport to their declared place of accommodation.

Accommodation for Self-Isolation

Travellers must remain isolated until a negative PCR test result is received.

The types of accommodation for self-isolation are:

  1. residential accommodation (i.e. HDB flat, condominium or landed property); or
  2. non-residential accommodation (i.e. hotel or serviced apartment).

Travellers must isolate alone, or with household members who are vaccinated and have the same travel history, arrival date, and self-isolation requirement.

Make Appointment for Subsequent COVID-19 PCR Tests

COVID-19 PCR tests have to be done on the 3rd and 7th day upon arriving in Singapore (Day 1 refers to the date of arrival).

These tests can be done at designated clinics, and travellers are required to go for the test by 3pm on each test day.

After being notified of their negative on-arrival test results, travellers will then be allowed to go about their activities in Singapore.

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