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Valentine's Day Flowers 2022

Ultimate Valentine's Day Flowers Price Comparison 2022

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Valentine’s Day 2022

If there’s ever a time to confess your feelings to someone.

Valentine’s Day is a GREAT excuse to surprise that special someone with a nice staycation, summon that inner courage in you, and just go for it!

And guys, while you’re planning a date, don’t forget to get her some flowers.

EVEN if she says there’s absolutely no need to get her anything.

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Don’t take her word for it.

Just get that damn bouquet of flowers.

And if you’re on a tight budget, fret not.

Here’re a couple of Valentine’s Day flower options (and promos) that you can use to get your Valentine’s Day flowers.

TL;DR: Cheapest Valentine’s Day Flowers and Florists Promo Codes

FloristCheapest BouquetMost Expensive BouquetPromotion
Anndol Floral$165--
Bloom Room$48$298-
Fareastflora.com$74.79$5,349.89$50 OFF Valentine's Day flowers from till 14 February
Floraison Studio$129$179-
Floral Garage$19$224-
Floral Magic$165$285-
First Sight Florist$35$168-
Happy Bunch$23$95-
Jan's Floristry$65$26010% early bird discount for orders made before 7 Feb 2022
Posies of Love$55$109-
Renee's Floral$68$118-
Roses Only$125$888-
The Bloom Box$42$125-
The Enchanted Tree$80$150-
Windflower Florist$65$255.90-
24 Hrs City Florist$89$650-

Since you’ve saved a bit on the flowers, you might wanna consider throwing in a meaningful gift to really up the romance…

Ways to Prevent a Huge Disappointment This Valentine’s Day

The demand for flower delivery tends to sky-rocket closer to the period of Valentine’s Day.

While Valentine’s Day means good business for florists, the exponential increase in demand pushes the logistic management of the florists to the extreme. Unless the florist is well-prepared to deal with such demands, there is a chance that your Valentine’s Day can be ruined by how irresponsible some of these florists are.

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How to Prevent Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Fails

In the past years, we have seen incidents as such happening and here are some takeaway to prevent huge disappointment on Valentine’s Day:

  • Having a positive experience with a certain florist on non-Valentine’s day does not necessarily equate to their ability to handle Valentine’s Day.
    Look up reviews and their past track record to help you make a better decision.
  • Most people will be celebrating Valentine’s day on the 14 February itself.
    Celebrating early by having flowers sent days earlier to reduce the risk of late flower delivery.
  • Understanding the business model of certain florists works too.
    Eg. I personally understand that Bloomen will only accept the number of orders he can handle.
  • Spend within your means!
    There is no reason to be blowing your month’s budget just for Valentine’s Day!
  • Each florist has their unique selling point, be it affordability or their artisan design, find the one that suits your message (and budget) the most!

Best Florists in Singapore This Valentine’s Day 2022

Anndol Floral

Source: Anndol Floral

Bloom Room

Source: Bloom Room
  • Price Range: $48 – $298 
  • Delivery charges: $15 for orders below $80
  • When to order: Contact Bloom Room for more info
  • Website: www.bloomroom.sg
  • Instagram: @bloomroomsg
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 6447 0217
  • Promo: –


Source: Bloomen
  • Price Range: From $120 – $150
  • Delivery charges: $18 per bouquet
  • When to order: 13 to 14 Feb, Contact Bloomen for more info
  • Website: www.bloomen.co
  • Instagram: @bloomen.co
  • Promo: –


Source: Far East Flora
  • Price Range: $74.79 to $5,349.89
  • Delivery charges: $8.56 for normal delivery, Additional $10.70 for remote locations (e.g. Sentosa)
  • When to order: Anytime
  • Website: www.fareastflora.com
  • Instagram: @fareastflora
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 6251 2323
  • Promo: $50 OFF Valentine’s Day flowers from till 14 February

Floraison Studio

Source: Instagram | Floraison Studio
  • Price Range: $129 to $179
  • Delivery charges: Free with min purchase of $49, $15 on weekends and public holidays
  • When to order: Weekdays, before 1pm for same-day delivery
  • Website: https://www.floraisonstudio.com/
  • Instagram: @floraisonstudio
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 91189202
  • Promo: –

Floral Garage

Source: Instagram | Floralgaragesg
  • Price Range: $19 $224
  • Delivery charges: $12 for 11 to 13 Feb, 15 to 16 Feb, $15 on Valentine’s Day
  • When to order: Anytime (Note: Same day are NOT accepted on Valentine’s Day)
  • Website: www.floralgaragesg.com
  • Instagram: @floralgaragesg
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 9387 8871
  • Promo: –

Floral Magic

Source: Floral Magic
  • Price Range: $165 – $285
  • Delivery charges: $15 delivery $30 delivery for peak periods (Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day Eve)
  • When to order: 1 – 14 days in advance of delivery date
  • Website: www.floralmagic.com.sg
  • Instagram: @floralmagic_
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 6337 6398
  • Promo: –


Source: Fleuriste.sg
  • Price Range: $115 $235
  • Delivery charges: Free (Between 10am-7pm), Additional $15 for remote locations
  • When to order: Contact Fleuriste for more info
  • Website: www.fleuriste.sg
  • Instagram: @fleuriste.sg
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 90685320
  • Promo: –

First Sight Florist

Source: First Sight Singapore

Happy Bunch

Source: Happy Bunch
  • Price Range: $23 to $95
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Anytime
  • Website: www.happybunch.com.sg
  • Instagram: @happybunchsg
  • Contact: [email protected], chat via live chat function on the website
  • Promo: –

Jan’s Floristry

Source: Jan’s Floristry
  • Price Range: $65 to $260
  • Delivery charges: $15, Delivery service only available for minimum purchase of $30
  • When to order: Contact Jan’s Floristry for more info
  • Website: www.jansfloristry.com/
  • Instagram: @jansfloristry.sg
  • Contact: +65 94315913, [email protected]
  • Promo: 10% early bird discount for orders made before 7 Feb 2022

Posies of Love

Source: Posies of Love
  • Price Range: $55 to $109
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Two-day interval from the date of order
  • Website: posiesoflove.com
  • Instagram: @posies.of.love
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Promo: –

Renee’s Floral

Source: Reneesfloral.sg
  • Price Range: $68 to $118
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Contact Renee’s Floral for more info
  • Website: Facebook
  • Instagram: @reneesfloral.sg
  • Contact: +65 8498 1891
  • Promo: –


Roses Only

Source: Roses Only
  • Price Range: $125 – $888
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Any changes to be made 24 hours in advance
  • Website: https://rosesonly.com.sg
  • Instagram: @rosesonlysg
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 6256 1818
  • Promo: 

The Bloom Box

Source: The Bloom Box
  • Price Range: $42 to $125
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: By 12pm on the day itself
  • Website: thebloombox.com.sg/
  • Instagram: @thebloomboxsg
  • Contact: [email protected] 
  • Promo: –

The Enchanted Tree

Source: The Enchanted Tree
  • Price Range: $80 – $150
  • Delivery charges: None
  • When to order:
    Before 12pm of delivery day to be delivered by 6pm, Valentine’s period would be 11 to 15 Feb 2022
  • Website: www.theenchantedtree.com.sg
  • Instagram: @theenchantedtreesg
  • Contact: +65 6588 2088 or [email protected]
  • Promo: –

Windflower Florist

Source: Windflower Florist
  • Price Range: $65 to $255.90
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Valentine’s Day Bundles are available from 12th – 15th February
  • Website: Windflower Florist
  • Instagram: @windflowerflorist
  • Contact: +65 9785 2570 or [email protected]
  • Promo: –


Source: Xpressflower
  • Price Range: $95.23 to $738.66
  • Delivery charges: Free
  • When to order: Anytime
  • Website: www.xpressflower.com
  • Instagram: @xpressflower_singapore
  • Contact: +65 6280 1007 or [email protected]
  • Promo: –

24 Hrs City Florist

Source: 24hrscityflorist.com
  • Price Range: $89 $650
  • Delivery charges: Free office hours delivery
  • When to order: Same day delivery to be submitted by 8pm
  • Website: https://www.24hrscityflorist.com
  • Instagram: @24hrscityflorist.com
  • Contact: +65 6396 4222
  • Promo: –

Further Reading – Types of Valentine’s Day Flowers and Their Meaning

Each type of flower comes with meaning which might be of interest to you, especially on this special day. The last thing you want is to be spending on a bouquet that carries the wrong meaning.

Flower NameMeaning
PeonyHappy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity.
RanunculusConveys a message that the receiver is attractive and charming.
SunflowerSymbol of dedicated love.
TulipSymbolises fame and perfect love
Red RosesConveys deep emotions, be it love, longing or desire.
White RosesPurity, chastity and innocence.
Yellow RosesFriendship and care.
Pink RosesAdmiration, joy and gratitude
Orange RosesPassion and energy
Blue RosesDesire for unattainable.
" I can't have you but I can't stop thinking about you."
Black RosesDeath and farewell

The Number of Roses and What It Means

Number of rosesMeaning
1Love at first sight, or "you are still the one"
2Mutual love
3"I love you"
6"I want to be yours."
9Eternal Love
"I want to be with you forever."
10Perfect 10
"You are perfection"
12"Be Mine"
13Secret Admirer
15"I'm sorry"
21"I am dedicated to you."
24"I'm yours"
36"Head over heels in love"
40"My love for you is genuine."
50 and aboveSignificant message of love. And a even louder message: "I AM RICH".

Have you prepared your flowers and gifts for your special someone? Just remember to order early or you risk the flowers you want going out of stock!

But if you ask us, the best gift you can give your partner is financial security, here’s a cheat sheet for saving together as a couple!

Wishing all of you readers a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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