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The Best Unconventional Virtual Museum Tours to Visit for Free

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In view of the current COVID-19 situation, museums worldwide have since closed their doors to public.

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Yes, our beloved museums. The place where we reconnect with heritage and art. And occasionally take our OOTDs and wedding photos at.

Many museums have since been finding ways to engage the people through the wonderful world of technology. With that, some museums have gone through enormous efforts to create in-person experiences for the public.

And lucky for us, virtual museum tours have now become a reality.

As a wise John F. Kennedy once said, in crisis comes opportunity.

So in times of COVID, seize the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of free museum tours right at the comforts of your home. *wink*

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Google Arts & Culture now hosts over 2000 cultural institutions, allowing us to freely roam the galleries of Musee d’Orsay and The MET online!

There’s a reason why these museums are so popular – they are amaaazing.

But there are also some lesser-known institutions that are definitely worth your time and attention.

So here are some out-of-norm experiences you can now visit from your couch.

TL;DR: Here are some quirky, offbeat museum virtual tours you can now explore from your couch.

ExhibitionWhere is it from?About
'Weird Sensation Feels Good' by ArkDesSwedenASMR Experiences
Museum of Broken RelationshipsCroatiaCollection of items from the broken-hearted
Les Catacombes de ParisFranceGraveyard of more than six million people
Kwong Woh HingSingaporePeek into Singapore's soy sauce factory
'Cats in Art History' by UMAFranceHistory of cats

1. ASMR Exhibition

Source: Website | ArkDes

For the uninitiated, ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing and sedative sensation people get from watching stimulating videos.

Coined in 2010, people have been watching Youtubers whisper into cameras and crinkling wrapping papers, with these creators raking up millions of subscribers.

Created by the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (ArkDes), the exhibition titled ‘Weird Sensation Feels Good’ brings an ASMR experience into a public space.

Originally intended to be a live installation, this exhibition can now be enjoyed online.

As with other ASMR experiences, this virtual vernissage will be best experienced from a comfortable spot and through your favourite pair of headphones.

This exhibition runs from 15 May to 1 November 2020.

2. Museum of Broken Relationships

Source: Website | SCMP

Seemingly perfect for a time of isolation, the Museum of Broken Relationships brings to us a collection of items from past love relationships.

Each item is a memento from a relationship past, providing us a window to an experience so personal to someone at a point in their lives.

Just something about stories of heartbreak that gives us a feeling of familiarity and vulnerability.

Source: Website | Elite Daily

Damn, those feels.

This collection is now available online for us sappy people.

3. Les Catacombes De Paris (Catacombs of Paris)

Source: Website | Les Catacombes De Paris

Not for the faint-hearted, Les Catacombes De Paris (which translates to Catacombs of Paris) are underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold the remains of more than six million people.

The ossuary was created in the 1780s, as part of the effort to eliminate the city’s overflowing cemeteries.

It was first opened to public in 1809, and now attracts nearly 550,000 international visitors annually.

You can now roam the dimly-lit tunnels virtually, with rows of skulls and bones lining up the walls neatly.

The braver ones can even opt for a full-screen experience. Perfect as a thriller film alternative.

4. Kwong Woh Hing

Source: Website | Haroko Studio

For those looking for a local experience, Kwong Woh Hing is a Singapore-based producer of premium soya sauce and soya paste products.

Though more of a factory than a museum, this virtual experience is definitely one which showcases our intangible heritage.

This virtual tour allows us to take a sneak peek of their sauce factory, as well as the traditional and laborious fermentation process used to create their artisanal sauces.

It’s not everyday that we get to witness the behind-the-scenes of our food manufacturing processes.

Pretty cool.

P.S. You can turn on the speakers for some fitting background oriental music. Beautiful user experience.

5. Cats in Art History

Source: Website | Universal Museum of Art

Cat lovers out there would be purr-leased to know that there is now a virtual exhibition which marries the idea of art and cats.

Universal Museum of Art offers a peek into the history of cats, dating from ancient Egypt to the present day.

You can now browse through rooms of artworks featuring our fluffy feline friends. Navigate through the rooms of the Parisian mansion, and click into any artworks for a detailed explanation.


BONUS: For those who are tired of their isolation on Earth

Source: GifImage

For those who are already bored of Earth-related activities, fret not. NASA has curated a list of digital space experiences, allowing us to explore beyond our planet.

You can even take a selfie in a virtual spacesuit, with NASA’s selfie app.

What a time to be alive. 


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