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Best Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverage For Your Holiday Plans

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Travel is back!

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But before you get ahead of yourself while preparing for that trip to Japan or somewhere closer to home like Thailand,

There’s still one important thing you’ll need before you pack your bags:

Travel insurance

Aside from safeguarding yourself from travel-related emergencies, it’s important to keep yourself covered for COVID-19 as well!

Disclaimer: The Information provided by Seedly does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any insurance product(s). It does not take into account the specific objectives or particular needs of any person. We strongly advise you to seek advice from a licensed insurance professional before purchasing any insurance products and/or services.

TL;DR: Travel Insurance Policies With COVID-19 Medical Coverage

Travel InsuranceMedical Expenses Coverage (including COVID-19)Trip Cancellation (including COVID-19)Personal AccidentLoss/Damage of BaggagePremium
AIG Travel Guard® Direct BasicUp to S$100,000

(Up to S$50,000 due to COVID-19)
Up to S$5,000

(Up to S$2,500 due to COVID-19)
-Up to S$3,000S$68
Allianz Travel Insurance (Comprehensive Bronze)Up to S$1,000,000Up to S$15,000-Up to S$7,000S$63.05
Aviva Travel LiteUp to S$250,000Up to S$5,000Up to S$50,000Up to S$3,000S$47.92
AXA SmartTraveller (Essential Plan)Up to S$300,000Up to S$6,000Up to S$400,000Up to S$5,000S$49.90
GrabInsure Travel CoverUp to S$150,000Up to S$5,000Up to S$200,000Up to S$3,000S$35.70
MSIG TravelEasy®Up to S$250,000Up to S$5,000

(Up to S$3,000 due to COVID-19)
-Up to S$3,000S$40.70
NTUC Income Travel InsuranceUp to S$250,000Up to S$5,000Up to S$150,000Up to S$3,000S$35
Sompo Travel (COVID-19)Up to S$100,000Up to S$5,000

(Up to S$2,000 due to COVID-19)
Up to S$200,000Up to S$1,000S$90

Couple of things to note:

  • We are using Japan as the destination country for a 7-day single trip (from 23 May 2022 to 29 May 2022)
  • The profile used is of a 25-year-old with no existing medical conditions
  • The coverages are listed from the most basic plans of each company, you can opt for more coverage at a higher cost
  • Premiums listed are without promo codes

Here we have compiled a handy list of entry-level travel insurance policies from reputable companies which include COVID-19 medical coverage.

We have also included different coverages that travellers like you would prioritise when choosing the best travel insurance for you and your family.

Is It Worth Buying Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Coverage?


While the world has begun to open up for travel, COVID-19 is still very real.

Some insurance companies have included COVID-19 coverage in all their plans while others have it as an add-on.

How Much Should I Be Covered For?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic number here and the amount of coverage needed really depends on you.

For example, if you’re packing light for a short three-day stay in Thailand, you’ll probably only have a few sets of clothes and the bare essentials.

Would you need to be covered for $7,000 worth in the case of lost baggage? Probably not…unless you happen to have a luxury Chanel bag in your suitcase.

Like other insurances, a general rule of thumb is to set out what you need in your travel insurance and then look for the most coverage for the lowest cost.

What Coverage Should I Look Out for in COVID-19 Travel?

Aside from the basic coverages that you should look out for, travelling post-pandemic means that you should have a contingency if you or your travel buddies get infected with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Medical Expenses Coverage

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering, one of the biggest considerations you might have on your mind would be whether or not you are covered for COVID-19 medical expenses while overseas.

However, not all travel insurance providers include coverage for COVID-19 in their policies.

So we’ve narrowed it down to the policies that include medical coverage for COVID-19.

Travel InsuranceMedical Expenses Coverage (including COVID-19)
AIG Travel Guard® Direct BasicUp to S$100,000

(Up to S$50,000 due to COVID-19)
Allianz Travel Insurance (Comprehensive Bronze)Up to S$1,000,000
Aviva Travel LiteUp to S$250,000
AXA SmartTraveller (Essential Plan)Up to S$300,000
GrabInsure Travel CoverUp to S$150,000
MSIG TravelEasy®Up to S$250,000
NTUC Income Travel InsuranceUp to S$250,000
Sompo Travel (COVID-19)Up to S$100,000

When selecting travel insurances, remember to read the fine print of the policy documents as some plans have a lower medical expenses coverage when it comes to COVID-19 as compared to other medical costs.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

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Plans change.

Maybe you’ve encountered something urgent at work or you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 just before your trip.

“What about the air tickets which I already paid for?”

This is where trip cancellation coverage comes in where you will be given a sum of money should you have to cancel your trip!

Personal Accident Coverage

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You’re out to have fun while you’re overseas, so party away!

But while you’re out there enjoying, mishaps may happen and you could get injured during a snowboarding session for instance.

To help you rest assured, personal accident coverage will kick in to cover your expenses as you recuperate.

Loss/Damage of Baggage Coverage

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It’s just so inconvenient when important things get lost but it’s not like we can constantly keep an eye out on all our belongings.

You wouldn’t want to drag your heavy suitcase with you on the flight, now would you?

But what happens when your baggage gets lost in transit? You’ll definitely need to get replacements quickly, or at least buy some new clothing to replace your lost ones.

Travel insurance will help minimise some of the inconveniences by giving you a sum of money to help replace the things which you have lost!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Travel Insurance With COVID-19 Benefits

Source: Tenor

Need Some Extra Help With Choosing Travel Insurance Policies?

“OMG, there are so many options to choose from! How do I know which one is good?”

We’re here to help, simply head on over to Seedly Reviews!

With real, unbiased reviews from our community, you no longer have to worry about picking the wrong policy as you get an inside look at issues such as the ease of making claims or customer service.

Why wait? Head on over and find out the best travel insurance policy for you now!

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