How To Watch The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones On A Budget

How To Watch The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones On A Budget

Kenneth Fong

We’re only a couple of weeks away from 14 April, when the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones (GOT) will finally make its debut.

Before we proceed: SPOILERS AHEAD, especially if you haven’t watch GOT at all and plan to do so.

If you’re a cheapo like me, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to watch Game Of Thrones. Other than the most obvious and legal method of getting a cable subscription that is…

Whitewalker Too Broke For Food To Afford Cable
Source: Game Of Thrones | HBO

But it’ll cost you something like $24 a month for a starter pack of cable channels – which nobody really watches anyway – before you can add on an HBO package at $14. And you still have to factor in the cost of the set-top box, installation, yada yada yada…

That’s just too much work for one show. ?

I should just torr… (Editor’s note: AHEM.)

I mean. There should be other less painful, but still legal ways of watching GOT.

Preferably on a mobile device too, since we’re always on the go and being able to watch Arya take out another name on her kill list on those commutes to work might just make it a little more bearable.

So What Are Our Options?

Season 8 of GOT will have a grand total of 6 episodes.

Assuming they stick to the schedule and broadcast one episode per week, we should find out in late-May who finally takes over the Iron Throne.

Like seriously. I NEED TO KNOW.

Yeah, I know “Valar morghulis” (High Valyrian for “all men must die”) and that George R. R. Martin has a penchant for killing every character whom we love.

But c’mon… Imagine this:

Daenerys On The Iron Throne
Source: HBO

This would be pretty rad. But I digress.

Anyways, that means that we need a subscription that lasts for at least 6 weeks or two months.

And since we’re looking at legal on-the-go options, then HBO GO is our best bet if we want to make sure that the GOT creators are fairly compensated for producing this kickass series.

How can we get access to HBO GO you ask? Well, there’re three options:

  1. Singtel CAST
  2. Starhub GO
  3. Toggle
Jon And Daenerys Looking Into Horizon
Source: Game Of Thrones | HBO

And here’s the breakdown of how much it’ll cost:

 Singtel CASTStarHub GOToggle
Monthly Charge$13.98$13.98$13.98
Annual ChargeN.A.N.A.$119.98
(pre-paid, which works out to $10 per month)
AppCAST AppGO AppToggle App
Lock In Period/ ContractN.A.N.A.N.A.
Perks1 month free-Can watch on Smart TV through Toggle App
Total cost assuming a 2 month subscription$13.98$27.96$27.96

Option A: If You Only Wish To Watch Season 8

This means that you’ll need a 2-month subscription.

The cheapest option would be a one-month subscription of Singtel CAST at $13.98. Plus, you’ll get an additional complimentary one-month free access to HBO GO.

Khaleesi Thumbs Up
Source: giphy

Even Daenerys approves.

Plus you can even watch CAST on your smart TV (limited models only though… check here for a full list of compatible devices).

Oh, and if you’re a loyal Singtel customer and wish to re-contract your mobile subscription. Signing up for an XO 78 (30GB data) or XO 108 (50GB) plan will give you 24-month complimentary access to Singtel CAST and HBO GO.

Recommended for: GOT fans who just want to find out what the hell happens to the white walkers now that they’ve got Viserion on their side.

Option B: If You Want To Start Watching GOT Starting From The Beginning

You Don't Watch Game Of Thrones
Credit: giphy

Pssh… Well, you better. It’s only the best show in the history of television.

Assuming you watch an episode a day… That means that you’ll need a 3-month subscription in order to finish all 73 episodes (I’ve included Season 8’s episode count to this number).

The most prudent option would still be Singtel CAST at $27.96. You’ll get 2 month’s access plus the additional one-month free access to HBO GO.

Recommended for: GOT noobs.

Option C: If You Want To Watch Local Dramas While Waiting For The Next Episode

Toggle is another way which allows you to watch HBO GO on your smart TV – without spending a large amount of money on a cable subscription.

All you have to do is download the Toggle app and you’ll be able to watch an iced-out Viserion in all his glory, on your HD TV.

Night King Riding Viserion
Source: Game Of Thrones

If you just want to watch season 8, it’ll cost you a grand total of $27.96 for a 2-month subscription. Plus you can catch up on local dramas while waiting for the next episode of GOT.

But if you wanna take your time and revisit all the previous episodes then you’re better off springing for the $119.98 pre-paid plan (which only works out to be $10 per month).

Recommended for: Hardcore GOT fans who want to rewatch the entire series, and also really love local dramas.

What Will I Choose?

Being the cheapo that I am…

Mr Krabs I Like Money
Source: SpongeBob SquarePants | giphy

And considering that I only need to watch Season 8 of Game Of Thrones since I’m all caught up with the rest of the 67 episodes.

I’ll definitely be getting the Singtel CAST option as it’s the best bang for my buck.

I just need to remember to cancel my subscription in time…

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!