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Wedding Dress Bridal Boutique Rates

The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dress Boutique Rates: Designer, Bespoke & Rental

profileKenneth Fong

It wasn’t too long ago when my wife was busy making appointments to visit – thankfully – only a handful of wedding dress boutiques in her search for the perfect wedding dress and evening gown for our wedding.

We quickly realised that many wedding dress boutiques do not post their prices online so we had to either email or call them to get the price list. Or rely on reviews and personal blog posts to get a sense of how much a dress would cost at a particular boutique.

I know. I know.

First world problems.

Source: knowyourmeme

In order to help brides-to-be, I decided to put together this list of wedding dress boutique rates after the hours of research that we…



That my wife put in, in her search for the perfect wedding dress.

Take note that most, if not all, of the bridal boutiques listed here only focus on offering wedding dresses, gowns, and evening gowns. So if you’re looking for bridal packages that offer the whole shebang including wedding photography and videography services, you’ll need to look at their preferred partners or source for that separately.

To the wedding newbies, this is known as an ala carte selection.

This is where the couple can choose their own bridal boutique, wedding photographer, florist, and make-up artist (MUA) instead of having to go with whatever is bundled in a bridal package.

The advantage of doing this is that you can personally choose who you would like to work with and not be at the mercy of some unknown photographer or MUA who might mess up your very special day.

Disclaimer: this article is non-sponsored and basically a compilation of boutiques which focus on either selling designer gowns, making bespoke dresses, or wedding dress rentals. The boutiques listed cover a wide variety of styles and price ranges and they were selected after emailing or calling the vendors, as well as trawling through countless reviews and forums.

TL;DR: How Much Does It Cost To Buy Or Rent A Wedding Dress And An Evening Gown?

  • A ready-made to purchase dress starts from $180 whereas a designer one would start from $4,800
  • A bespoke dress starts from $1,200
  • A rental wedding dress starts from $628
  • If you have deep pockets, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how expensive your wedding dress or evening gown can be
  • The same cardinal rule for all wedding vendors ALWAYS applies: always check who their preferred partners are to score better rates

How Far Ahead Should You Start Looking For A Wedding Dress And Evening Gown?

For Ready-Made To Purchase Wedding Dresses

If you have a very specific dress from a specific designer in mind, then I’d recommend you start your search as soon as you can. A good example would be a designer dress like White by Vera Wang.

It took my friend close to a year to find a boutique that actually stocks the dress and for them to bring it in for her.

Just in case you’re wondering what it looks like:

Source: Vera Wang Bridal

By the way, that’s not my friend… That’s just a model in the Vera Wang dress. Pretty dreamy huh?

There are also boutiques that have in-house seamstresses and designers who make dresses for sale. These are known as Off-The-Rack options and are more affordably priced than a designer gown.

For Bespoke Wedding Dresses

The minimum lead time for a bespoke dress is approximately 6 months.

But obviously, the more time you give the designer and seamstress, the better the quality will be since it’s not going to be a rushed job.

For Rental Wedding Dresses

For a rental, it’ll take a much shorter time.

And that’s because the seamstress does not need to make a dress from scratch.

But if the dress you like is a particularly popular one, then you’re highly recommended to start talking to your boutique at least 6 to 8 months in advance. If you’re not picky, then technically one week out also can… #justsaying

With that said, you can only hold the dress for a set amount of time because other brides would also like to wear it for their big day. So once you’ve identified when the actual date of your wedding will be, talk to your boutique as soon as you can to work out how long you can hold the dress for, before and after your wedding.

This is especially important for brides who wish to wear their wedding dress or wedding gown for a pre-wedding photo shoot before their actual big day.

Things To Consider When Picking Out Your Dress

According to the few stylists we spoke to at the boutiques we visited, here’s a list of things to consider when picking out your dress

  • Where and when is your wedding is going to be held?
  • What is your wedding reception going to look like?
  • What is your body shape? 
  • Which part of your body do you wish to accentuate the most?
  • What style of wedding dress or evening gown fits your personality best?

Pro Tips When Going For Wedding Gown And Wedding Dress Fittings

1. Always Be Punctual For Fittings

The one thing I noticed about ALL the boutiques that we visited, is that they usually have fitting sessions packed back to back.

Which would explain why making an appointment sometimes means seeing the stylist only a couple of weeks later.


Good luck calling on a Friday to make an appointment for Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and word of advice: make your appointments early. When it comes to the popular bridal dress studios, it’s usually not possible to just waltz in and ask for a fitting.

If you happen to arrive late for your designated time slot, the stylist will not be able to pay as much attention as they would like, to you. Also, you won’t be able to try as many gowns and dresses as you would like – which kinda defeats the purpose of setting up the appointment in the first place right?

In fact, some studios even impose a fitting fee to ensure that brides-to-be turn up for appointments on time because you know how Singaporeans are like with restaurant reservations…

2. Bring Friends Or Your Significant Other

Bring friends who understand your personality or style.

More importantly, make sure that they are the type who will tell you honestly if you look damn cui (Hokkien for bad) in a dress or if the dress somehow doesn’t quite fit you right.

Because after going wedding gown shopping with my wife, I’ve learnt that wedding dresses are like magic wands. Sometimes the dress chooses the bride. Not the other way around.

Source: giphy

With regard to bringing significant others, it’s important that it’s someone who is interested in watching you try millions of dresses.

And believe me. It is a very tiring process…

Pictured above: a very supportive me who was unfortunately caught in a not-so-supportive pose

For ALL parties involved.

3. Check If Your Boutique Has Preferred Partners

Your boutique might have a partnership with certain wedding photographers, wedding videographers, florists and even make-up artists (MUAs) who they regularly work with.

If you’re really lucky, and somehow all the stars are aligned, you’ll be able to get a package deal (read: better price) which includes your shortlisted wedding photographer, videographer, florist, and MUA along with your selected bridal boutique. Even if the tie-up doesn’t include all the vendors you would like to work with, don’t hesitate to ask for better rates if the vendor you like is a preferred partner of the bridal boutique you wish to get your wedding dress or gown from!

Bespoke & Rental Wedding Dress And Wedding Gown Rates In Singapore

Here are 20 wedding dress and wedding gown boutiques with their rates for a ready-made, bespoke, or rental wedding dress.

The price of a bespoke wedding dress will really depend on how intricate the design or what kind of materials you choose (eg. French or Chantilly lace). And the price of a rental wedding dress will depend on which designer it’s from and how expensive it is to create in the first place.

So use the rates here as a guide and contact the boutiques directly to get more information!

Boutique NameReady Made For PurchaseBespoke Wedding GownRental Wedding Gown
Amanda Lee Weddings-From $3,500From $2,000
Belle & Tulle BridalFrom $6,800 (Designer)--
Blessed Brides$4,800 to $18,000
$4,000 to $18,000$3,000 to $6,800
Caramel & Co-From $4,000-
Dang Bridal-From $3,800From $1,800
Divine Couture-From $3,800From $1,500
Flamingo Bridal-From $1,800From $600
Freida Brides-From $2,800From $998
The Gown Connoisseur--$628
The Gown Warehouse-From $2,500From $680 (evening)
From $1,280 (wedding)
Jessicacindy-From $4,800From $3,200
My Bridal Room-From $2,000From $1,200
My Dream Wedding-From $1,200From $1,200
Silhouette The Atelier-From $2,800From $1,200 (evening)
From $2,500 (wedding)
Stitch By Stitch Co-From $1,800From $1,500
Tiara BridalFrom $1,800 (Designer)From $1,800From $1,600
Time Taken To Make A Dress-From $1,000 (short)
From $3,000 (mermaid)
From $4,000 (ball gown)
Truly Enamoured-From $2,500$2,900 to $6,900
Vivan GownFrom $180 to $1,500From $900 onwards-
Wedding Crafters-From $2,000From $990

If you are from any of the mentioned bridal boutiques, please feel free to reach out if you have recently amended your rates. We’re only an email away! Thanks!

Source: @amandaleeweddings | Facebook

Amanda Lee Weddings

Bridal designer boutique based in Singapore, where every gown is genuinely crafted and fitted with precision to accentuate a bride’s individuality.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $3,500

Rental: From $2,000


Website: http://www.amandaleeweddings.com/

Address: 46 Niven Road, Singapore 228394

Contact: [email protected]

Source: @belleandtulle | Instagram

Belle & Tulle Bridal

Belle & Tulle Bridal offers one of the finest designer wedding gowns from top international brands exclusively in Singapore. Located in Palais Renaissance in Orchard Road, we pride ourselves in providing luxurious and bespoke shopping experiences for our brides-to-be.

Our store showcases an exclusive collection of wedding gowns by renowned designers including Anne Barge, Berta Balilti, Elie Saab, Lela Rose, Naeem Khan, Romona Keveza and Zuhair Murad straight from their runways!

Ready Made For Purchase: From $6,800 (Designer gowns)

Bespoke: Not available

Rental: Not available


Website: http://belleandtulle.com/

Address: 390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, #03-12, Singapore 238871

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @blessedbrides | Instagram

Blessed Brides

Blessed Brides carries internationally renowned designer labels like La Sposa by Pronovias, Lazaro, Rosa Clara, Enzoani, that are available to rent and buy. We also provide bespoke service for our evening wear and suit to complete the entire bridal look.

Ready Made For Purchase: $4,800 to $18,000 (Designer gowns)

Bespoke: $4,000 to $18,000

Rental: $3,000 to $6,800 (bulk within the $3,000 to $3,800 range)


Website: https://www.blessed-brides.com/

Address: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Center, #05-10, Singapore 239924

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @caramelco | Facebook

Caramel & Co

Creating stunning bespoke gowns for strong, confident and stylish brides since 2008, Caramel & Co. is the antithesis of uninspiring bridal studios with their cheaply made rental dresses that make for cookie-cutter weddings.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $4,000

Rental: Not available


Website: http://caramel.com.sg/

Address: 69 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub, #06-17, Singapore 408731

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @dangbridal | Facebook

Dang Bridal

Upon a bride’s first enquiry at Dang Bridal, she can browse through the selection of wedding gowns, evening gowns and modern cheongsams, and fit on gowns specially handpicked from the rack, based on professional recommendation. We take every bride’s inputs seriously and will give her the advice she needs, taking into consideration her personal taste, body shape, as well as the wedding setting and concept. Brides who wish to have their gowns made-to-measure can expect one-to-one designing sessions with Dang. At Dang Bridal, excellent and warm service is part and parcel of the whole experience. Brides can feel at ease with the amount of guidance and tips we provide in helping her to be well prepared for her big day.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $1,800 (Cheongsam); From $3,800 (Wedding/ Evening Gown)

Rental: From $1,800 (Cheongsam/ Wedding/ Evening Gowns)


Website: dangbridal.com.sg

Address: 39A Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089145

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @divinecouturesg | Facebook

Divine Couture

Divine Couture forte of design aesthetics includes bespoke and craftsmanship of each gown. Expect intricate and exquisite details on the gown befitting a bride‘s notion in subdued glamour.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $3,800

Rental: From $1,500


Website: http://divinecouture.com/

Address: 5 Tank Road, Nagarathar Building, #04-03, Singapore 238061

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @flamingobridal | Facebook

Flamingo Bridal

Owner-designer Shirley Li of Flamingo Bridal is a self-professed art junkie whose creations are a reflection of her tastes and creativity. As a result, her designs and use of fabrics are interesting and distinctive. She works with classic fabrics such as tulle and lace to create a myriad of unexpected details.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $1,800

Rental: From $600


Website: flamingobridal.com

Address: 31A Duxton Road, Singapore 089495

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @friedabrides | Facebook

Freida Brides

Princess gowns not your thing? Looking for a beautiful, high-quality designer wedding dress that you can actually afford? Whether you’re a boho bride, a fashion-forward gal, or a modern bride looking for a fuss-free gown, we might just have something for you.

We carry unique, simply gorgeous wedding gowns from the following international indie designers: Anna Campbell, Catherine Deane, Katie May, Karen Willis Holmes, Sally Eagle, Made with Love Bridal and Tatyana Merenyuk. 

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,800

Rental: From $998


Website: https://friedabrides.com/

Address: 45A Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169360

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @thegownconnoisseur | Facebook

The Gown Connoisseur

The Gown Connoisseur prides ourselves to be an expert judge of taste in the manufacturing and importing of a wide range of exquisite wedding gowns, ranging from the classic to the fashion forward. You can be sure that there would be a gown for every story here. Our team strives to achieve our simple objective of providing quality, service and affordability in a package.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: Not available

Rental: $628 (2 Gowns for $1,098)s


Website: https://www.thegownconnoisseur.com/

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Link@AMK, #02-04, Singapore 569139

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: The Gown Warehouse

The Gown Warehouse

If you’re looking for the most beautiful wedding and evening gowns or dresses for the most precious moments of your life, then you’re already at the right place.

We provide gowns for women who wish to be a star and head-turner at any type of event. Be it for rental or purchase of gowns for your special wedding day, or for events to bring out the stunning you, The Gown Warehouse is a reliable and affordable choice to make.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,500

Rental: From $580 (Qun Kua); From $680 (Evening Gown); From $1,280 (Wedding Dress)

(Actual Day Evening Gown + Wedding Gown: $1,388)

(Pre-Wed Evening Gown + Wedding Gown & Actual Day Evening Gown + Wedding Gown: $1,988)


Website: https://www.thegownwarehouse.com/

Address: 71 Loewen Road, #01-02, Singapore 248847

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @jessicacindy_official | Instagram


Jessicacindy’s design philosophy for her eponymous label is: singular and refreshing. Aspiring to endow each and every gown with its own story, she believes in creating not just a dress but a legacy of craftsmanship and design. Working closely with the customer, she will weave your dreams and ideas into a creation you can truly call your own.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not Available

Bespoke: From $3,500

Rental: From $1,700


Website: http://jessicacindy.com/

Address: 7 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238957

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: My Bridal Room

My Bridal Room

Putting your wedding needs and desires at heart, the team from My Bridal Room aims to provide only the best service that will undoubtedly put you at ease.  Choose from our extensive collection of gorgeous wedding gowns, which are personally curated from their experienced team of designers who work endlessly to ensure you look your absolute best when you walk down the aisle. Combining luxurious fabrics and designs with a personal touch, you can be sure that you’ll find a gown that suits you; whether you’re going for a dress that is eternally elegant, chic or contemporary.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,000

Rental: From $1,200


Website: http://mybridalroom.com/

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-03, Singapore 188098

Contact: [email protected]

Source: @mydreamweddinghk | Facebook

My Dream Wedding

Carrying only the finest designer label and bridal gown collections, My Dream Wedding’s gowns are acclaimed for their sophisticated style, refined materials, and exquisite workmanship. It signifies their underlying commitment to all brides to be adored and pampered while sashaying down the aisle in comfort and style.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $1,200

Rental: From $1,200


Website: www.mydreamwedding.com.sg

Address: 52 Tras Street #01-01, Singapore 078991

Contact: [email protected]

Source: @Silhouette.Atelier | Facebook

Silhouette The Atelier

Silhouette The Atelier provides a wide selection of specially crafted gowns, ranging from classical to contemporary, traditional to modern, or simply an elegant fusion of styles. Our dedicated team of designers work closely with our clients, in order to advise them with their best interests in mind, so as to design a dress that will suit their style and ensure that they look the very best on their wedding day.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,800

Rental: Evening Gown – From $1,200; Wedding Dress – From $2,500 (Both at $3,500)


Website: http://silhouette.com.sg/

Address: 75 Niven Road, Singapore 228426

Contact: [email protected]

Source: @StitchbyStitch.Co | Facebook

Stitch By Stitch Co

Wedding dress dreamed by you, made for you. We believe in making your wedding dress as special as your big day. Made to measure, that’s where fit and fabric meet perfection. All without breaking a sweat – or the bank!

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $1,800

Rental: From $1,500


Website: www.stitchbystitchco.com

Address: 2B Geylang Serai, #16-17, Singapore 404002

Contact details: [email protected]

Pictured above: my beautiful wife in her gorgeous Tiara Bridal dress

Tiara Bridal

Our vision is while you walk with us on this journey – from creating your wedding dress to you wearing on the aisle – is that you feel every bit the bride you imagined yourself to be: Strong, Confident and Elegant. Feeling comfortable in your Tiara Bridal Gown and knowing how incredible you look. Knowing the quality of the fabric used on you is made and designed just for you.

Ready Made For Purchase: From $1,800 (Designer gowns)

Bespoke: From $1,800

Rental: From $1,600


Website: https://www.tiarabridal.com.sg/

Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, Unit 03-26, Singapore 238876

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @time_taken_to_make_a_dress | Instagram

Time Taken To Make A Dress

We aspire to be authors of good design, with a focus on the backroom process, to manifest artisan grade pieces that are much coveted and cherished.

We are neither swayed by trends nor style forecasts, looking instead to the individual client as muse. The discerning patron who appreciates the laborious production that comes with bespoke workmanship in crafting garments with soul.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $1,000 (short dresses); $3,000 (mermaid cut); and $4,000 (ball gowns)

Rental: Not available


Website: http://timetakentomakeadress.com/

Address: 337A Beach Road, Singapore 199565

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @trulyenamoured | Facebook

Truly Enamoured

A pair of sisters who are Truly Enamoured by the gorgeousness of weddings, both about the couples’ story and their personal style.

We provide retail and rental of luxury designer gowns from top international designers from all over the world. For the brides out there searching for the differentiated and yet complement your personal style…

For couples who wish to tell their personal story through their invitations, to wedding signs, and even guest books, we want to help you customise paper goods that will speak what’s close to your heart.

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,500

Rental: $2,900 to $6,900 (Fine Art – $2,900; Designer – $3,900; Couture – $4,900; Opulent – $6,900)


Website: https://www.trulyenamoured.com/

Address: 138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower, Suite 28-01, Singapore 068906

Contact details: [email protected]

Source: @viviangownSG | Facebook

Vivian Gown

We started Vivian Gown with a simple idea in mind, every bride deserves a customised wedding gown, and every bride should be able to afford one. Vivian Gown strives to provide you with an exceptional, cosy, stress and fuss-free experience for the most important dress in your life. We’ll always seek to understand your personality, personal preferences, and wedding setup before we recommend the right dress. We’ll also guide you through with our professional knowledge where needed.

Ready Made For Purchase: $180 to $1,500 (depending on seasons and design)

Bespoke: $900 onwards ($1,500 onwards for a Design and Make from scratch)

Rental: Not available


Website: http://www.viviangown.com/

Address: Blk 308A, Anchorvale Road, Singapore 541308

Contact details: [email protected]

Wedding Crafters

More than just your average off-the-rack gowns, here at WeddingCrafters we strive to offer alternative designs for the trendsetter bride. Fancy wearing a bold wedding pantsuit on your biggest day? Or how about a sexy high slit halter-neck gown to show off those legs? We go above and beyond to redefine the boundaries of traditional wedding gowns, all while ensuring that our pieces are as affordable as they are beautiful. After all, there is nothing worse than lusting over a gown you can’t get your hands on!

Ready Made For Purchase: Not available

Bespoke: From $2,000

Rental: From $990 (From $1,500 for 2 gowns)


Website: https://weddingcrafters.com.sg/

Contact details: [email protected]

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