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Ultimate Compilation: 30 Actual Day Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography Rates

profileKenneth Lou

Are you a frenzied couple looking for a wedding photographer or wedding videographer while planning for your wedding now?

No worries. For you have come to the right place!

Apart from giving you a holistic view of actual day wedding and videography rates in Singapore, I will also be breaking down the nuances and things to look out for when selecting your vendor in this seemingly inflated market. I mean c’mon… It seems like if you throw the word ‘wedding’ in front of any service, the price tag suddenly doubles or triples – and that’s just simply because of the way the industry has been marketed!

P.S. This compilation is for actual day rates. Not the pre-wedding shoot rates. But don’t worry I’ll come up with that piece soon as well, so stay tuned!

Pictured above: One of my favourite pictures from our pre-wed shoot by @andy.amattayakul

A quick disclaimer: this piece is non-sponsored and basically a compilation of vendors who made the first cut for us, in terms of style and portfolio. We prefer photos which are not too over-exposed and either cleaner or darker tones, looking through reviews on online forums.

(Edit: We’ve made some changes like removing Allure Weddings and French Toast Productions after increasingly bad reviews from both the Seedly community and Budget Brides community. Thanks!) 

TL;DR: How Much Does It Cost To Hire Both An Actual Day Wedding Photographer And Videographer?

  • Actual Day Wedding Photography (10 hours) would cost between $1,800 to $3,000
  • Actual Day Wedding Videography (10 hours) would cost between $1,888 to $4,000
  • If you’ve a budget to stick to, look out for vendors who offer a photography and videography bundle (they might offer a discount!)
  • Alternatively, some wedding photographers will also partner wedding videographers to offer discounts

All in all, if you’re getting married in 2019/2020 expect to pay between $3,500 to $5,000 for BOTH actual day wedding photography and wedding videography services.

Thank You Budget Brides Singapore FB Group!

Before I go any further, I just want to give a big shoutout to the Facebook group: Budget Brides Singapore!

The power of their collective wisdom has been a really useful tool for my fianceé and many other Brides-To-Be (BTB)s in making smarter decisions when planning for their big day. Only ladies are allowed to join the group though.

How Far Ahead Should You Start Looking For An Actual Day Wedding Photographer (PG) And Videographer (VG)?

To give credit where it’s due, this article is only possible due to the compilation of research done by my soon-to-be-wife, who spent countless weekends and weeknights sending out emails to these providers to get the quotes for our wedding in 2020.

Pictured above: This is what you’ll probably do when it comes to finding your ideal photographer and videographer

For us, we’re getting married on a pretty ‘hot date’ next year.

Dates like 8 August 2020 (08.08.20) and 10 October 2020 (10.10.20).

Many of these hot dates also fall coincidentally on a Saturday, which is when most people would have their weddings.

This also means that many of the popular photographers and videographers would already have been booked at least a year in advance.

Here Is A 3-Step Process On How To Choose Your Actual Day PG And VG

I know you’re reading this on Seedly, and yes, naturally you would assume that cost is all that matters when it comes to choosing your PG and VG. However, it is actually one out of three very important steps:

  1. Choose your style based on their portfolio and past work
  2. Read reviews on either the forums, groups and their pages (some are really horrendous)
  3. Finally decide based on the cost and how much budget you have

The reason why I would indicate cost as step 3 is that (as much as I hate to say this…) it’s true that this is a once in a lifetime thing and you would REALLY want to have nice pictures of your big day. There are angles, lighting, and a huge amount of work in editing and post-production just to get the right look and feel of those captured moments.

If not, with today’s power of the latest smartphone, you could theoretically get your brothers or sisters to help you take some photos! But trust me, they’re really not the same…

Actual Day Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography Rates In Singapore

Here’s a list of actual day wedding photography and videography vendors and studios with their rates for a full-day wedding day shoot.

Note: it’s not the most comprehensive list, but these are photographers with information and rates that I could find online

I have quoted them mostly based on 10 hours of shooting, but the actual deliverables and coverage vary from studio to studio.

So it’s best if you email them to get more information.

Wedding Photographer or VideographerPhotography
(10 Hours)
(10 Hours)
(Photos + Video)
60 Seconds Photography$1,988$1,888-
A Merry Moment$2,148$2,698$4,361
Andri Tei$3,300--
Androids in Boots$2,450 to $4,200$2,500 to $4,000$4,650 to $7,800
Aurora Cinematography-$1,888$2,588
Backalley Creations$2,400$2,400$4,800
Bloc Memoire$3,200 to $3,800--
Bobby Kiran$3,800--
Bridelope Productions$2,488--
Cepheus Photography$2,250--
Chris Chang Photography$2,500$3,000$5,750
Chris Ling Photography$2600 to $4800$3,800-
Forte Visuals-$2,400-
Glenn Lim Weddings$2,000--
Happy Photo People$2,400--
Hong Ray Photography$3,000--
Knotties Frame$2,100--
Lovelifebittersweet$1,800 to $2,200--
Multifolds$1,860 to $3,970$3,650-
Natalie Wong Photography$2,500$2,000
Ryankepler Photography$1,388$1,688$2,688
Senica Photos$1,800$2,200
Setia Moments$2,000$2,600-
Substance Films-$2800 to $4800-
Synchronal Photography$3,800--
Takashiwai Film-$2,900-

If you are from any of the abovementioned studios, please feel free to reach out if you have recently amended your rates. We’re only an email away! Thanks!

Some Additional Things To Note

  • Rates vary based on principal photographer or associates
  • Rates also depend on whether you engage 1 or 2 photographers for your shoot
  • Rates are quoted using a baseline of 10 hours of photos (except some with only 8-hour rates)
  • Common add ons include (addition hours of shooting, same day edits, number of photos returned)

Details On Wedding Photographers & Wedding Videographers

And here’s a breakdown of the various vendors and studios where you can find the

  • Studio name
  • Portfolio website
  • Contact details

Pro-tip: Most of these studios actually do pre-wedding shoots as well! So it can definitely be part of the consideration to get a discount on your rates!

Source: Bloc Memoire

1) Bloc Memoire

Telling a story through photographs, we are inspired by people and their stories and making friendships.

Source: Natlucian Photography

2) Natlucian Photography

Nathaniel is a cityscape photographer whose jokes are well-loved… only by his cat. Through urban architecture, he expresses his art with his lenses while putting his imagination and personality subliminally on display. He is constantly out exploring Singapore in search of new urban perspectives while finding his own place in this Little Red Dot he calls home. Each of his photographs tells their own story and he truly believes that art is an expression of who you really are when nobody else is looking. His wedding photography has also garnered a following due to his ability to capture that elusive moment of bliss.

Source: Renatus Photography

3) Renatus Photography

Renatus is spearheaded by Melvin, Kelvin and Kathleen, individuals who are passionate about the wedding industry. We consider ourselves blessed people as we get to be around happy people most of the time! That motivates us to be wholeheartedly dedicated to each and every wedding we shoot as we believe that we’re blessed to be a blessing to the couples who sign up with us!

4) Andre Tei Photography

It’s strange how my journey in wedding photography began – it all started with the need to earn some pocket money as a broke engineering student. Coming from a landscape and street photography background (the latter which I still love and do), the intimacy of wedding photography felt a little foreign to me. That was nine years ago.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to witness some of the most genuine and heartfelt moments one could bear witness to – the anxiety of the groom before seeing his bride, a proud father walking his daughter down aisle, people from different cultural/ethnic backgrounds vowing to commit to each other – these moments are such a privilege to be a part of. What’s most important to me is capturing the essence of your wedding, its story and soul. I believe in finding beauty in unlikely places, amid the laughter and the tears, but most of all, in giving you a memory of a day that reflects who you are.

Source: Substance Films

5) Substance Films

The team behind Substance Films are a group of artists with a passion for storytelling. With humble beginnings, Substance Films through its professionalism, expertise and know-how, have grown to become today’s leading specialist in videography and has produced innumerable wedding & event films in Singapore and overseas.

6) Synchronal Photography

We are a husband and wife duo based in Singapore, and we travel beyond our ever-sunny shores, to document celebrations and adventure stories of kindred souls. We are drawn to the intimate connection between people, the dynamics between them, and the beautiful stories that bind them together.

7) Lovelifebittersweet Studios

We are a husband and wife duo based in Singapore, and we travel beyond our ever-sunny shores, to document celebrations and adventure stories of kindred souls. We are drawn to the intimate connection between people, the dynamics between them, and the beautiful stories that bind them together.

Source: Ryankepler Photography

8) Ryankepler Photography

We are a collective of creators, endeavouring to document the charm in staple everyday moments and memories!

9) Backalley Creations

Our novel approach to wedding photos and videos is unscripted, refreshing and captivating. Adopting a light-hearted and earnest style to our works, we aspire to capture the emotional beauty of the journey you are about to embark on. Weaving together your best memories into a visually stunning keepsake that sparks a sense of nostalgia when revisited for years to come, for life.

Source: Senica Photos

10) Senica Photos

The story of Senica Photos started in late 2015, when two individuals took a leap of faith stepping fully into the world of Photography, leaving behind the stability of the corporate world. They have never looked back since.

Shooting as a freelance Photographer and Videographer for over 2 years prior to Senica Photos, Sebas found immense joy documenting memories for clients to tell stories that they may not say (explicitly) through his work. Hence, presenting enthralling works that are able to move people is always Senica’s direction. The boundless satisfaction of delivering a full complete project contributed to Senica Photos.

11) Forte Visuals

Forte Visuals was established in 2014 with a simple goal of creating a time capsule like wedding film that incorporates the couple’s love story and raw emotions captured during their actual day. Weddings are sacred and special events, and we strive to deliver a personalised wedding film that allows every couple to reminisce their journey together and to relive these timeless memories. Our team is young, enthusiastic and passionate – we never fail make our couples feel comfortable and bare their hearts in front of the camera.

Source: 60 Seconds Photography

12) 60 Seconds Photography

Capturing moments that last a lifetime. An international photographer who started in Singapore.

Source: Pixioo Studios

13) Pixioo Studios

A local Singaporean team of photographers based in Singapore, doing pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoots.

14) Chris Chang Photography

At Chris Chang Photography, we house some of the best wedding photographers and videographers in Singapore. We believe in making life’s happiest moments last a lifetime through our photos & videos.

15) Bobby Kiran Co Photography

Bobby is an established wedding photographer with over seven years of experience in wedding photography. Without any prior formal training, Bobby rose to become one of Singapore’s most influential wedding photographers through pure passion, experimentation, and his ability to build chemistry with almost anybody.

16) Glenn Lim Weddings

Glenn is a people photographer. He quotes: “Photographs that I produce are as much mine creatively as they are yours for stories to tell to generations to come. I find joy and satisfaction in the pursuit of photographs that hold true emotions, and to me these are the ones that withstand the test of time to stay forever relevant.”

17) Happy Photo People

What I love most about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, into tangible prints – allowing us to revisit the moment again, and to tell a story with the photographs.

To me, a good photograph is not only one which highlights the skills of the photographer or the beauty of the models. Rather, it is one which captures the genuine connection between the people photographed. I like photographs that are simple and direct. In each photoshoot, I try to create a fun and relaxed environment for my clients to be as comfortable as possible, while I capture their moments the best way I can.

Source: Bridelope Productions

18) Bridelope Productions

My name is Germaine, a Singapore-based photographer and the creator of Bridelope Productions. I am first and foremost a believer in the magic of life and love, and I am passionate about creating imagery, sharing stories, and shaping memories. I’ve loved shooting people from the time I first picked up a camera, capturing genuine moments and raw emotions of relationships and personalities. That is why wedding photography has such a special place in my heart. Having the ability to stamp numerous beautiful moments in time on one of the most memorable days of a couple’s lifetime together exemplifies the power of photography for me.

Source: Chris Ling Photography

19) Chris Ling Photography

Chris Ling started out in 1993 as a wedding photographer and has developed a wealth of experience in studio, outdoor and journalistic wedding photography over the years. For the past two decades, he has built the signature Chris Ling style and technique that has become a selling point, setting industry standards for high quality and professionalism. With his valuable knowledge in the fine technical aspect of photography, and his soft skills in directing photography subjects, his studio, Chris Ling International Photographers, has gained popularity in the market among bridal couples.

20) Takashiwai Film

Wedding film and videography based in Singapore.

Source: Knotties Frame

21) Knotties Frame

Knotties Frame is a Singapore-based photography service specialising in wedding photography. Strong believers of creative wedding photography, we pride ourselves on crafting night photos that are one of its kind. Signature Night Photography is an exclusive service and as we progress, we have developed a certain style that’s unique to us.

Source: Androids In Boots

22) Androids In Boots

The Androidsinboots team is a team of image makers who believe in the importance of visual storytelling. Our craft isn’t just about creating the familiar and the good; we embrace unconventionality and eclecticism, we create based on personalities and emotion.

23) Cepheus Photography

Cepheus has been shooting since 2013 and he loves the experiences that being both a photographer and videographer brings him. Through shooting weddings, outdoor photo shoots, corporate events and creative projects, he has encountered countless people with amazing stories to tell.

Source: A Merry Moment

24) A Merry Moment

At A Merry Moment, we believe in capturing all the merry moments as they take place, so our style of wedding photography is intensely rooted in photojournalism. We pride ourselves in creating images that are romantic, fun and emotional all at the same time. Our goal is very simple; we want to tell your love story through beautiful images that make everlasting memories.

As a couple ourselves, we thrive on connecting with our clients and strive to make sure that they have the best experience possible.

25) Hong Ray Photography

Hong Ray is known for his signature ‘Off the beaten path’ adventure concept where he brings couples to unexpected, wild, hidden gems around Singapore for casual shoots.

In pursuit of genuine emotions, the photographs taken by him exude elements of happiness, love, fulfilment, and gratitude.

Source: Hong Ray Photography

26) Multifolds Photography

We are a bunch of people that are passionate about photography. We love what we do. We love the idea of personalization, because every couple has their own story. That’s why we make it different for every couple.

Source: Natalie Wong

27) Natalie Wong Photography

Hello, I am Natalie, a passionate photographer who fulfilled my childhood dream of creating beautiful masterpieces. My passion is ignited by creativity and a bout of laughter shared with my clients. When capturing precious moments, unique personalities and love stories inspire me to translate them into timeless memories to be cherished over the years. For your special day, I hope to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Source: Aurora V Cinematography

28) Aurora V Cinematography

We are people just like you. Our vision is simple, to capture and provide you with memories of your most special day that will last a lifetime. We strive to create and be creative with all of our films, ensuring your day is truly memorable.

Being a husband and wife team, we capture your wedding from all angles and we love what we do. We are passionate about innovation. Ensuring your wedding video is unique, timeless and is all about what you and your partner experience on the wedding day.

29) Juxtaposepix

A local Singaporean photographer based in Singapore, doing pre-wedding and actual day wedding shoots.

Source: Setia Moments

30) Setia Moments

We’re Setia Moments! Setia stands for Faith or Faithful in Malay Language. Together, it’s Faithful Moments.

Why faithful moments? When you think of couples or weddings, you think of “Love”. But we forget, with love comes faith in each other as well. Love may be the core, the heart of the relationship but faith is the roots that ground both strongly & firmly together.

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Co-founder of Seedly. Passionate about helping people make smarter financial decisions.
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