To All The Men Out There: This Method of Shaving Can Save You $28 Each Year!

To All The Men Out There: This Method of Shaving Can Save You $28 Each Year!


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Sometimes, new is not always better, traditional ways of doing things tend to be better.

One of this is wet shaving and here’s what and why you should switch. Along with the “dapper gentlemen” trend, apart from combing the highest pompadours, wet shaving has also seen its resurgence for its benefits to your skin, and in Seedly’s case, your wallet.

Sorry ladies, this is a guy article but hey, it’s a Christmas gift idea for your special one too.

Three types of shavers

Before I go on there are typically three types of shavers in the market:

source: Redmart

Cartridge Shavers

The most common type of shaver today, very quick and easy to use. During NS days they will give out Gillette Fusion to everyone (yay! Free stuff).

source: Redmart

Electric Shavers

Even more convenient to use, do not even need to be inside the toilet to shave.

But this will never achieve a close shave, or what the wet shaving community calls BBS (Baby Butt Smooth)

source: Maggardrazors

Double Edge Razors

Before cartridge razors became mainstream, these were the de facto shavers used in our grandparent’s era.

The single blade construction allows it to achieve the closest BBS shaves without skin irritation.

What’s Wrong With “Cartridge” Shavers? / Why should I Switch to Wet Shaving?

Cartridge shaver blades are fundamentally bad designs

Having multiple blades is not the solution to a better shave despite what advertisement shows you.

Given that all blades are in contact with your skin, the first blade has already sufficiently reduced the facial hair. With no more facial hair left, and you are still applying pressure on the razor, the rest of the blade scalps your skin which causes in-grown facial hair.

A quick Google search and you will know that one blade like those double edge razors on each shaving pass is actually sufficient.

Wet Shaving is better for the skin.

One of the major pains in shaving is in-grown hair and razor bumps. Cartridge razor’s multiple blades to cut the facial hair short and pushes it under the skin, this leads to either in-grown hair or razor bums. This makes everyone dread the next time they have to shave.

Wet shaving uses only one blade, this allows it to reduce the hair sufficiently and not irritate the skin.

Many who switched over to wet shaving never looked back because there is no more ingrown hair problems or razor bums.

Source: Reddit

It’s cool and manly


Hotel rooms are a major setting in Bond movies, it’s the barracks or his station for a stylish spy like him, where he is always before and after the action. Other spies live in shabby hotels in worn out neighbourhoods, James Bond uses his real name and leaves his credit card info in Hilton hotels.

In the James Bond movie Skyfall, there is a scene when Bond, played by Daniel Craig is in Macau, instead of showing him shaving and changing into a suit to signify his return to the field, they decided to just opt for the shaving scene and like gentlemen, Bond wet shaves.

If it’s good enough for JB, it’s good enough for everyone.

BBS aka Baby Butt Smooth

One of the best things about a wet shave is the smooth chin you will achieve after each shave.

It doesn’t improve your looks but it’s nice to touch and you will never EVER get over how smooth your chin feels after a good session of wet shaving.

Cartridge Razors get to be very costly in the long run

The biggest factor in doing this is the cost. While the first purchase of a typical cartridge shaver costs below $20, it is the subsequent purchase of the refills that breaks the bank.

A 4 pack refill can run you up to $28 and it is recommended that you replace the refills every 1 to 2 weeks (depending on shaving frequency, some keep it for months, but the blades will soon dull or rust).

On the other hand, wet shavers tend to have a higher start-up cost if you get expensive razor handles (Pasar malams do sell $5 handles which is perfect for travel), however the refills cost a mere $1.20 for a 5 blades refill pack and if you get a years worth, it will cost much less. A good beginner razor handle should cost about $50 and can last you for at least 1 year because your vanity will take over and you will be upgrading it.

Disadvantages of wet shaving

Before comparing costs, let’s talk about some disadvantages of wet shaving.

  1. Time-consuming
    A wet shave is a ritual and all rituals take time. It requires a face prep (mostly a shower is facing prep itself). 2-3 passes to complete shaving and post-shave ritual. Some see it as a hassle, I see it as a facial spa.
  2. Wet shaving blades are very very sharp, people with shaky hands or beginners might get razor burns or cut themselves in the first few times. But after mastering the shave, the only time I cut myself is because someone gave me a shock while I was shaving.

Costs Comparison: Wet Shaving vs Cartridge Shaving

Let’s work out the costs, prices are sourced from Carousell (brand new) or Redmart (delivery charges is not included) or Mustafa (Singapore’s wet shaving haven). Assume that blades are changed once every 2 weeks.

Costs of Cartridge Shaving over a year if you are using Gillette Fushion:

Cartridge ShaverQuantityCosts for 1Cost per year
Gillette Fushion Men's Razor1$14.90$14.90
Gillette Fushion Razor Cartridge6 Refills per pack$28.90$115.60

(8 packs)
Total Cost: $130.50

Costs of Wet Shaving over a year

ShaverQuantityCosts for 1Cost per year
Edwin Jagger DE Razor1$55.00$55
Gillette 7 o’clock razor blades5 blades per pack$1.20$6

(5 packs)
omega synthetic shaving brush1$6.50$6.50
Palmolive shaving cream1$8$24

(3 packs)
Lucido aftershave toner1$9$9
Total Cost: $102.50

The above example has yet to factor in any shaving cream or aftershave that Gillette also sells and it already costs more. Even if I were to use the free razor given by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the refills alone will eat my wallet.

Having been wet shaving for 4 years already, I have since bought a new stainless steel razor handle that will last forever.

Mustafa also sells razor blades in bulk so each refill pack of 5 blades costs a mere $0.70.

That’s $0.14 a blade! Daiso sells shaving brush made from boar which is $2 and it is serving me well. There are brushes that are made from badger fur that costs above $60.

Based on the above, savings will really kick in during the second year onwards.


All in all, wet shaving allows you to buy fanciful razors and shaving brushes because of the savings from the blades.

If you are a buy-it-for-life guy like me, just splurge for a good one and never need to spend a cent more.

For facial hair that does not grow a lot and only needs to shave once every 3 days if I want a really clean look. It will become a comfortable “me time” ritual. Lathering a nice solid foam, clean shaving passes.

Lastly, the menthol sensation from the aftershave seals the whole deal.

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