What Happens To Your GrabPay Credits If Your Grab Account Got Suspended?

What Happens If Your Grab Account Gets Suspended?

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What if Grab suddenly suspends your account? What do you do?

The Problem With GrabPay And Grab

Allow us to elaborate.

Here at Seedly, we’re all about hacks and tips on how to save that extra dollar. In fact, just recently, one of the community members asked for hacks with GrabPay because he was trying to hit his credit card minimum spend of S$600.

And it was a really popular question because everyone shared their own hacks.

Therefore, we felt that we should also warn you of the possibilities of having your Grab account suspended for no reason.

I felt his pain on an almost-personal level because my account was suspended as well – early in 2016 – so the least I could do was to share what I did to reinstate my Grab account.

At least during that time, I had Uber around as a substitute. And with the on-going promo code war – it was a win for me!

I see this as an absolute win
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How Do I Reinstate My Grab Account?


Just fill up the correct Grab appeal forms:

Right now, it seems pretty straightforward. But realistically, we don’t know when Grab will get back to you on your case. And here’s why…

Back in 2016, where things weren’t so formalised (I mean…their appeal form was essentially a Google Form), I went through a long process and it ultimately took Grab over a year to reinstate my account (better than not at all right?).

So… What did I do?

DateWhat did I do?
June 2016Emailed Grab regarding my account suspension
I was told my account was suspended due to suspicious activity (even though I have only used Grab once). Regardless, I appealed through the form they'd provided me anyway and waited for good news.
Radio silence from Grab for over a year
August 2017I used social media to reach Grab
Yes, I was one of them. I tweeted to Grab to rectify my situation and they responded but asked me to appeal through the same form again.
Social media of choice: Twitter
No news again
Some even suggested I should just stick to Uber, their prices were cheaper especially with their promo codes before they left the market entirely
8 Sep 2017I reached them via Facebook Message
12 Sep 2017FINALLY, they responded after reviewing my case and reinstated my Grab account!

Reinstate Grab Account

What Will Happen To My Grab Credits, Subscription Passes, Rewards, Vouchers If My Account Is Suspended?

We don’t have an answer yet, but rest assured that we’ve reached out to Grab for clarity on this issue and we will update this article once we get a response!

After all, we REALLY do not want to see another oBike 2.0 incident again right?

Update: Statement From Grab

Seedly received a statement with regards to the above from Grab.

“Ms. Tan’s experience falls below the expectations we had set for ourselves and we have reached out to in order to reinstate the account. We continue to review all processes to ensure that customers problems are fully addressed.” 

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