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Getting mothers day gift of flowers, cake and CPF

What should I do for my mum this Mothers' Day?

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Note: We are not sponsored by any of them to say this! All opinions and thoughts are our own 🙂

Ever asked your mum what would she like to have on Mother’s Day and she goes, “you don’t have to get me anything”? Lo and behold, when the day arrives, you notice she is actually (silently) expecting something. Only then, you are left frantically looking for places to dine but everything is either full-house or overpriced which ends you up settling for the good ol’ zi char.

Don’t we all wish we were still kids again where we could just craft up a simple card for her?

Have a scrumptious meal

Yes, more often than not we do head down to the nearest coffee shop to have zi char. However, we would definitely love to dine at restaurants as well, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day! Over here at Seedly, we have gathered many different tips and hacks to help you not bust your bank.

Firstly, the Entertainer Singapore 2018 app. Although there is an initial cash outlay, the Entertainer app allows us to enjoy 1-for-1 for over 1,700 offers at popular restaurants and bars around Singapore (they do provide travel/leisure offers as well!). Technically, that is almost 50% off the main course. In 2017, the average user saved SGD725 and you could too! They are currently having a promotion that gives SGD60 off yearly subscription, which comes up to about SGD7.08 a month and it comes with their Cheers Singapore 2018 app (over 400 1-for-1 offers on drinks) together for free.

There are many other ways that we can obtain good dining deals, such as Fave and eatigo. Fave has many dining deals going at almost 80% off! Do note that after purchasing your deal at fave, you might still need to make your own reservations at the respective diner (take note of their blackout dates!). Eatigo allows you to make a reservation at your favourite restaurants, which gives you discounts on your main course of up to 50% depending on your timeslot. If your timings are flexible, you get to enjoy higher discounts for sure!

Get her a beautiful bouquet of flowers

What better way to spoil our mums than to gift them a bouquet of flowers? Here are some artisan florists that I found with the help of my friends that will not burn a hole in your pocket.


Windflower Florist


  • Price Range: from S$43
  • Mothers’ Day collection: 12 combinations for you to choose from
  • Website: https://www.windflowerflorist.com/
  • Instagram: @windflowerflorist
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 9785 2570
  • Promo code: Mother’s Day Early Bird Promo of 10% (Valid until 7th May 2018)

Roses Only 


  • Price Range: from SGD59
  • Mothers’ Day collection: 21 combinations
  • Website: https://rosesonly.com.sg
  • Instagram: @rosesonlysg
  • Contact: [email protected] or +65 6256 1818
  • Promo code: SPOILMOM18 (for free shipping)

First Sight


  • Price Range: from SGD38
  • Mother’s Day collection: 4 Bouquets
  • Delivery charges: SGD15 delivery charge (they offer free self-collection as well!)
  • Website: https://firstsightsg.com
  • Instagram: @firstsight_sg
  • Contact: [email protected]

Floral Garage Singapore

  • Price Range: from S$39.90
  • Mother’s Day collection: 6 Bouquets
  • Delivery charges: S$9.70 per trip (they too have free self-collection)
  • Website: https://mothersday.floralgaragesg.com/ 
  • Instagram: @floralgaragesg
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Promo code: MD2018 (10% off orders before 3rd May 2018, 2359h)

If you like to know more about the type of flowers and the meaning behind it, we have listed them here.

Topping up her CPF account

Although this concept is not new, it takes some time to get a little used to – mainly because it is money that you can see but not touch. Here are a few reasons why we should go about topping up her Special Account (SA) or Retirement Account (RA).

Up to 5% p.a. interest

Every cash top-up that you do for your mum earns her up to 5% in interest per annum, which is approximately 4% higher than if you were to transfer the amount to her bank account. With CPF LIFE, from age 65, she will start receiving a fixed payout every month for the rest of her life. That way you are indirectly giving her pocket money!

A mini hack: If your mum is still working and has already paid off her property loans using her CPF, do consider transferring her Ordinary Account (OA) funds into her SA. This will allow her to earn up to 5% in interest as compared to earning only 2.5% p.a. from her OA! You may read more on that here.

Tax relief

Now you must be asking, what’s in it for us? Cash top-ups to her SA/RA up to the current Full Retirement Sum entitle us to up to SGD7,000 off in tax relief. We have written a more in-depth article on it here.

Now with all that said, what will you be doing for your mum this Mother’s Day? Do share it with us i by commenting down below or join our community to share with us some of your own tips and tricks!

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