What’s Up With Expensive Activewear?

What’s Up With Expensive Activewear?

Junel Seet

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Activewear has become more than its practical functions, it has evolved into the hottest fashion statement in town.

Working out has become more “fashionable” these days with spin classes, all kinds of yoga and HIIT with Kayla Itsines fitness. Needless to say, gymming has always been popular with the lads, and affordable gyms aren’t always the coolest or most convenient to go to.

With more activewear brands being promoted on social media, did you really exercise if you didn’t upload a picture on Instagram in your cool, new running top?

This viral song seems to describe the Activewear trend pretty aptly:


  • The hottest, expensive activewear brands price themselves in the hundreds
  • Cool new workout places add to the expensive trends: Boutique gyms, spin classes, yoga studios etc.
  • The rising trend of brand consciousness
  • Affordable Alternatives: Places you can get cheaper, quality activewear

The Hottest Activewear Brands Are Often Expensive

The basic costs of looking cool in your activewear should look like this:

ItemWorkout MatSports BraTank TopCompression TightsShoesSocks
BrandMandukaNike WomenUnder ArmourLululemon AthleticaAdidas UltraboostAdidas

1. Lululemon Athletica

This adds up to a whopping $614 for one set of workout attire, excluding the workout mat that you honestly could do with cheaper.

Credits: Lululemon Athletica

As one of the most fashionable activewear brands amongst women, Lululemon combines style and quality, making irresistible sportswear many Singaporeans go crazy about. Except, the price tags on these are almost the price of that expensive pair of jeans you have.

Sports bras go from $70 to $140, hi-rise mesh tights are priced at a minimum of $120 and running shorts from $80 and above.

2. Adidas

Credits: Adidas 

The long-standing go-to activewear brand for many around the world, Adidas sells not only its original styles but also a collaboration with artists. Adidas and Stella McCartney have had an ongoing partnership for many years now with running performance jackets in this line over $200 and compression tights priced at $150 and above.

Adidas’ collaboration with Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto also made Y-3 Adidas Boost shoes that cost over $700.

Other classic brands such as Nike, Puma and Underarmour see prices around the same range.

3. Manduka

Credits: Manduka
Manduka is popular amongst yoga fanatics, making premium athletic performance products such as yoga mats, towels, props and so on. Their PRO bright-coloured, very aesthetically pleasing yoga mats are priced from $168 to over $200. Other popular yoga props include yoga blocks from $25 and Wool blankets from $65.

3. Gym Shark

Credits: Gym Shark

Gym Shark sells street-style activewear for outdoors and the gym, with compression tights and cotton joggers starting from $80.

4. Titika


Titika is famous for their exclusive, stylish sports bras that start from above $100.

Some other premium, famous activewear brands also include Calvin Klein, Kitted, Sweaty Betty and so on.

Rising Brand Consciousness

No-logo doesn’t quite cut it nowadays.

1. Boutique Gyms, Spin Classes, Yoga Studios

Boutique gyms that boast highly trained gym instructors and a focus on camaraderie and a community spirit have subscription packages at $240 to $400 per month and $230 and up per month for yoga classes. The latest trend, indoors spin cycling average at about $30 per session and higher. Active SG gyms are often seen as less fashionable and other exercise studios often charge higher prices.

With workout sessions priced higher and higher these days, it is no wonder activewear is matching up.

2. Fashioning Activewear Brands

As trends become more and more expensive, people are becoming more brand conscious and social media really isn’t helping.

I remember once asking my friend why he needs to buy $60 running singlets from Adidas when he could just wear one from home. His answer was, “Run that time more shiok!” 

Quality does come into play and sometimes more expensive tights are indeed the ones that are made of better material. But we all know that the reason for buying branded activewear as compared to brandless, similar ones are because of the small logo that’s sewn on at the corner.

Activewear is no longer simply your pyjamas or the worn out clothing you can’t wear to shop anymore. Whether it has three stripes on it kind of matters.

Activewear isn’t the only thing that has been highly fashioned.

These days, you can own a sweater but it somehow becomes a fashion statement when there’s that small “Champion” logo sitting at the end of your sleeve. The same applies to the Ralph Lauren badge sewn onto a baseball cap, Abercombie and Fitch stamped on that white shirt, or Adidas Originals branding your pair of sweatpants. When white shoes were trending, it wasn’t about just white shoes, it’s at its cheapest $70 Superga sneakers or the latest $280 Adidas NMDs.

Alternative Affordable Activewear Brands

Here are some trusty alternatives you can get your quality, activewear at more affordable prices.

1. Decathlon

The mega-mart of sportswear. Ever since its first opening in Singapore a couple years back, it has taken us by storm. Kids backpacks for $3.90, running shoes for $24.90 and even aqua kayaking shoes for only $7. Everything’s a steal here in this outdoor gear haven.

2. Cotton On BODY

Cotton On BODY and sells an entire range of affordable activewear from $19.95 for sports bras, $15 for track pants and so on.

3. Kydra

This Singaporean brand aims to provide livable, everyday activewear. Women’s running tank tops start from $28 and men’s running shirts start from $38.


You can get ASOS 4505 activewear from $28 for compression tights online.

5. Changi City Point and IMM Sports Outlets

These two places are Singaporean go-tos for many popular brands’ outlet stores. Here you can find Adidas, Puma and Nike outlet stores selling items up to 50% off the original price!


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