Where to Find Cheap Air Tickets: 5 Tools You Must Know

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With 9 long weekends in 2018, this is the year where you can travel the world and start checking things off your bucket list. To help you with that, we’ve asked the Seedly Community about tools & places they use to source for the best air ticket discounts in Singapore. Here’s a quick round-up by our Seedly Personal Finance community.

 5 tools to help you find cheap airfares and travel promos

TL;DR: 5 Tools/ Websites To Find Cheap Air Tickets in Singapore

Broadly speaking, here are 5 essential tools:

  1. Seedly Deals: Deal site for special airlines promotions & deals
  2. Skyscanner: Airfare aggregator that compares cheap air tickets across 30+ websites
  3. Expedia: Flights+hotel aggregator with Expedia+ Rewards Points program
  4. Hellowings: Airfare aggregator that compares air tickets across the year
  5. Airline newsletters: Newsletters with exclusive airline deals in your inbox

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1. Seedly Deals – All airline promotions & deals in 1 place

As fellow travellers, we understand the trouble of tracking down airfare deals and the pain of missing out on them. That’s why we’re constantly curating the best airfare deals and putting them in 1 place – Seedly Deals.

Find Cheap Travel Deals Promo Code with Seedly Deals

More often than not, travel deals come with complex T&Cs as well as flying and booking periods which makes planning for our trips a headache. That’s why we’ve simplified these T&Cs so it is easier to understand and plan for our travel. Here’s a sample of a deal we’ve done.

Scoot flights to Berlin promo


2. Skyscanner – Airfare aggregator over 30 websites

Skyscanner is the leading aggregator that compares prices across over 30 travel websites. After indicating your flight dates and airport locations, you immediately get a list of all airfares and you can indicate your preferences via the filters.

Not impressed with the deals? Be sure to use the “Get Price Alerts” to receive email alerts when prices change.

Find Cheap airfare with skyscanner

3. Expedia – Flight+hotel bundles aggregator with Expedia+ Rewards points

Expedia is major contender in the fare aggregators’ space. While Expedia‘s range of airfares isn’t the best, it actively tries to pair hotel deals with your flights so you can maximise your savings for your entire trip.

Buying on Expedia also gives you Expedia+ points, which can be exchanged for rewards such as members-only deals as well as hotel and flight benefits.

Find cheap airfare and hotel booking siwht Expedia

4. Hellowings – Airfare aggregator to find cheapest airfares over time

Are your travelling dates flexible? If that’s the case, then Hellowings is the tool for you.

After aggregating fares from airline partners, Hellowings charts out the airfares over a 60-day period, so you can pick the cheapest combination of flight and return dates to your travel destination.

Find Cheap Travel Deals with Hellowings

5. Airlines Newsletters – Exclusive deals in your inbox from your favourite airlines 

Do you have an airline that you prefer? Most major airlines such as Singapore Air, Emirates and Scoot have their dedicated newsletters where they send out exclusive deals frequently (some do this weekly).

All you need to do is head to their website and subscribe to the newsletter, and these exclusive deals will be delivered to your inbox. Here’s a sample of a Scoot newsletter we received this morning.

Scoot Newsletter



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