Which Industries Give The Highest Pay For Postgraduate Degree Holders?

What’s the general feel like in the labour market right now?

Well, the second quarter of 2016 showed an overall increase in unemployment as well as a drop in total employment growth. Layoffs have also increased compared to the previous quarter and in 2015.

An advance release from the Manpower Research and Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) cites that this is caused by the mellowed global economic situation.

Despite all these factors, postgrads still have a fighting chance.

Adecco Singapore finds that postgraduates are able to shine in the following four segments: Accounting & Finance, Banking, Information & Technology and Marketing & Communications. These industries pay their postgrads fairly well too, as you will find below.

Accounting & Finance

Findings from the Kelly Service’s Salary Guide for 2016 indicate that the Committee to Develop the Accounting Sector (CDAS), envisions the transformation and development of Singapore’s accounting sector into a global hub by the year 2020. The estimated revenue generated from this industry was a whopping S$1.8 billion last year. There’s a great amount of potential for public accountancies to thrive.

For these postgrad positions, a minimum of five years of experience applies as well as a qualification either as a master’s degree holder, the title of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

  • Finance Manager – S$6,000-S$10,000
  • Financial Controller – S$9,000-$S25,000
  • Financial Analyst – S$4,000-S$8,000
  • Internal Auditor – S$5,500-S$12,000

Banks need postgraduates in a string of departments. The demand for postgrads can be split into the three segments of a bank – Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office.

As far as the Front Office goes, postgraduates are compensated well in the Investment Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Banking and Fund Management divisions. Here’s a list of positions with pay ranges for master’s degree holders who have a minimum experience of five years:

  • Fund Management & Corporate Banking – Vice President: S$10,000-S$15,000
  • Fund Management & Corporate Banking – Senior Vice President/Director: S$15,000-S$25,000
  • Investment Banking – Vice President: S$10,000-S$16,000
  • Investment Banking – Senior Vice President/Director: S$16,000-S$25,000
  • Private Equity – Vice President: S$10,000-S$15,000
  • Private Equity – Senior Vice President: S$15,000-S$25,000

Middle Office postgrads cover these departments in banks: Audit, Compliance, Operational Risk, Market Risk and Client Services. This is what a postgrad in the following positions would be paid:

  • Client Services – Vice President: S$10,000-S$14,000
  • Client Services – Senior Vice President/Director: S$14,000-S$20,000
  • Operational Risk – Vice President: S$10,000-S$17,000
  • Operational Risk – Senior Vice President/Director: S$14,000-S$25,000
  • Market Risk – Vice President: S$12,000-S$15,000
  • Market Risk – Senior Vice President/Director: S$15,000-S$25,000
  • Audit – Vice President: S$9,500-S$17,000
  • Audit – Senior Vice President/Director: S$13,000-S$25,000
  • Compliance – Vice President: S$10,500-S$17,000
  • Compliance – Senior Vice President/Director: S$15,000-S$25,000

Finally, Back Office is branched into Settlements, Treasury Operations, Corporate Actions and Documentation. Here’s the pay scale for postgrads in these positions:

  • Corporate Actions – Vice President: S$9,500-S$17,000
  • Corporate Actions – Senior Vice President/Director: S$13,000-S$20,000
  • Documentation – Vice President: S$8,500-S$17,000
  • Documentation – Senior Vice President/Director: S$13,000-S$20,000
  • Settlements – Vice President: S$9,000-S$17,000
  • Settlements – Senior Vice President/Director: S$13,000-S$20,000
  • Treasury Operations – Vice President: S$9,500-S$17,000
  • Treasury Operations – Senior Vice President/Director: S$13,000-S$20,000
Information & Technology

Four positions in the IT industry pay postgraduates well. These managerial posts require a minimum experience of five years and a master’s degree in science. All figures reflect a gross monthly salary.

  • Application Project Manager (ERP) – S$8,000-S$15,000
  • MIS/IT Manager – S$6,500-S$15,000
  • IT Security Manager – S$9,000-S$17,000
  • Infrastructure Project Manager – S$8,000-S$15,000
Marketing & Communications

A person with experience in marketing and communications would usually work in the Food and Beverage industry as well as in MNCs. There is a need for postgrads with a minimum of a master’s degree and five years of experience in three particular positions.

  • CRM Manager – S$7,000 – S$12,000
  • Marketing & Communications Manager – S$5,500-S$12,500
  • Marketing Manager/Director – S$9,000-S$15,000

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