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“Helping people make smarter financial decisions with the right tools and mindset”

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Contributing to Seedly

We are open to guest contributors who are keen to write original and quality content on personal finance, savings, lifestyle, investing and insurance.

Our Seedly community has grown over the recent months and we are reaching over 150k readers on a monthly basis. If you believe that you have something that can influence their daily life in a positive way, we welcome you to reach out.

Submission Tips:

Seedly welcomes submissions for short to long form personal finance-related stories:

  • Between 500 to 900 words.
  • In word DOCX, PDF or google docs format (with links and royalty free images)
  • Unbiased personal finance content to increase the financial literacy of general Singaporeans.

If you’d like your writing to be featured on Seedly, simply drop us a message at

Our content team will review each submission within two weeks of receiving it. From there we will decide on the article to publish. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, assume your article will not be published and feel free to submit another article.

Further Reading: Writing a community article

Here are some tips when researching and writing, a community piece to call your own.

Types of stories that our readers love:
  • Guides and How To” articles
  • “Unbiased Comparison” articles
    • What is better than a proper comparison based on price and usefulness
    • Best is to have an unbiased and utility view on the thing you are comparing in people’s day to day lives
    • Example: “Data vs Price for Singapore Telco Comparison
  • “Useful tips and hacks on X” articles
    • Being relevant is most important to our users that can give them insights into questions they have inter daily lives
    • X also cannot be something commonly written about like “Tips on saving or investing” as they may come across as sales click bait titles
    • Example: “Complete List of Money Saving Tools Online Singapore
  • Personal stories and experience articles
    • We love your stories, on how your personal finance lives (often a taboo subject) can help our community
    • If you have some past experience with financial products or approach in life, it could really work well
    • Your story narrative should be educational to readers. Think “what would readers gain by reading my story?”
    • Example: “Personal Story: How Insurance Saved My Family
  • Economy/Industry trends or thoughts
    • Readers love ideas on growing their investments or personal finance based on more information and industry knowledge
    • Use credible sources to back up your claims, and be sure to internally link them
    • Also, it would be best to provide numbers, graphs, and charts to help readers visualize the situation.
    • Example: “What Is A Good Pay In Singapore?

Things to avoid 

When crafting your piece, here are the top things you should never do:

  • Shameless self-promotion: Creating PR on your own company or brand promotion. The purpose of writing community articles should be shared learning and discussion.
  • No face: Creating a profile without a photo and bio. (this just makes you look unprofessional)
  • Sales Content: Using a company logo and name as your profile photo and name and leaving contact details
  • Boring or Old Content: Using a writing style that is dry and boring or old content we have already written about. Use direct, clear, simple language.
  • Plagiarized Content: Copying and pasting the content from a previous source.

Community best practices

As a guest author on Seedly, here are some best practices and suggestions to get your articles discovered and shared:

  • Join the Seedly Personal Finance Community (SG) and introduce yourself before sharing your articles.
  • You can also share your articles on your own social feeds.
  • Be open and friendly to comments, questions, and suggestions. Good writers often engage with their readers with sincerity.

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