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Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore (2022): UOB, OCBC, DBS, Maybank & More

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There’re a lot of places to park your money.

And sometimes, you just have a considerable amount of money lying around that you don’t really wanna risk investing.

So what’s the safest option for those with low-risk appetites?

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Enter fixed deposits (or time deposits), an extremely low-risk way to grow your money without losing your capital.

It is where you can leave your money, forget about it, and come back later to collect the interest.

Every bank offers different interest rates, which typically vary according to minimum deposit amount and agreed-upon tenor.

So, which bank offers the best fixed deposit rates in Singapore?

TL;DR: Best Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore 2022

Promotion's Minimum/Qualifying Amount (SGD)Promotional Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
Bank of China12 months$5,0002.25%Further notice
CIMB SGD Exclusive Online Fixed Deposit18 months$10,0002.65% to 2.70%30 Sep 2022
Citibank SGD Time Deposit Investment Bundle2 months$50,000 investment purchase from Citibank3.50% 30 Sep 2022
DBS18 months
$1,000 to $9,9991.30%Further notice
Hong Leong Finance15 months$10,0002.40%Further notice
HSBC12 months$30,0002.50%30 Sep 2022
ICBC12 months$5002.35% (via E-banking)Further notice
Maybank12 monthsSGD Time Deposit: $20,000 and above

iSAVvy Time Deposit: $25,000 and above
2.20%Further notice
OCBC12 months$20,000 fresh funds2.30%Further notice
RHB12 months$20,000 fresh funds2.45% (Retail Customer)

2.50% (RHB Premier Clients)
Further notice
Standard Chartered12 months$25,0001.80% (Promotional Rate)

1.90% (Priority Banking)
30 Sep 2022
UOB10 months$20,000 fresh funds2.40%30 Sep 2022

Note that rates are subject to change without prior notice. Information is accurate as of  5 Sep 2022. All figures are in SGD.

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A few things to note about Fixed Deposit Rates:

  • Fixed deposit interest rates listed here are promotional interest rates that change monthly, and some might not even have a specific expiry date.
  • These rates are also often packaged as “welcome offers” for new customers to the bank, although some banks like RHB offer better rates for existing customers who are renewing their fixed deposits
  • Most of the time, the higher fixed deposit interest rates are only for a bank’s premium customers.
  • Or if you have a considerable amount of money, usually $20,000 and above, to commit.
  • Higher fixed deposit interest rates are also available for foreign currencies (like USD) – you can consider this alternative if you, for some reason, have vast sums of foreign currency just lying around.

In this article, we listed both promotional and regular non-promotional board rates and compared them to find the best deal for you.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Seedly serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be personalised investment advice. ​Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before investing in any investment product. Information is accurate as of 5 Sep 2022.

What Is a Fixed Deposit Account?

Fixed deposits – also known as time deposit accounts – are financial instruments provided by banks that offer a higher interest rate than a regular savings account. The money, however, must stay in the account for a fixed period of time.

Advantages of Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are popular among some Singaporeans due to a few reasons:

  • Investors technically need not do anything except give up their liquidity for the additional interest rate
  • Virtually risk-free: Up to $75,000 of the amount is insured by Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC)
  • Guaranteed returns: By locking up an amount of money, it helps a particular group of people save better
  • Tax-free interest: The interest you earn from your fixed deposit sum is exempted from tax in Singapore.

Disadvantages of Fixed Deposit

For the additional interest rate, parking your money into a fixed deposit has its cons too:

  • Less flexibility: You’ll give up the liquidity of your savings for a fixed amount of time to get the interest
  • Early withdrawal fees: Withdrawing your money before the deposit reaches its maturity date will mean receiving less interest
  • Minimum deposit amount required: Fixed deposit usually requires a minimum amount of anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000.

Why Even Consider Fixed Deposits?

I know what you’re thinking.

You have high-interest savings accounts (e.g., DBS/POSB Multiplier and OCBC 360) that you’re using for salary transactions, and a fixed deposit account with board interest rates of a similar level to a savings account might not make a difference.

But, it could be a good time now to consider this because banks in Singapore have launched a series of fixed deposit promotions due to higher interest rates.

With better interest rates, should we start looking at fixed deposits then?

In general, fixed deposits are:

  • A low-risk investment
  • Virtually risk-free and give guaranteed returns
  • Fuss-free (no need to deposit fresh funds or buy insurance and investment products)
  • Can be a low-risk component of your investment portfolio
  • Pay you a fixed rate of interest (it doesn’t change once you’re locked in)
  • Pay an interest rate higher than a regular savings account (0.05% per annum).

Also… contrary to what many people think.

Fixed deposits are actually liquid.

Once you put your money in, you can withdraw your money anytime.

HOWEVER, there’s a catch.

Fixed deposits require a fixed commitment period, and hence, there may be early withdrawal clauses that require you to pay a certain administrative fee.

You might get paid less interest or lose it altogether if you withdraw your money before maturity.

So, before you decide to squirrel money away in a fixed deposit account, make sure that you can afford to put it aside for the stipulated amount of time and be cautious of the early withdrawal clauses you are signing off on.

Read more:

BOC Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)TenureInterest Rates Over the Counter (% p.a.)Interest Rates Mobile Banking Placement (% p.a.)
$5,000 and above1 month1.40%1.45%
3 months1.70%1.75%
6 months2.00%2.05%
9 months2.15%2.20%
$5,000 and $50,00012 months2.25%2.35%
$50,000 and $300,0002.35%2.40%
$300,000 and above2.40%2.45%
18 months2.40%2.45%
24 months2.45%2.50%

BOC Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)Interest Rate (% p.a.)
1 month3 months6 months9 months12 months18 months24 months36 months
Below $20,0000.80%1.00%1.30%1.50%1.70%1.80%1.80%1.80%
$20,000 to below $50,000
$50,000 to below $100,000
$100,000 to below $300,000
$300,000 to below $500,000
$500,000 and above0.85%1.05%1.35%1.55%1.75%1.85%1.85%1.85%

Terms & Conditions:

  • The rates are indicative and applicable to personal customers only
  • Rates used at the point of transaction may differ.

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CIMB Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Online Promo Rate (% p.a.)
$10,000 & Above
Online Promo Rate (% p.a.)
$10,000 & Above
Valid Till
6 months1.45%1.50%30 Sep 2022
9 months1.55%1.60%
12 months2.45%2.50%
18 months2.65%2.70%

You will need to make the following initial deposit:

  • $5,000 for 1 or 2-month tenures
  • $1,000 for other board rates.

To qualify for the promotion, applicants must open an Eligible Account and/or place a minimum amount of $10,000 to a maximum of $1 million per placement for the specific tenures.

CIMB Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

TenureBoard Rates (% p.a.)
$1,000 - $99,999
Board Rates (% p.a.)
$100,000 & Above
1 month*0.20%0.20%
2 months*0.25%0.30%
3 months0.30%0.35%
6 months0.30%0.35%
9 months0.30%0.35%
12 months0.30%0.35%
24 months0.30%0.35%

Do note that a minimum placement of $5,000 is required.

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Citibank Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

PromotionsDeposit Amount (SGD)Investment Sales ChargeTenure (months)Promo Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
SGD Time Deposit Investment Bundle Promotion$50,000 and above1% and above2 months3.50% 30 Sep 2022
SGD Time Deposit Promotion For Citigold Private Clients & Citigold$50,000 and $3,000,000 (New Funds)6 months: 2.00%

12 months: 2.60%
31 Oct 2022

To qualify for the Citigold Private Client and Citigold promotion, the minimum deposit amount is $50,000 in fresh/new funds.

Similarly, to qualify for the investment bundle promotion, you’ll need to make a minimum investment purchase of $50,000 with Citibank through a Relationship Manager or Personal Banker.

“Investment” refers to a Citi-distributed investment product with a minimum net sales charge of 1%.

Citibank Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)TenureInterest Rate (% p.a.)
$10,000 - $3,000,0001 week0.05%
$10,000 - $3,000,0002 weeks0.05%
$10,000 - $3,000,0001 month0.05%
$10,000 - $3,000,0002 - 3 months0.08%
$10,000 - $3,000,0006 - 36 months 0.10%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Citibank is also offering time deposits with a minimum deposit amount of $10,000, with tenure from one week to 48 months.

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DBS Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Currently, DBS is not running any promotions for their fixed deposits.

DBS Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Tenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)
$1,000 - $9,999
Interest Rate (% p.a.)
$10,000 - $19,999
Interest Rate (% p.a.)
$20,000 - $999,999
1 month0.05%0.05%0.05%
2 months0.05%0.05%0.05%
3 months0.15%0.15%0.05%
4 months0.40%0.40%0.05%
5 months0.50%0.50%0.05%
6 months0.75%0.75%0.05%
7 months0.75%0.75%0.05%
8 months0.85%0.85%0.05%
9 months0.95%0.95%0.05%
10 months1.10%1.10%0.05%
11 months1.10%1.10%0.05%
12 months1.15%1.15%0.05%
18 months1.30%1.30%0.05%
24 months1.30%1.30%0.05%
36 months1.30%1.30%0.05%
48 months1.30%1.30%0.05%
60 months1.30%1.30%0.05%

Note that DBS only accepts new placements for tenures eight months and below. Also, interest rates for tenures of nine months and above apply only to the rollover of existing placements at the same tenure.

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Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)Tenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
$30,000 and above9-month2.38%Further notice - 9/9 promotion
$10,000 to below $50,00015 months2.40%Further notice - Mid-Autumn promotion
$50,000 to below $200,0002.43%
$200,000 and above2.45%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum deposit of $20,000 and above
  • Valid till further notice.

Note that Hong Leong Finance will have a 9.9 fixed deposit promotion and we’ll update this article accordingly.

Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

TenureInterest Rate (p.a.)
≤ $50,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
> $50,000
1 month0.05%0.15%
2 months0.05%0.15%
3 months0.10%0.15%
4 months0.10%0.15%
5 months0.10%0.15%
6 months0.15%0.20%
7 months0.15%0.25%
8 months0.15%0.25%
9 months0.20%0.30%
10 months0.20%0.30%
12 months0.25%0.35%
13 months0.25%0.35%
15 months0.3%0.45%
18 months0.30%0.45%
24 months0.30%0.50%
30 months0.30%0.50%
36 months0.30%0.50%

If you are aged 55 and above and your placement of fixed deposit is for 12 months and above, you enjoy an additional 0.125% p.a.!

Minimum placement sum for 1 or 2 months deposit is $10,000, and for the longer terms is $500.

The senior citizen rate is applicable for non-promotional deposits of less than $50,000 on 12 months or longer tenure only.

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HSBC Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

TenureNew and existing HSBC Jade Customers (% p.a.)New and Existing HSBC Premier Customers (% p.a.)New and Existing HSBC Personal Banking Customers (% p.a.)

Promotion is eligible for new and existing Personal Banking, Premier and Jade customers, and valid till 30 Sep 2022.

The minimum and maximum fresh funds placement amounts for the SGD Time Deposit Promotion are $30,000 and $1,200,000 respectively.

HSBC Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Customer TypeDeposit Amount (SGD)Tenure
1 Month (% p.a.)
3 Month (% p.a.)
6 Month (% p.a.)
12 Month (% p.a.)
24 Month (% p.a.)
HSBC Personal Banking$5,000 & above0.05%0.05%0.10%0.15%0.25%
HSBC Premier Banking$5,000 & above0.05%0.05%0.10%0.15%0.25%
HSBC Jade$5,000 & above0.05%0.05%0.10%0.15%0.25%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid till further notice.

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ICBC Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

 Promotion Rates
TenureOver the CounterVia E-Banking
$5,000 & Above$500 & Above
1 month0.15%0.15%
3 months1.55%1.60%
6 months1.85%1.90%
9 months2.05%2.10%
1 year2.30%2.35%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Fixed deposits with tenures of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months will enjoy the prevailing e-banking promotional rate upon maturity.
  • Valid until further notice. 

ICBC Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)/Tenure1 month3 months6 months9 months12 months
$500 - $5,000 (exclusive)0.15%1.55%1.85%2.05%2.30%
$5,000 - $200,000 (exclusive)0.15%1.55%1.85%2.05%2.30%
$200,000 & Above0.15%1.55%1.85%2.05%2.30%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid till further notice

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Maybank Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

 Placement AmountTenure (months)Interest Rate (p.a.)Valid Till
SGD Time Deposit/Term Deposit-i promotion$20,000 and above12 months2.20%Further notice
15 months2.30%
18 months2.35%
24 months2.40%
iSAVvy Time Deposit$25,000 and above12 months2.20%
24 months2.40%

Terms and Conditions:

  • SGD Time Deposit/Term Deposit-i promotion:
    • Available to Individual, SME and Commercial Banking customers
    • Minimum placement: $20,000
  • iSAVvy Time Deposit promotion:
    • Available to Individual Banking customers
    • Minimum placement: $25,000

Maybank Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

 Deposit AmountTenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
Maybank Singapore Dollar Time Deposit$1,000 and above1* | 2 months0.10%Further notice
3 months0.20%
6 months0.25%
9 | 12 months0.35%
18 months0.40%
24 months0.50%
36 months0.60%
iSAVvy Time Deposit$5,000 and above3 months0.25%
6 months0.30%
$25,000 and above12 months2.20%
$25,000 and above24 months2.40%
$25,000 and above36 months0.60%

*Minimum deposit for 1 month is $10,000.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Minimum age 16 years old
  • SGD Time Deposit’s Initial deposit:
    • $1,000 for tenures from two to 36 months
    • $10,000 for 1-month tenure and Choice Date with flexible tenure
    • $1,000,000 for a 1-week tenure, applicable only to corporate accounts.
  • iSAVy Time’s Minimum deposit:
    • $5,000 for 3 and 6 months tenure
    • $25,000 for 12, 24 and 36 months tenure
  • Valid until further notice
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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OCBC Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Amount (SGD)Tenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
$20,000 & above fresh funds12 months2.30%Further notice

There is a minimum placement of $20,000 fresh funds to qualify for the promotion.

OCBC Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit AmountTenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
$5,000 - $999,9991 - 2
0.05%Further notice
3 - 5
6 - 8
9 - 12
13 - 14
15 - 24
$5,000 - $20,00036 0.50%
$20,000 - $999,0000.20%
$5,000 - $20,000480.70%
$20,000 - $50,0000.20%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Above 18 years old who is a Singaporean, Singapore PR or foreigner with a valid pass
  • Minimum placement of $5,000 for normal fixed deposit.

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RHB Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit AmountTenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
$20,000 and above6 months1.80% (RHB Premier Clients)

1.90% (RHB Premier Clients)
Further notice
12 months2.45% (Retail Customer)

2.50% (RHB Premier Clients)
24 months2.70% (Retail Customer)

2.80% (RHB Premier Clients)

To enjoy the promotional rate, you will need a deposit amount of at least $20,000.

RHB Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

RHB SGD Deposit Rates (% p.a.) / Tenure (months)1 month2 months3 months6 months9 months12 months18 months24 months36 months
$20,000 to $200,0000.10%0.15%0.30%0.375%0.375%0.40%0.40%0.40%0.40%
$200,000 & above0.10%0.15%0.30%0.40%0.40%0.55%0.60%0.65%0.65%

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates for 1-month and 2-month are applicable for Commercial and Corporate customers only
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Minimum placement of $20,000 in fresh funds for tenures of three months and above.

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Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Sep 2022 Fresh Funds Promotion
Deposit Amount (SGD)Tenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Promotional Rate
Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Priority Banking Preferential Rate
Valid Till
$25,000 and above12 months1.80%1.90%30 Sep 2022
SGD Time Deposit Renewal Promotion
Deposit AmountTenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Promotional Rate
Interest Rate (% p.a.)
Priority Banking Preferential Rate
Valid Till
$25,00012 months1.80%1.90%30 Sep 2022

For Standard Chartered’s Fresh Funds promotions, you need to place a minimum of $25,000 in fresh funds.

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Rates (New Time Deposit Placements and/or Renewals)

New Time Deposit Placements and/or Renewals1 Month3 Months6 Months
$20,000 & above

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Rates (Existing Time Deposit And For Auto Rollover of Existing Time Deposits of Same Tenor)

Existing Time Deposit9 Months12 Months15 Months18 Months24 Months36 Months48 Months60 Months
$20,000 and above

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UOB Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates (Sep 2022)

Minimum Deposit Amount (Fresh Funds)Tenure (months)Interest Rate (% p.a.)Valid Till
$20,00010 months2.40%30 Sep 2022
12 months2.60%

For those with a fixed deposit account with UOB, you must commit to a 10-month tenure to enjoy the promotional interest rate.

UOB Fixed Deposit Rates (Sep 2022)

Deposit Tenure
(% p.a)
<$50,000$50,000 -
$250,000 -
$500,000 -
1 month0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
2 months0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
3 months0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
4 months0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
5 months0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
6 months0.05%0.05%0.05%0.05%
7 months0.10%0.10%0.10%0.10%
8 months0.10%0.10%0.10%0.10%
9 months0.10%0.10%0.10%0.10%
10 months0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%
11 months0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%
12 months0.15%0.15%0.15%0.15%
13 months0.20%0.20%0.20%0.20%
14 months0.20%0.20%0.20%0.20%
15 months0.20%0.20%0.20%0.20%
18 months0.20%0.20%0.20%0.20%
24 months0.20%0.20%0.20%0.20%
36 months0.50%0.50%0.50%0.50%

Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be at least 15 years old
  • Minimum placement of $5,000 for tenures of one month and above
  • Minimum placement of $250,000 for a tenure of between seven days and 14 days
  • Minimum placement of $1,000,000 for a tenure of fewer than 7 days

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Fixed Deposit Account Vs Singapore Savings Bonds Vs Treasury Bills

If you’re thinking about other low-risk investment options with the flexibility of withdrawal in the short term, there are options such as the Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB) and Treasury Bills (T-bills).

SSBs and T-bills may offer a higher return than a fixed deposit; each SSB/T-bill tranche’s interest rate will differ monthly.

That said, we’ve noticed that recent SSB and T-bill rates have kinda soared.

Regardless of your option and how promising a certain investment may sound…

Always, ALWAYS do your own due diligence when you’re investing.

Don’t be shy to ask our friendly Seedly Community for their opinions when in doubt, or hop over to our product review page to read personal experiences!

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