First the blackout, then the train disruptions.
Were you caught in the series of unfortunate events that happened this week? 😤

The new thermal camera by NEA is so going to add on to the cost of smoking.

For 6 years, Samsung did not raise their prices but Apple did.

Can you earn from buying an iPhone XS overseas and selling it in Singapore?

” He ordered Cai Png with three portions of meat and one fish!”

We asked around what are some of the “High SES” behaviour Singaporeans witnessed. It turns out to be rather hilarious.

Remember seeing World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Singapore Heart Foundation’s charity roadshow at MRT stations?

“Auntie, 3 more packets!”
Technically, should hawkers be charging us for extra chilli packets when we ‘take like free’?

Know of someone who gambles at either of our two casinos?

TL;DR – Lookout for this traps and the odds will never be in the gambler’s favour.

A Reflection On How Our Mindset Might Be Killing Traditional Businesses.

For the lower-middle class, if taking a pay raise meant no government subsidies and higher income tax, is making the extra money still worth it? 🤔

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