Fresh Graduates & First Jobbers: Your Ultimate Personal Finance Guide (24-30 Years Old)

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Most fresh graduates think their biggest worry upon graduating is finding a job.

Surprise surprise, it’s actually your PERSONAL FINANCE that you should pay most attention to.

Personal finance is everything to do with managing your moneysaving and investing. It covers budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning.

The hard truth is: your finances are not going to manage themselves.

Snap out of the comforts of papa and mama’s allowance and kids’ savings account – it’s time to start making your own (smart) financial decisions.

We’ve curated these relevant articles onto one learning platform, guiding you through some of the more commonly asked questions relating to personal finance.

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Getting your first salary, what should you do?

Arguably, no other firsts holds a candle to attaining that initial pay cheque.

While each individual begins their first job at different stages, the theory behind allocating your monthly salary generally remains the same.

In this section, we list out a variety of content intended to help you manage your monthly salary, budget better & get out of potential or existing debt.

Tools to help you make smarter personal finance decisions:

Choosing The Best Savings Account & Credit Cards

The most immediate thing to do upon getting your first pay cheque should be opening a savings account that gives you the best possible interest rate.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your point of view), banks are constantly competing against one another. As a result, plans can end up with too many terms and conditions, ultimately confusing everyday Singaporeans.

Cheat Sheet: Best Savings Accounts in Singapore For Working Adults 2018? - Highest Interest Rates

Cheat sheets for your ideal savings account:

Tools to help you choose the best savings account:

Whilst getting on the right savings account can help you earn extra interest on your savings, leveraging on credit cards can aid in generating considerably more savings!

These content can help you choose the best credit cards:

Tools to help you choose the best credit cards:

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Getting your first insurance. What insurance coverage should you be getting?

As convenient as it may seem, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution to getting sufficient coverage for one’s self.

Therefore, understanding your needs and how much you would be willing to spend on coverage remains of utmost importance before signing for an insurance policy.

In this section, we list out insurance guides and content that would come in handy when looking to get your first insurance policy.

Content on Health Insurance

Content On Life Insurance

Amongst all other things, charting your career path also begins here.

Yeah, you’d probably know of kia-su friends who have since long secured a full-time job even before graduation. FRET NOT, it’s important to know what you want, what to expect, and where to look for the most appropriate job openings. Remember, best is subjective.

Content on Applying for That Job

Are You Short-Changed By Your Employer? Check The Salary Your Peers Are Getting Here.

Content on Working Life

Making Your First Investment

Ready to embark on your investment journey? Here’s a “Should-I-Invest” checklist for you.

Should I Invest In Singapore

This section aims to help Singaporeans get started on their investment journey by providing sufficient knowledge on investing.

Investing should never be a rash decision. One should get to know his financial health and his investing mindset such as risk preferences better. Here are some articles that you can start with!

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to open a CDP account or get on a brokerage:

Content on Singapore Savings Bond:

Content on Fund Investing:

Content on Stocks Investing:

Content on Regular Savings Plan:

Kicking off with a Regular Savings Plan aids in cultivating a habit of investing. Plus, it sets aside a portion of your salary automatically, no doubt, helping some of you spendthrifts out there!

Content on Exchange Traded Funds Investing:

Content on Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Investing:

If you’re looking to add REITs to your investment portfolio, here are some complimentary articles.

Alternative Investments: P2P Lending Platforms, Cryptocurrencies and Robo-Advisors

Tools To Help You Get Started On Your Investment Journey

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Making Even Smarter Personal Financial Decisions On Lifestyle Choices

While it is important to invest, get insured and be on the best savings account and credit card plans, there is notably more to personal finance. Often times, adjusting our daily and monthly expenses could potentially contribute even more to our savings.

Updated 10 Dec 2018

Here are some content to make better lifestyle choices:

Tools to help you:

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