We believe that this is really only the start and there is much more to be desired and the message of personal financial literacy for the masses can be a lot far-spreading.

We decided to compile all the positive experiences people have had with insurance and financial planning and share with the greater community! Some of these agents deserve some encouragement.

Here are 4 simple ways to get more out of your paycheque.

To make things easy, we broke things down and summarised 5 things Singaporean Youths need to know about Budget 2018. Beyond the concerns about our 9% GST, many things mentioned affect the lives of youths.

6 books to level up your investing game, from beginners to season investors.

While each Singaporean has their own take on what The Budget 2018 might be about. What will your bet be on? Stay tuned to this article and our Personal Finance Community for more updates as it happens!

A step-by-step guide on how to Lou Hei. We list out the auspicious words and phrases to say during each ingredient of the Yu Sheng (Lo Hei).

I have $20,000 sitting in my bank savings. Should I put all lump sum into the Straits Times Index Exchange Traded Fund (STI ETF)?

“ My GF and I have an argument.

Despite having an overdue amount of study loan, she is still giving 10% of her pay every month to her religion. She has little to none savings for a 25 years old but always look up to going for a short trip overseas, claiming it’s her hobby. 

Can anyone give advice?”

Great Eastern Endowment Plan, Personal Finance Checklist, retirement with $100,000 and fuss-free $300,000 investment. Here are some of the topics discussed amongst the Seedly Personal Finance Community this week.

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