How to apply for a HDB BTO? Here’s a step-by-step guide for someone applying for their first HDB BTO.

Invited to your friend’s housewarming? Split the cost between a few friends for these pricey yet beautiful gifts that are under $50 per pax!

Are you in the midst of getting your house ready for next year’s Lunar New Year, whether just changing up the furniture or doing a major renovation work? In the pursuit of your #homegoals, we’ve gathered a bunch of tried-and-tested furniture stores in Singapore other than IKEA to give your house an extra special touch!

Here’s the good news. You can now own your own bachelor/bachelorette’s pad at a discount!

A singles guide to applying for BTO or resale after age 35.

If you are more risk averse, getting a loan from the HDB might be the better option. Useful tips from our community included in this article!

Should I wipe off my CPF OA or keep S$20,000 in it to accumulate 3.5% in interest?

If you are looking to rent out your apartment or an expat deciding on where to stay in Singapore, here’s a price compilation for your reference.

Everyone talks about their BTO application and its arduous process, but no one talks about the expensive break-up cost after that. It is an ugly truth you wouldn’t want your friends and relatives to know about, but this does happen to more Singaporeans than you think.

Here is a quick summary of what happened yesterday:

– Singapore is too small (no shit, sherlock)
– Too many people want to own private property as an investment (too quickly)
– The government is suggesting that you go for other forms of investments instead (stocks, bonds, ETFs)
– Gone are the days of owning multiple properties and earning rental yield from them

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