Because it’s not everyone’s lifelong dream to live in a condo.

If you are more risk averse, getting a loan from the HDB might be the better option. Useful tips from our community included in this article!

Me: Who wants Open Electricity Market promo codes?
Everyone: Yes, please!

Choosing an electricity retailer is NOT only about choosing the cheapest. In fact, you’ll be SHOCKED by what I found out.

With strong competition and private electricity retailing to be rolled out islandwide in Singapore by the second half of the year, which electricity retailer is the cheapest in Singapore currently? We compare all 12 of them across 3 different plans (Fixed Price Plan, Discount Off Tariff Plan, off-peak plans) to find out!

Just collected the keys to your HDB BTO? We show you how to set up your utilities with SP Services.

How to apply for a HDB BTO? Here’s a step-by-step guide for someone applying for their first HDB BTO.

Singaporeans spend more time on property searches than reading bedtime stories to their kids. How does it fare against REITs?

Got questions about home reno loans? Don’t worry, we got answers.

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