Platforms for Delivery Driver Jobs in Singapore

Platforms for Delivery Driver Jobs in Singapore

Xue Miao

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the demand for deliveries has risen sharply.

I, for one, have been splurging embarrassing amounts online ever since Circuit Breaker began. Totally suckered into the world of convenience and e-shopping, and relying on food deliveries like a lazy potato.

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Even with this surge in delivery demand, some riders are experiencing a decrease in earnings as compared to before.

This could be attributed to the increase in new riders in delivery platforms such as Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo, which led to higher competition.

With more people getting retrenched and joining these platforms as riders, there is an increase in difficulty in getting jobs.

With the increase in delivery demands for new F&B owners and merchants, some of them have been reaching out via different platforms to look for drivers.

We’ve rounded up some platforms which you can find temporary driving assignments, which could be grouped in two main categories – Facebook groups and delivery companies.

Facebook Group users
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A few Facebook groups have sprung up during this period to cater for both businesses and drivers.

These Facebook groups generally provide temporary assignments, and usually covers a wide range of products and locations.

Drivers can easily look for assignments which are suitable to them, where delivery rates, locations and contact details are usually readily available.

By skipping third-party merchants, drivers can contact these businesses directly, allowing full transparency in the amounts that drivers can earn from each trip.

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Here are some Facebook groups which are currently still active with regular postings.

Individuals can also choose to post their details on these pages, indicating preferred locations and delivery rates to allow suitable businesses to reach out to them.

Note: Be careful and do your own due diligence as assignments are usually unregulated and could be posted by anyone on the internet, to avoid any risks of scams.

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Courier companies are also always on the lookout for new drivers for hire, and most of them allow drivers to work on an ad-hoc basis.

This flexibility allows drivers to have the freedom to work as and when they can, with no pressure to hit any minimum number of hours or trips.

By signing up under these companies, some also offer extra benefits – including driver partner incentives and discounts.

Here are some courier companies to consider:

CompanyHow much can I earn?What is required?
Fast Fast80% of every orderSingapore/PR, own a vehicle
GOGOVANDepending on distance, weight and/or dimensions of the parcelOwn a vehicle
IXpress647100% of every order (Paid driver subscription is required beforehand)18 and above, own a vehicle
Lalamove84% of every orderOwn a vehicle, or required to rent one
PickuppUp to $30/hr16 and above, Singaporean/PR, own a smartphone
SendYojeeDepending on distance, weight and/or dimensions of the parcelAny mode of transport is alright, including by foot
UParcelUp to $20/hrAny mode of transport - MotorBike, Car, Van, Public Transport

Fast Fast

Fast Fast delivery is a company which provides different types of deliveries, including express deliveries.

Their website is pretty comprehensive for someone who is looking to join the company.

Fast Fast website
Source: Fast Fast

For anyone who is interested to join them as their driver can easily have their queries answered on their FAQ page, which is informative and addresses quite a number of concerns.


gogovan singapore

Established in 2013, GOGOVAN is the first app-based platform for delivery of goods in Asia. It currently has more than 8 million users over 300 cities.

It is also another popular platform used for same-day courier services.

While its website does not provide much information for new drivers, anyone can download its app easily to find out more about the company’s offerings.


ixpress647 video
Source: Youtube | IXpress647

IXPress Logistics is another platform for drivers to explore. Functioning slightly differently from the rest, this platform charges $3 per day for the maintenance of account, administrative purposes and also for marketing purposes.

Because of that, drivers get to keep 100% of what is offered for the deliveries.

As stated on the website, the payout would usually be $8 to $29 for per document delivery, and $17 to $140 for parcel delivery.


One of the better-known courier websites, Lalamove is also another portal for drivers, and offers instant deliveries too.

In addition, Lalamove offers a few benefits for its driver partners:

Lalamove website

Lalamove website
Source: Lalamove

Definitely attractive perks to consider.


Pickupp currently has more than 15,000 users in Singapore and 30,000 across Asia, providing 4-hour same day, next day and 1 -3 days door-to-door courier services.

Being a delivery agent at Pickupp is pretty straightfoward. A detailed guide can be found on their website, as listed below.

pickupp delivery agent
Source: Pickupp


sendyojee delivery
Source: Twitter | SendYojee

Established in 2016, SendYojee is an extension to Yojee, which provides delivery services to customers of all kinds.

A click into the website prompts a simple and straightforward form for prospective drivers to fill up, where one could indicate his/her preference in the day, timing and location for deliveries.

No upfront deposits and trainings are required, and drivers are paid bi-weekly.


Uparcel Website
Source: Uparcel

Uparcel allows any modes of transport – even public transport. Delivery agents can earn up to $20/hour, with payment transferred via bank GIRO every 2 weeks for the deliveries completed.

Complete a profile & quiz and one will be ready to start in 1-3 working days.

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