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Cheap Fitness Class Under $10 in Singapore: GuavaPass vs ClassPass vs KFit vs Activpass

Cheap Fitness Pass Class Under S$10 For Lazy People Like You

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And I. Don’t worry, I am as lazy as you can be too. Being a lazy ass, heading to a regular gym to work out on my own is a huge feat for me.

I would take a Hai Di Lao feast over working out ANYTIME! Okay, Hai Di Lao might be a skewed comparison choice, but you get the gist.

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I have noticed that many of my friends taking up a fitness pass to get into yoga, Zumba, aqua-cycling class, not sure if it is a working adult thing to do (#adulting) or everyone just wants to keep fit.

I feel super FOMO whenever I view my Instagram stories of them being active in their activewear, I want to keep fit too!

“FOMO” stands for Fear of missing out!

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored to write this post, all opinions are our own. ☺️

TL;DR – Overview of the various Fitness Pass

  • Cheapest package: ClassPass with their S$50 package
  • Most bang for your buck: GuavaPass at S$5.63 per class
  • Highest Gym/Studio Variations: KFit with 614 gyms and studios
  • Highest Flexibility: ActivPass – you pay per use (no package!)
Gym PassBundlesPrice (SGD)How much per class?# of Available
Gyms and Studios
GuavaPass10 classes
(3 months)
20 classes
(6 months)
(6 months)
ClassPass50 credits
(5 - 8 classes)
$50$6.25 - $10129
200 credits
(28 - 31 classes)
$100$6.45 - $7.14
KFit10 classes$99$9.90614
ActivPassNil-From $10-

*There are different limitations on the number of visits per studio in each bundle.

When should you choose one over the other?

Choosing GuavaPass

  • If you are SUPER into keep fit/ lose weight movement or you just want to try as many activities as you can to make your money worthwhile.
  • GuavaPass has unlimited class bundle capped at 3 visits per studio.

Choosing ClassPass

  • If you are starting on your workout journey, wanting to see if this lifestyle is “sustainable“.
  • ClassPass offers 1-week free trial before you commit to a membership.
  • They also offer the cheapest bundle ($50) amongst the others.

Choosing KFit

  • Able to have a huge variation in studio and gym choices – 614 studios / gyms.

Choosing ActivPass

  • When you just one to go for THAT ONE CLASS to show off all about it on Instagram that you are all about that fitspo lifestyle.
  • No package to commit to which means if you do not wish to, it is very easy for you to not sign up for your next class.


#SupportLocal! ’nuff said. Just kidding. GuavaPass goes by a monthly subscription basis that offers you good deals both in the fitness aspect as well as the healthy living lifestyle you wish to lead with GuavaPerks.

They have overseas classes in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Shanghai, Dubai, just to name a few. So don’t go blaming your travel plans for not being able to keep fit.

No. of ClassesPricePrice per classLimitations
(Max visits per studio)
4$99$24.7511 month
10$199$19.9023 months
20$359$17.953 6 months
(each month)
6 months
$179$5.96*3 months

*If you visited a new studio every day for the validity of your package, with 144 available studios, you wouldn’t run out of options! I hope no one is crazy to do that even though it is an option.

  • Cheapest bundle: $99
  • Lowest price per class: $0.94*
  • GuavaPerks: Enjoy perks with their partners.
    E.g. Sudio, The Juice Kit, Kydra, honestbee, deliveroo, etc.

More details on GuavaPass

Duration Per Class30 - 90 mins
Active Reservations (Max)4
Class Cancellation4 to 8 hours before
Late Class Cancellation Fee$5
No Show Fee$8
Early Cancellation$179
Pause Membership$5 upfront, and $5 every 3 months.
(Fee waived until 31 Aug 2019)


One of the newer additions to fitness passes here in Singapore this year, with one of the more unique dynamic pricing feature that sets themselves apart from the others.

For classes that are more popular and are in better locations would require more credits to attend them or you can make the most out of your money by picking the lower credit classes. An average class costs about 7 credits and the cheapest package is $50 for 50 credits.

More details on ClassPass

Duration Per Class30 - 120 mins
Active Reservations
Trial Plan: 4
Paid Plan: Unlimited
Class Cancellation12 hours before
Late Class Cancellation Fee$15
No Show Fee$20
Early Cancellation$79 if you cancel and re-activate membership
Pause Membership$0, only if pause for more than 1 month.


Just like GuavaPass and ClassPass, KFit stands out from them by boasting a huge range (614 to be exact) of both fitness and lifestyle choices with many partners around the city. KFit is a Malaysian start up that also grants you access to hotel gyms and swimming pools. Get to live the #HighSES life without really breaking the bank.

More details on KFit

Duration Per Class60 - 120 mins
Active Reservations (Max)4
Class CancellationDepends
Late Class Cancellation Fee$15
No Show Fee$15
Pause MembershipCancel subscription to pause. Able to subscribe again later.


An option that isn’t popular with folks out there but you can get up to 90% off with their ‘Last-Minute Deals’ at their partnering spas, salons, gyms and studios. They allow us to instantly use your DBS Points to redeem a fitness class or spa.

More details on Activpass

  • Pay as you book
  • No membership fee
Class Cancellation / Rescheduling24 hours before
Late Class Cancellation Fee$5
No Show FeeYou will be charged the full amount of the service or class.
Termination of ClassOnce purchased is considered as sold and non-refundable.

Promotions by the different Passes

  • GuavaPass: Up to 25% off GuavaPass
    (It ends today, 20 Sept, actually. Hope they hold another promotion to motivate lazy people like us again!)
  • ClassPass: 1-week FREE trial

We would suggest before committing to one, take up all the free trials (if they have an ongoing promotion), and TRY THEM ALL!

Our very own Seedly oppa uses GuavaPass to go for his yoga classes apart from the weekly yoga classes we have in the office, every Tuesday after office hours. Seedly oppa gave his stamp of approval for fitness pass!

‘Oppa’ is a Korean word for big brother

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