Founder Of StocksCafe, Dr Evan Koh, Shares His Portfolio And Advice For Investors

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For seasoned investors, you should have come across StocksCafe as a platform to help one discover interesting stocks, understand a company and manage one’s portfolio. StocksCafe started off as a personal project for PhD holder Evan Koh to help himself better investment decisions. This project grew into a platform which investors can embark on, for their portfolio.

Very much in line with the interest of the founder himself, StocksCafe analyzes data to help accomplish three main tasks:

  • Discover stocks using algorithms – The recommendation algorithm is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (which will be explained later) and other information.
  • Understanding certain stocks – StocksCafe collects and presents a wide variety of information about any company listed in SGX.
  • Analyze And Manage Portfolio – StocksCafe allows investors on its platform to their portfolio easily with a wide range of information on the companies they invest in. Information includes dividends, news, announcements to allow better tracking.

In this article, founder of StocksCafe shares with us his portfolio and advice for investors.

What percentage of your monthly income do you invest?

I invest more than 50% of my available income.

What do you look for when choosing the right instrument to invest in? 

Very briefly, I use a screener to look for stocks that are fundamentally strong. Then I typically use the Modern Portfolio Theory to determine how much of the stock to buy.

” The stock screener allows investors to select the conditions which they hope the stocks to meet. From there it sieves out the stocks that meet the conditions set by the investors. The Modern Portfolio Theory is a theory on how risk-adverse investors can construct their portfolio in a way where expected return is maximized given any level of market risk. A deeper touch to it will be to try to create a portfolio that lies on the efficient frontier.” – Seedly

source: Investopedia

Can you share with us a quick overview of your Portfolio?

A quick check reveals that my top two holdings are both REITs. I believe my decision to invest was based on the screeners that I used to tell me if they are good and Modern Portfolio Theory telling me that it was fine to buy them.
Seedly head over to Dr Evan Koh’s portfolio on StocksCafe and here’s a quick glance at it:
Name (Currency)Percentage Of Portfolio
StarhillGbl Reit (SGD)20%
Far East Orchard (SGD)17.07%
OCBC Bank (SGD)11.73%
CapitaMall Trust (SGD)11.15%
UOA (SGD)9.32%
Agricultural Bank of China Limited (HKD) 6.58%
Frasers Com Tr (SGD)5.03%
UOB (SGD)4.12%
Mapletree Com Tr (SGD)4.08%
STI ETF (SGD)3.49%
Frasers HTrust (SGD)2.65%
StarHub (SGD)1.38%
Low Keng Huat (SGD)1.20%
Mapletree GCC Tr (SGD)1.02%
Transit Concrete (SGD)0.50%
Ascendas Reit (SGD)0.48%
BRC Asia (SGD)0.13%
Ezion (SGD)0.07%

Any advice for Singaporeans who are just getting started on their Investment journey?

You can start small but start today. Learn and grow along the way.

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