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The Ultimate Guide to Halal Food Delivery For Buka Puasa 2020

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The Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Singapore is from 23 April to 23 May 2020.

However, this year’s Ramadan will be a little different for many Muslims due to the extension of Circuit Breaker until 1 June.

Unfortunately, extended families will not be able to gather for buka puasa (Malay for breaking fast) and you won’t be able to visit each other during Hari Raya.

However, all is not lost.

You still have your immediate family to break fast with and observe the holy month together.

Source: Rawpixel

If you are a bit tired of cooking and eating from the same old stalls around your house lately,

Here are seven sedap (Malay for delicious) food delivery options with cuisines from around the world you can consider.

For the non-muslims reading this, you can also think about ordering a buka puasa meal for your Muslim friends as a gesture of goodwill and friendship.

TL;DR: Best Halal Food Delivery Options in Singapore For Buka Pusa During Ramadan and Beyond

With the whole COVID-19 situation going on, it is only normal to feel stressed out.

If you need a nice meal to cheer you up during the Circuit Breaker Period, here are some solid Halal food delivery Singapore options for you!

Restaurant Serving Halal FoodCountry CuisineHalal StatusMinimum OrderDelivery Fees
Badoque CafeGreeceHalal Muslim OwnedNo$6.00 to $12.00
Chix Hot ChickenNashville, U.S.AHalal Muslim Owned$25.00$5.00 to $9.25
Goshin RamenJapanHalal Certified$40.00$4.99 flat
Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng
IndonesiaHalal Muslim OwnedNo$10.00 flat
The Dim Sum PlaceHong KongHalal Muslim Owned$30From $5.00
JW Korean Food Story KoreaHalal Muslim OwnedNoFrom $3.00
Yi Zun NoodleChinaHalal Muslim OwnedNoFrom $3.00

*Information is accurate from the time of writing this article.

When Time is Break Fast Time in Singapore?

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims in Singapore and all around the world will buka puasa two times a day.

  1. Sehri, the morning meal eaten by Muslims before the sun has come up during Ramadan. This will usually happen before 6 am.
  2. Iftar, the evening meal eaten by Muslims after the sun has gone down during Ramadan. This will usually happen after 7 pm.

For the exact timing, you can check out this tool from Hamari Web which will tell you the time for Sehri and Iftar in Singapore.

1) Badoque Cafe – Greece

We will start things off with a trip to the Mediterranean with Badoque Cafe, a restaurant that serves up Greek, Mediterranean and Asian Fusion fare from Simpang Bedok.

You will have to try their signature 800g New Zealand Whole Bone Beef Ribs ($42), their Beef Goreng pasta ($18) and their Mediterranean meats which are all available for islandwide delivery.

Source: Badoque Cafe

Portions are really generous too which means that you will be satisfied with every order.

Halal status: Halal Muslim Owned

Delivery Area: Islandwide delivery and takeaway will be available.


No minimum order.

Average price of mains ~$25

Delivery Fees:

Islandwide delivery fee ranges from $6 – 12 based on distance.

Address: Simpang Bedok | 298 Bedok Rd | Singapore 469454

Contact: 6446 6928

Opening Hours: Tues to Sun (3pm – 9pm)

How to Order: Call 6446 6928 to arrange for delivery (kindly place your order 1-2hrs in advance for delivery)

2) Chix Hot Chicken – Nashville, America

Remember Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah?

I remember listening and being inspired by his song I Dream, which he sang 16 years ago at the finals of Singapore Idol.

These days he is busy with Chix Hot Chicken, a halal-friendly Nashville Hot Fried Chicken restaurant that he co-owns.

Chix Hot Chicken | Instagram

While the man does not cook the delicious food there, he actually helped design the toilet and did some handiwork for the shop!

You will have to try their dry rub hot wings ($9.90/3pcs) done to your preferred level of spiciness—mild, medium, hot or insane. Insane is really crazy as they use Carolina Reaper’s chilli as an ingredient.

If it gets too hot you can defuse the heat with creamy milkshakes ($8.90) and cheese fries ($4.50) for an indulgent meal

Halal status: Halal Muslim Owned

Delivery Area:

Islandwide delivery and takeaway


Average price of mains ~$8

Minimum order of $25.

Delivery Fees:

Islandwide delivery fee of $5-$9.25 depending on the distance.

Address: 1 Jln Pisang, #01-01, Singapore 199069

Contact: 9839 0607

Opening Hours: Daily (12pm – 9pm)

How to Order: Chix Hot Chicken website

3) Goshin Ramen

Goshin Ramen has a pretty extensive menu.

With an extensive range of ramen, donburi, sushi and more, you will be able to fully satisfy your Japanese food cravings.

Source: Goshin Ramen

As much as it troublesome to peel, I like eating big tiger prawns which is why their Daikairo Ramen ($16.80) caught my attention.

They also have other varieties of Ramen like the Ramen Rebus ($14.80) a Japanese take on the local dish.

For their donburis the one I would like to highlight is their Nasi Lemak Donburi ($14.80). 

On top of Ramen and Donburi, they sell an extensive range of sushi too.

Halal status: Halal Certified

Delivery Area: Islandwide via Oddle.


Average price of mains: $16-$18

Minimum order of $40.

Delivery Fees:

Islandwide delivery fee of $4.99

FREE delivery after $80!

Address: Terminal 4 Changi Airport Level 2M #02-201

Contact: 6702 1885

Opening hours: Daily, (10.30am – 10.30pm)

How to order: Islandwide via Oddle.

4) Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng – Indonesia

There’s just something about sharing food that warms the soul and there’s no better dish for sharing than Nasi Ambeng.

For those who are unfamiliar, it is a Javanese dish that is typically eaten as a celebratory meal during ceremonies.

A selection of dishes like beef rendang, curry chicken, sotong paru, sambal goreng, begedil, winged beans, beef lungs, achar are served on a large dulang (Malay for tray) is accompanied by a generous serving of coconut rice.

Finding good Nasi Ambeng is hard and finding an affordable one is harder.

I chose Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng as it is one of the more value for money options out there.

Source: Nasi Ambeng Nenek Leng | Facebook

The story behind it is also great. The stall is named after the owner’s late grandmother who passed down the recipes to him.

Their looks delicious and they have reviews on their social media who praise them for their generous portions and rich flavourful food made with love.

I like that they keep it simple as there are only two dishes on the menu namely their Ambeng and Rawon.

Here is how to get a taste.

Halal status: Oddle.

Delivery Area:

Islandwide and takeaway available


Average price of mains ~$9.50

No minimum order.

Delivery Fees

$10 flat delivery fee

Address: 505 Beach Road Golden Mile Food Centre | #B1-01 | Singapore 199583

Contact: 9247 0042

Opening Hours: Daily, (10am – 6pm), closed on Sunday.

How to Order: Nenek Leng website — Delivery is only available on Monday Wednesday and Friday.

5) The Dim Sum Place – Hong Kong

There’s nothing that hits the spot like a good Dim Sum spread which The Dim Sum Place serves up with aplomb.

The Dim Sum place is one of the few Halal Dim Sum places in Singapore that serves up Cantonese cuisine with a local twist.

Source: The Dim Sum Place

Get a taste of Hong Kong with traditional dim sum items like siew mai, lava salted egg custard bun and har gow ($5.90 per dish).

In addition, you can order unique dishes like braised duck char shiew buns, vermicelli roll with lamb rendang, and beef short rib with black pepper, just to name a few.

Halal status: Halal Certified

Delivery Area:

Islandwide and takeaway available. You’ll get a 20% discount on your bill if you takeaway.


Average price of mains ~$15

Minimum order of $30

Delivery Fees:

$5 delivery fee for orders <$50

Free delivery for orders >$50

Address: 791 North Bridge Road | Singapore 198759

Opening Hours: Daily, (11am – 2.30pm) and (5.30pm – 11pm)

How to Order: Menu is on their website. Call 6655 8787 or Whatsapp 9666 7420 to place your order.

6) JW Korean Food Story – Korea

Longing for the delicious Korean food you see in those K-Dramas? You can get your fix at JW Korean Food Story with their delicious Korean Army Stews, Korean Barbqueue (KBBQ), Ramyun and rice bowls.

You will have to try their army stew steamboat that is great for two to three people. You can choose your broth with flavours like Korean Army Stew, Kimchi, chicken, seafood or even char-grilled beef.

Source: JW Korean Food Story | Facebook

They also serve homemade KBBQ with chicken and beef. You can have it with the owner’s special sauce with a Malay twist.

Not to mention their ramyun and rice bowls too.

Halal status: Halal Muslim Owned

Delivery Area: 

Islandwide via Bungkus. Ghim Moh Road delivery radius for Grabfood, foodpanda and Deliveroo. Takeaway also available.


Average price of mains: ~$18 – 21 (steamboat), ~$10-$15 (BBQ meat), ~$6 (ramen and ricebowls)

Delivery Fees:

Grabfood: $3 – $5 | foodpanda: $0.99 to $2.99 | Deliveroo: $3 | Islandwide delivery Bungkus: from $10 based on distance.

Address: 19 Ghim Moh Road, #01-229, Kopitiam, Singapore 270019

Contact: 9115 2194

Opening hours: Daily, (10am – 10pm)

How to order: GrabFood, foodpanda, Deliveroo and islandwide via Bungkus

7) Yi Zun Noodle – China

What I love about living in Singapore is that we can get food from all around the world delivered right to our doorstep.

Next on this list is Yi Zun Noodle the first halal hand-pulled Chinese noodles eatery in Singapore serving up cuisine from all parts of various parts of China.

The owner is a Chinese Muslim from China that has opened two Yi Zun outlets in Singapore one in Joo Chiat and one in Farrer Park.

You need to try their signature La Mian (hand-pulled noodles).

They also have Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumplings with soup inside) which originated from Changzhou, Xinjian Mutton Skewers and Zhajiangmian (soybean paste noodles)

Source: Yi Zun Noodles | Facebook

Halal status: Halal Muslim Owned

Delivery Area:

Islandwide and takeaway available.


No minimum order.

Average price of mains ~$7.80 (noodles), ~$12 (other mains).

Delivery Fees:

Grabfood: $3 – $5 | Foodpanda: $0.99 to $2.99 | Deliveroo: $3

Islandwide delivery from their website: From $10 (Calculated based on distance)

*Enjoy FREE delivery for order above SGD 220.00

Joo Chiat outlet:

Address: 60 Joo Chiat Road, #01-08/09 Champion Hotel, Singapore 427726
Opening hours: Daily (11am – 10pm)
Contact No: 6909 9287

Farrer Park outlet (near Mustafa Centre):

Address: 45 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207935
Opening hours: Daily (11am – 10pm)
Contact No: 6291 6616

How to Order:

GrabFood, foodpanda, Deliveroo and Website,

For more food delivery and grocery options, you can check out our Ultimate Guide to Food & Grocery Delivery in Singapore.

Stay safe everybody!

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