How Much More Are Singaporeans Paying For Starbucks Compared With The Rest Of The World?

No matter your location, as long as Starbucks is the answer to you caffeine addiction, you are in luck.

According to Statista, the number of Starbucks stores skyrocketed from a rather humble 7,225 in year 2003 to 25,085 worldwide. This means that your caffeine fix can easily be located round the corner worldwide, and if you are even more in luck, get it at a cheaper price.

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Hence, when it comes to an international brand like Starbucks, we certainly do not disappoint.

Starbucks may have been slightly cheaper in Singapore than its home country, the U.S, we are not exactly the cheapest in our region.

We Are Number 11

According to Thrillist which compares the cost of a Starbucks Latte, Singapore came in 11 at USD4.91.

However, when we tag the price to the locations as seen below, Singapore remains pricey as compared to the rest of the countries in Asia, except Hong Kong.

That being said, unless you are having your Starbucks coffee in Brazil, tracking the damage your caffeine addiction is doing to your wallet makes a lot more sense in Singapore.

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