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If I bought makeup from every K-Beauty store, who has the best membership?

Which K-Beauty Store Has The Best Membership Perks?

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I wouldn’t say that I follow the trends where K-beauty is dominating in the beauty space. However, I do only own K-beauty products only because it is cheaper.

For example, getting foundation from Innisfree is at least 2 times cheaper than Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation selling at S$70 at Sephora.

All of these K-beauty contribute back to one conglomerate – Amorepacific, pretty cool but if you are a conscious consumer, this is something you could look out for.

Actually, western beauty products are no different because most of them are also under conglomerates such as L’Oreal or Estée Lauder Companies etc.

Here’s a golden rule we should follow, if you don’t buy at least 80% of your products from 1 brand (e.g. Innisfree), it is best to use a marketplace (e.g. Sephora) to get your makeup.

So, who will give me the best membership benefits?

If I purchase my makeup from these K-Beauty stores with memberships programs, in this case, it would be…

1 BB cushion, 1 blush, 1 lipstick

Anyway, that is enough to come up with a Korean look! Let’s see…

BrandsETUDE HouseinnisfreeLANEIGESulwhasoo
Total Amount SpentS$68.80
[Editor's Fav!]
Basic Membership Cost$2.90$1$5$26
Basic Member Benefits5% off on birthday (X1),
10% off coupon (X1)
Welcome kit only20% off on birthday (X1)10% off on birthday (X1),
Birthday gift
Worth holding onto Membership?YesNo, but it's free. Why not?YesYes

Sold at other marketplaces?

Basic Member Benefits: 2X points for birthday, member-only promo
Basic Member Benefits: 5% rebate, free delivery
Basic Member Benefits: Point accumulation only unless of higher tier member

More Details on K-Beauty Memberships

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Etude House

So it is e-tude house or aeh-tude house? I’m assuming the latter because attitude. (Y’know? I hope someone gets it.)

They provide with a myriad of products from skincare to makeup, even shampoo at quite affordable prices.

[Verdict] They do give out membership discounts occasionally, even if I don’t shop at Etude House often, I would still hold on to their membership for those discounts.

Etude House is also sold on Lazada which gives 5% rebate if you are a LiveUp member (with an annual subscription fee).

Etude House Membership Benefits

Membership LevelWhitePinkRose Gold
Amount spentAny purchaseS$100S$200
Point Accumulation2% of total purchase amt for the past 1 year4% of total purchase amt for the past 1 year5% of total purchase amt for the past 1 year
Welcome KitYes--
Birthday Perks5% off coupon10% off coupon20% off coupon
Membership-Exclusive Promo1X 10% off coupon OR
Free 500 points
1X 10% off coupon1X 20% off coupon
- Additional 5% off at eventsAdditional 10% off at events
*Rose Gold members will be demoted to pink member if purchases made is less than $100 in a year


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I really enjoy Innisfree products, from scents to makeup and even nail polishes. They are really affordable although they don’t drop discounts very often.

[Verdict] BUT, I feel holding onto their membership is a lil pointless unless you spend S$50 above every visit to get their “free gift”.

Unless you have a lot of empty bottles to recycle to get S$1 (per bottle) worth of points credited into your membership. My skincare turnover rate is really low, so before I could earn S$2, my points would’ve expired.

Innisfree is also sold on Lazada which gives 5% rebate if you are a LiveUp member.

Innisfree Membership Benefits

Amount spent
(within 12 months)
Any purchaseS$120S$250
Point Accumulation$1 = 1 point$1 = 1.5 points$1 = 2 points
Exclusive Gifts
Welcome Kit
Birthday Kit
(once a year)
(once a year)


Empty Bottle Recycling campaign1 bottle = 50 points (S$1)
(Maximum of 3 empty bottles per month for point accumulation)
innisfree DayExclusive to innisfree Friends!
Enjoy special members-only promotions on innisfree Day

More Details

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To be honest, if your skin is really dry and flaking, I swear by Laneige’s Sleeping Mask. LOVE IT. However, I usually get them at iShopChangi, Changi’s Duty-Free store or get my friends to get them for me.

[Verdict] 20% discount on my birthday sounds really enticing for me to just hold on to the membership and sit on it till September comes. Wake me up when September comes?

LANEIGE is also sold on Sephora, Lazada and TANGS.

LANEIGE Member Benefits

Benefits/ Membership LevelBasicVIPVVIP
Amount spendAny purchaseS$800S$1,200
Point AccumulationS$1 = 1 pointS$1 = 1 pointS$1 = 1.5 point
Point RedemptionYesYesYes
Exclusive launches/events-YesYes
Complimentary makeover session-YesYes
LANEIGE gift-YesYes
S$100 LANEIGE voucher--Yes
Birthday Benefit #120% discount
Birthday Benefit #2Double Bonus Points on first purchase
Birthday Benefit #3-Birthday kit

More Details

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They are the LA MER of K-beauty. They are not really popular with the masses mainly because of their heavy price tag. And with the goddess, Song Hye-kyo, as the face of Sulwhasoo, we know where they are getting at.

[Verdict] If I can sign up for a membership on my birthday month, and get a 10% discount for the item I bought plus a birthday gift for myself from Sulwhasoo. WHY NOT?

Sulwhasoo Membership Benefits

Amount SpentAny amountS$2,500 S$6,000
Point SystemS$1 = 1 point
Product UpdatesYesYesYes
Birthday Benefits
Birthday giftYesYesYes
10% discountYesYesYes
Complimentary Facial-YesYes
Invitation to WorkshopsYesYesYes
Invitation to Events-YesYes


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Sephora Beauty Pass

Which K-beauty brands can you find here?

Benefits/ Membership LevelWhiteBlackGold
Spend per calendar yearFreeS$300S$1,500
Beauty Pass RewardsYesYesYes
Birthday 2x pointsYesYesYes
Members-only promotionsYesYesYes
Welcome gift-YesYes
Birthday gift-YesYes
Private sales-YesYes
Private sale early access-YesYes
Exclusive events & launches-YesYes
Custom makeovers-YesYes


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Lazada LiveUp

Subscription Fee: S$28.80/year


  • 5% rebate, 8% if you use a Citi Credit Card
  • Free delivery
  • Exclusive benefits
  • Many brands, many products not limited to beauty

Which K-beauty brands can you find here?

  • Etude House
  • Innisfree


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Which K-beauty brands can you find here?

  • Sulwhasoo
Amount spentFreeS$80S$5,000
Rebate, every S$10 spent6%10%
Invitation to 12% rebate days and exclusive events-YesYes
One year to redeem your TANGS rebates-YesYes
Birthday Treats-YesYes
Complimentary Basic Alterations-YesYes


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What is your usualy practice? Sit on all the membership plans or be extremely loyal to one brand or marketplace? Share with us which is your go-to K-beauty brand in the comments below!

Note: All details are accurate at the time of writing, figures and details update are independent of the brand.
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