NS Men Reservist Bonuses – SAF, SPF & SCDF

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Who ever said service doesn’t come with its rewards?

To all NSmen out there, your sacrifices have not been in vain!

TL;DR: All Bonuses for NS Men from SAF, SPF & SCDF

1st Milestone$3,000/$3,500 into PSEA

$2,000 into CPF MA
2nd Milestone$3,000/$3,500 into CPF OA

$2,000 iunto CPF MA
3rd Milestone$3,000/$3,500 into CPF OA

$2,000 iunto CPF MA
6 HK ICTs & 10 ORNS YRSSAF National Service Medal

Gift Watch
7 HK ICTs & 10 ORNS YRSCertificate of Appreciation
National Day Award$200 UNIQREWARDS credits
SAF NS Men of the yr
Formation NS men of the yr
Top 10% performers in ICT & training courses
Top 20% performers in ICT & training courses$100 UNIQREWARDS credits
Current/Ex NS men$1,500 tax relief per yr (1)
Participated in any ORNs activities in 1 yrAdditional $1,500 (2)
NS Man Key Appointment HolderAdditional $2,000 on top of (1) or (2)
Marriage Solemnisation$100 UNIQREWARDS credits
Newborn Child
IPPT Gold$500
IPPT Silver$300
IPPT Pass with Incentive$200


To check if you’re eligible for reservist bonuses, all you need to do is to take note of 3 simple milestones

  1. First Milestone – Completion of full-time NS (ORD)
  2. Second Milestone – Completion of 3 High Key ICTs or Completion fo 5 ORNS (with 2 High Keys)
  3. Third Milestone – Completion of 10 ORNS (with 7 High Keys)


SAF1st Milestone2nd Milestone3rd Milestone
Non-Commanders$3000 into Post Secondary Education Account

$2000 into CPF Medisave Account
$3,000 into CPF Ordinary Account

$2,000 into CPF Medisave Account
$3,000 into CPF Ordinary Account

$2,000 into CPF Medisave Account


SAF1st Milestone2nd Milestone3rd Milestone
Commanders$3,500 into Post Secondary Education Account

$2,000 into CPF Medisave Account
$3,500 into CPF Ordinary Account

$2,000 into CPF Medisave Account
$3,500 into CPF Ordinary Account

$2,000 into CPF Medisave Account

Additional Rewards (Commanders and Non-Commanders)

Both groups will also receive the following upon completion of their ORNs training cycles.

Completed 6 HK ICTs & 10 ORNS YearsCompleted 7 HK ICTs & 10 ORNS Years
SAF National Service Medal

National Service Gift Watch
Certificate of Appreciation


Awards will be given out within 3 months of reaching each milestone. On your end, keep a lookout for notifications especially with transfers into your respective CPF accounts.

National Service Excellence Award

Performed well during your reservist? Then it’s time you got rewarded for all your sacrifices.

Do note that these credits can only be redeemed at MINDEF’s appointed vendor – UNIQ Rewards and must be redeemed within 12 months of receiving your notification.

GroupsEntitlement (UNIQREWARDS)
National Day Award$200 worth of credits
SAF NSmen of the Year
Formation NSmen of the Year
Top 10% of performers during ICT and training courses
Next 20% of performers during ICT and training courses$100 worth of credits

Tax Relief

Besides monetary rewards, all current NSmen or ex NSmen are liable for tax reliefs.

For ease of understanding, 1 work year = 1 Apr 18 to 31 Mar 19, for example.

Type of NS manTax Relief
1) Current or Ex NS Man$1,500/yr
2) NSmen who have gone through any ORNS activities within 1 work yearAdditional $1,500
3) NS Man Key Appointment HolderAdditional $2,000 on top of (1) or (2)

However, note that being charged with any disciplinary or criminal offences would render any NS related tax relief in-applicable.

As an added bonus, immediate family members (who are citizens) will receive a $750/yr tax relief.

Celebratory Occasions

Did you know?

As long as you:

  • Solemnise your marriage
  • Welcome a newborn (Eligible for each pregnancy)
  • Adopt a child

You’re immediately eligible to receive another $100 worth of credits. As usual, make sure to utilise your credits within the stipulated 12 months of receiving them.

E-prep – Courses at a Discount

ORDed and almost forgot about your e-PREP credits? Me too. Here’s a timely reminder for you!

Once you’ve been notified of your eligibility, you can begin using your $350 worth of e-PREP credits.

Note that MINDEF will subsidise up to 90% of the course fee (subject to your current credit balance).

This is especially important for NSFs who are 1 year into their service or NS men who have just ORDED. Credits who have not been utilised within a year after ORD will be forfeited.

To that end, since they’re essentially free courses for you to temporarily upgrade yourself, don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage in some “forced” self-learning before you embark on the next phase of adulthood.

In fact, our community members share about their experiences with e-PREP courses here!

IPPT & Marksmanship

Arguably, the most attractive incentive of the lot, this is where the real fun starts.

Pass with Incentive$200
Marksmanship (Where applicable)Award

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