facebookFairPrice On Vs RedMart Vs Cold Storage Vs Amazon Prime Now Vs Giant Vs Allforyou, Which Is The Best?



FairPrice On Vs RedMart Vs Cold Storage Vs Amazon Prime Now Vs Giant Vs Allforyou, Which Is The Best?

profileJacqueline Yan

Everything is so convenient nowadays.


Even for something as mundane as grocery shopping.

Sometimes, I wonder if we will eventually become too lazy… but that’s a conversation for another time.

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With so many choices for online grocery shopping and delivery, it’s understandable how some of us may be overwhelmed.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best online grocer that suits your needs!

With our comparison of FairPrice On, RedMart, Allforyou (Sheng Siong), Cold Storage, Giant and Amazon Prime Now.

TL;DR: Which Online Grocer Is The Best?

With so many options available nowadays, all 6 services are offering very attractive delivery fees and fast delivery timings.

One of the most important things we look out for when shopping online is delivery fees and online grocery shopping is no exception.

  • Lowest minimum spend for free delivery: FairPrice On ($39 & above)
  • Quickest delivery: Amazon Prime Now
  • Cheapest house brand items: Giant 
  • Cheapest groceries: Prices & discounts are largely similar across all services

Disclaimer: While we are affiliated with ShopBack… we select and review products and services independently in line with our Seedly Code of Ethics.

How Much Does Each Service Charge For Grocery Delivery?

 Order ValueDelivery Fee
FairPrice OnBelow $39$7
$39 & Above$0
RedMartLiveUp MembersBelow $40$5.99
$40 & Above$0
Below $40$5.99
Between $40 - $60$3.99
$60 & Above$0
(Sheng Siong)
Below $100$6
$100 & Above$0
Cold StorageBelow $40$7
$40 & Above$0
GiantBelow $59$7
$59 & Above$0
Prime Now
Local two-hour
Below $40$5.99
Local two-hour
$40 & above$0
Local one-hour
Per Order$9.99
International Standard
(7-9 business days)
$60 & Above$0

Of course, there are other factors at play when deciding which service you use, but some people might put more focus on delivery fees.

Source: tenor

For smaller orders, RedMart offers the lowest delivery fees of $3.99 for orders between $40 – $60.

These services are definitely aware of the competition they have as the delivery fees are largely similar. The lowest minimum spend required to enjoy free delivery goes to FairPrice On and you just have to spend $39 per order!

However, if you prefer to consolidate all your items and do weekly grocery shopping, it should be relatively easier for you to hit the minimum spend, regardless of which service you choose.

How Long Does Each Service Take To Deliver My Items?

 FairPrice OnRedMartAllforyou (Sheng Siong)Cold StorageGiantAmazon Prime Now
Delivery TimingsEvery day,
from 8am - 10pm
Every day,
from 7am - 11pm
Every day,
from 9am - 7pm
Every day,
from 9am - 9pm
Every day,
from 9am - 9pm
Every day,
from 10am - 10pm
Delivery Slots2-hour slots2-hour slots2-hour slots2-hour slots3-hour slots1-hour slots &
2-hour slots
Earliest AvailabilityNext-day delivery
(Subjected to
Same-day delivery
(Subjected to
Same-day delivery
for orders placed 3 hours
prior to chosen delivery slot
Same-day delivery
for orders placed before 10am
Same-day delivery
for orders placed before 11am
Same-day delivery
Next-day delivery
for orders placed after 4pm
Next-day delivery for orders placed after 10am (Subjected to
Next-day delivery for
orders placed after 11am
(Subjected to
Advance Booking7 days in advance7 days in advance6 days in advance 6 days in advance 6 days in advance 2 days in advance
Changing of Delivery SlotPossible, request to reschedule to be submitted at least 24 hours before scheduled delivery slot Possible, as long as order status is still 'Pending’ No rescheduling,
initial order has to be cancelled and reorder with new address
No rescheduling,
notification required at least
24 hours before scheduled delivery slot to cancel order and reorder with new address
No rescheduling, unless
the order has not entered delivery process for two-hour delivery

Since I’ve only shopped for groceries online once through FairPrice On, I decided to randomly pick items and check out on each store to test out the promise of same-day deliveries.

Source: Tenor

Based solely on the information gathered above, it seems that RedMart would be your preferred choice for an urgent order since it offers same-day delivery and delivers until 11pm.

Even though it was the most promising, the same-day delivery slots for RedMart were all full for me and I could only choose delivery slots for the next day. In fact, I could only choose the morning slots for the next day as well. Maybe I’m just unlucky? 

On the other hand, Allforyou (Sheng Siong), still had same-day slots available when I tried doing the same before 4pm.

Even though FairPrice On offers only next-day delivery, it was the only one with most slots available for the whole week. Either no one’s buying from them, or they have a really impressive delivery fleet to cater to everyone.

Similarly, all slots suggested by Cold Storage and Giant were available for reserving, so good on them!

Amazon Prime Now is another story on its own, of course, you paid for their services, so their promise for 2-hour delivery definitely reflects when you’re checking out your cart.

But if you’re planning ahead, most of these services allow you to make your purchases a week in advance, which is great for your busy lifestyles!

Which Online Grocer Has The Cheapest Prices?

ItemFairPrice OnRedMartAllforyou
(Sheng Siong)
Cold StorageGiantAmazon Prime Now
Housebrand Canola Oil - 2L
(Buy 2,
get $4.45 off)
Naturel Canola Oil - 2L
Housebrand Eggs - 10s$2.05$2.05$1.95$3.15$2.10-
Seng Choon Golden Corn Eggs - 10s$2.65$2.65$2.65$2.65$2.60$2.60
Housebrand Fragrant Jasmine Rice - 5kg
Royal Umbrella Thai Mali Hom Rice - 5kg
Housebrand Enriched
Wholemeal Bread
(420g + free 80g)
Gardenia Finegrain Wholemeal Bread - 420g$2.50$2.50$2.50$2.50$2.50$2.50
China Premium Fuji Apples - 4 per pack
(Chinese Large Fuji Apples)
(China Fuji Apples)
(Amae Fuji Apple, Pack of 6)
($3.95)---(Buy 5 @ $4.45)-
Meiji Fresh Milk - 2L

Of course, our data is not the final verdict as we only chose a few common items for the price comparison.

Most of the items are priced the same or vary very slightly.

When it comes to discounts on the name brands though, they’re either a standard amount of discount across the board, or it varies depending on the store.

I’ve always thought that Sheng Siong has the cheapest prices for common household items, but it really depends on what you’re purchasing.

A quick look tells you that Giant’s house brand items are typically cheaper compared to the other house brands. If you’re simply looking for a good deal and ain’t so particular about taste, Giant’s house brand items will soon become your best friends.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to make your own comparisons when checking out discounts, especially since they can be time-sensitive too.

Apart from prices, another comparison you’d have to make for yourself would be the variety of items available on each service.

If you’re usually buying the same few brands that are available everywhere, then it might not make much of a difference when it comes to FairPrice On, Allforyou and Giant.

But if you’re looking for specific and exclusive brands, then maybe you’re more of a RedMart, Cold Storage or Amazon Prime Now person.

What Are Some Other Considerations?

 FairPrice OnRedMartAllforyou
(Sheng Siong)
Cold StorageGiantAmazon Prime Now
AccessibilityWeb & mobile appWeb & mobile appWeb onlyWeb & mobile appWeb & mobile appMobile app only
MembershipPlus! Cards
LiveUp Membership
NoneNoneNoneAmazon Prime
Membership Required
Membership Fees$24 - $117
per year for different Plus! cards
per year
per month
Membership Perks
Up to 3% - 7% FairPrice Cash RebatesFree delivery for orders above $40NoneNoneNoneFree 2-hour delivery for
local orders over $40
4% rebate on Lazada & RedMart orders
upon delivery
(capped at
$50 per month)
Exclusive promotions on RedMartFree delivery for
international orders
over $60
CashBack Programmes5.5% ShopBack cashback for new customersSpecifically excluded from ShopBackNone5% ShopBack cashback
for new customers
1% ShopBack cashback
for existing customers
1.5% ShopBack cashback
for existing customers

Before you declare any of the above your favourite online grocer, there are still a few things we need to take into consideration.

For instance, will you be using RedMart or Amazon Prime Now often enough to cover their membership fees?

Source: Giphy

Unless you are an avid user of Lazada and make online purchases often enough to maximise the rebate.

$59.90 per year is not going to be super worth it for free delivery for your groceries.

On the other hand, even though Amazon Prime Now does not stock budget grocery items, $2.99 per month is a pretty good deal, considering that you will have access to all other Amazon Prime features.

If cashback is important to you…

Then you’ll probably go with FairPrice On and Cold Storage since only they are eligible for cashback through ShopBack when you make your purchase online.

So, what do you think?

Do you have a favourite online grocer?

Or will you be using different services for different needs?

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