A Singaporean Stocks Investor (AK) Shares His Portfolio And Advice For Investors

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“Don’t ask barbers if we need a haircut.”

With this famous quote of his, AK appeals to Singaporeans that we should be careful and watch out for our money. No one cares more about our money than we do.

AK should be no stranger to seasoned investors. Despite having a huge following in Singapore, one really knows what he looks like due to his get-up when in public.

On top of his selfless sharing of his insights on stocks and other personal finance related topic on his blog, AK is really responsive to readers’ comments and questions which allows faster learning.

What percentage of your monthly income do you invest?

I am retired and currently not drawing any monthly income. I saved most of my earned income when I was working, and of which I invested most of it for income whenever “Mr. Market” was feeling depressed at different times.

What do you look for when choosing the right instrument to invest in? 

As I invest mostly for income, my main consideration when choosing the stocks to invest in is the company’s ability and willingness to pay meaningful dividends.

” Income investing refers to a strategy where investors can obtain income from their portfolio. Income from this portfolio is achieved without having to touch their initial capital through selling shares. In this case, we can see that AK focuses a lot of the dividends the companies he invested in is paying.” – Seedly 

Can you share with us a quick overview of your Portfolio?

I am not comfortable doing this but I will share with everyone a blog post which I have written here.
Scroll down to the end. I have dropped QAF as its share price declined quite a bit recently. It was a marginal $100K position.
If you want to know my rationale for investing in these stocks, you will find past articles on these in my blog.

Seedly went to pry further and here are some of the details of AK’s Investment Portfolio:

Investment Size:
$350,000 - $499,999AIMS AMP Cap Ind'l REITs
$200,000 - $349,999ACCORDIA Golf Trust
CROESUS Retail Trust
$100,000 - $199,999ASCENDAS H-Trust
Centurion Corporation Limited

He recently dropped QAF from this list of investment.

From AK’s blog, we realised that he focuses quite a bit on fundamental analysis of the company. One can read up more on some of the 3 major things he looks at before investing in a certain stock.

Any advice for Singaporeans who are just getting started on their Investment journey?

I am not allowed to give advice. I am only sharing my philosophy and journey on my blog.

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