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Ultimate Guide to e-angbao Singapore

Ultimate Guide To e-Angbaos: Here's Why You Should Start Using Them

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We were so eager for 2020 to be over.

Alas, some of it has flowed into 2021.

Source: Daily Mail

For one, Chinese New Year (CNY) will be extremely different this year.

No more CNY bazaar at Chinatown, and with visitations limited to 8 people in a household per time…

There’s something that can remain constant and keep us sane.

Ang baos, or Hongbaos (red packets).

For the uninitiated, it is a Chinese tradition during CNY for married couples to give ang baos to their unmarried younger relatives of the younger generation.

This gesture is seen as an act of giving blessings and well wishes for the receivers to have an auspicious start of the year.

And for those who are gifting them this year, are you looking for a more convenient way to do so?

Perhaps you should check out… e-angbaos.

TL;DR: All You Need To Know About e-Angbaos: How and Why You Should Use Them

All You Need To Know About e-Hongbaos
What is an e-hongbao?Electronic red packet where transfers are done via scanning of QR code or fund transfers via PayNow
Advantages of e-hongbaos- No need to queue for new notes anymore
- Send specific denominations (e.g. $8.88, $28.88)
- More environmentally sustainable
- Get to win money from sending/receiving money
How can I gift or receive an e-hongbao?DBS: DBS eGift, DBS QR Gift
Citibank, OCBC, Maybank, Standard Chartered and UOB: Send and receive via PayNow

Simi Is e-Angbao?

Source: DBS Bank

e-angbaos are electronic red packets, where this traditional act of gifting can now be sent and received via digital means.

This is usually done by either scanning a QR code embedded in a physical paper slip (where money has been preloaded), or through fund transfers via PayNow.

There is a rising trend in the usage of e-angbaos in Singapore, and this is largely due to how it fits well with the cashless lifestyle that many individuals are now adopting.

e-angbaos are also very well-received in other countries.

In fact, e-angbaos are now the most popular way to gift money in China, with about 80% of them preferring to sent red packets via social messaging app WeChat.

Why Should I Choose To Give an e-Angbao Over Physical Red Packets?

Source: Tenor

First up, you don’t have to queue to change for new notes anymore.

Imagine getting to skip the snaking queues and spending the time at home netflix-ing instead?

Next, you can now gift an ang bao in any kind of denomination.

Want to bless someone with some huat luck?

$88.88 is now possible with the help of e-angbaos.

Source: Independent Market

In addition, giving an e-angbao is much more environmentally sustainable.

It reduces the printing of new notes which would usually be returned to banks after each festive season.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), 330 tonnes of carbon emissions are generated by the production of new notes for each Chinese New Year. 🤯

That’s the weight of about 82.5 elephants…

Last but not least, some banks are also running giveaways to encourage more people to adopt e-angbaos.

Which means having the chance to win money while gifting money!

How Can I Gift or Receive an e-Angbao?


DBS offers two choices – going fully digital with DBS eGift, or gifting in person with DBS QR Gift.

DBS eGift

You need to have PayLah! to be able to do this.

Source: DBS

1) Open DBS PayLah! and select “Pay’ or “eGift”.

2) Toggle “Send as eGift” to add a festive greeting.

3) Enter the amount you wish to gift. You can also leave a message.

4) Personalise your eGift by selecting your preferred animation.

5) Review and send it to your recipient.

Redemption of DBS eGift

Redemption is a very straightforward process.

Recipients will be notified when an eGift is received, and the amount is instantly credited into the PayLah! wallet.


This is for those who wish to still have the personal touch of an ang bao, but wish to skip on the queueing of new notes can use DBS QR Gift instead!

Source: DBS

DBS QR Gift is a card with a QR code embedded behind for recipients to scan and receive money.

If you’re someone who values efficiency, you can also load up to 10 QR Gift cards in one go!

QR Gift cards are available for free at all DBS/POSB branches and DBS Treasures Centres from 11 January 2021 onwards.

Here’s how you can prepare your ang baos via QR Gift Cards:

1) Scan the DBS QR Gift card in DBS PayLah!.

2) Continue scanning up to 10 DBS QR Gift cards, one at a time.

3) Load an amount, along with a message, and choose your preferred validity period (up to 8 weeks from date of loading).

4) Customise your DBS QR Gift from a selection of CNY animations.

5) Review and confirm your transaction.

6) Your DBS QR Gift cards are ready to be gifted.

Note: the QR Gift card is only valid for one-time use only. After redemption or cancellation, the QR code cannot be reused. Also, a maximum amount of $999 can be loaded to each QR Gift card.

Redemption of DBS QR Gift

Recipients do not need to be a DBS/POSB customer to receive the QR Gift.

Individuals can either:

  • Register for DBS PayLah! by authentication using MyInfo
  • Choose to redeem the QR Gift card via PayNow by authentication using SingPass account and send money to a non-DBS/POSB PayNow-linked account

Redemption is very straightforward with two methods available.

For DBS PayLah! users, recipients can just open their DBS PayLah! app and select “Scan”.

Scan the QR Gift card and tap to open the Gift.

For non-DBS PayLah! users, recipients redeem via PayNow instead.

Just scan the QR Gift card with the mobile camera, log into SingPass via the mobile web browser and choose the linked account to receive the money.

Get To Win up To $888 When You Gift or Redeem a DBS QR Gift

If you’re still hesitating whether to use DBS’s QR gift, this might convince you.

Stand a chance to win up to $888 if you play the ‘TapLah!’ game that is exclusive to PayLah!.

In order to qualify, all you gotta do is to gift or redeem a QR Gift of at least $2.


Source: DBS

From 12 to 26 Feb 2021, the top 10 users with the highest scores at the end of each day will win $88 each!

The player with the highest score across this period will win an additional $800 – making it $888!

e-Angbaos by Citibank, OCBC, Maybank, Standard Chartered and UOB

Customers of these banks will also be able to send e-angbaos digitally via PayNow as well.

There will also be functions including specially designed Lunar New Year backgrounds and Chinese New Year greetings.

These messages can be sent via SMS or WhatsApp as well.

Do note that both the sender and recipient need to have PayNow accounts for this to be successful.

How to register for PayNow

For individuals with no PayNow accounts, PayNow can be easily set up with different banks using different methods.

Individuals can choose to register for PayNow with either their NRIC number or mobile number.

Registration usually can be done via SMS, digital banking apps or through internet banking.

For specific steps, do approach the respective banks’ websites for more information!


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