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How to Boost Your Luck and Energy: A Guide To Feng Shui Services in Singapore

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I’m not sure about you, but when I think of feng shui, this guy pops into my head:

Source: Hui Master International Geomancy | YouTube

What’s Chinese New Year without our feng shui master telling us our fortune for the year, amirite?

I’ve always enjoyed doing selective listening during these sessions.

Just taking in the good news, and silently hoping to be the #1 zodiac of the year.

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As I grew older, I realised that the people around me started consulting these masters for various aspects of their lives.

For their homes, for their wedding, or even their own destiny.

If you’re one who believes in its workings and how it might promote prosperity and good health, you can now take a pick from the myriad of choices we have today.

A practice which is stereotypically ‘old-fashioned’ has now gained renewed popularity and have been embracing new trends.

In fact, many of them now own beautifully crafted websites that are easy to navigate.

Perfect for anyone to browse through the wide range of services available by these companies.

We take a look at what’s available today, and how much these services typically cost.

Wait Up, What’s Feng Shui?

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Feng shui (风水), otherwise known as the art of Geomancy is a unique traditional practice that uses time and space to achieve harmony within an environment.

It is not related to any religion or mythical beliefs.

In short, it often refers to the reading of an environment, the placement of items, or is used to orientate spaces (such as tombs etc).

The term ‘feng shui’ is commonly used loosely, where it encompasses more than just the readings of an environment (such as residential or commercial buildings).

This means that contrary to popular belief, feng shui does not need any expensive ornament displays or good luck charms.

Also, this means that a feng shui master does not have to be well-trained in reading bazi (destiny of an individual), and vice versa.

But for the sake of this article, we will be using the term ‘feng shui’ as a blanket term for all Chinese Metaphysics services mentioned here.

Types of Services Available

There are various services available for individuals to choose from.

Wanna know more about your future, whether you’ll be rich, or whether you’ll have a smooth marriage?

You can now do it, as long as you are willing to fork out a fee!

Here’s a short breakdown of what are some common services that are available.

Note: The scope of services may vary between different consultancies. Prices also vary depending on the level of proficiency or ‘popularity’ of the masters.

ServicesCMG Consulting (David Tong)Kevin Foong Consultancy Group Hui Master International Geomancy Pte LtdLee YuhonWay Fengshui GroupYuan Zhong Sui Feng Shui Consultancy
Individual AnalysisBazi Destiny Analysis:
12 Months Bazi Forecast delivered to email: $388

Online Consultation (By Senior Instructors): $688

Online Consultation (Master Kevin Foong via Whatsapp or Skype): $1988
Available, not listed on websiteNot listed on websiteDepends on the master chosen

Ranges from $212.93 to $933.90
Depends on services required
Wedding Date Selection$200Not listed on websiteAvailable, not listed on website$138Not listed on website$150
HDB Unit Selection$300$2,800---Starts from:

Selection of location: $198

Selection of unit: $288
Property Inspection$300By Senior Consultant: $1,280

By Master Kevin Foong: $2,980
3-room: $1,188
4-room: $1,288
5-room: $1,388
3-room: $688
4-room: $788
5-room: $888
Starts from:

3-room: $845.30
4-room: $930.90
5-room: $1,016.50
Starts from:
3-room: $688
4-room: $788
5-room: $888
Baby Name Selection$300$688-$138Three packages with different features: $168, $288 and $688$150

Individual Analysis

As someone who is always curious about my own ~destiny~, this has always been someone I’ve been tempted to go for.

If you’re someone as curious as me, this might be something you’ll be interested to check out.

There are various methods which are employed for individual analyses.

Some of these methods include face reading, bazi (八字) reading, palmistry and astrology reading.

For individual analyses, people generally seek advice in areas such as wealth, romance, health, career, family or academics.

The price of these analyses depends on the type of service required.

For instance, a bazi consultation costs $300 at CMG Consulting.

Wedding Date Selection

It is commonly believed that selecting an auspicious wedding date would minimise future marital problems and conflicts between couples.

This service is therefore popular among couples who are looking to get married.

For couples who encounter incompatible bazi, it is also believed that finding an auspicious wedding date would help in negating the incompatibility.

In addition to the selection of wedding dates, the wedding timing is also as important.

This is usually also included in the wedding date selection packages.

For couples looking for an in-depth analysis, some companies provide wedding packages which include a comprehensive list of services.

This might include services including instructions for customary processes, or even feng shui readings for the couple’s new home.

A wedding date selection date package typically ranges from $130 to $200.

HDB Unit Selection

Finally managed to get a decent BTO queue number, but not sure which unit to choose from?

Feng Shui masters to the rescue!

It is strongly believed that the floor plan of a house is very important, as a unit with a bad floor plan might create many potential problems for the occupants, including areas in health, wealth, career or relationships.

As such, these masters would usually be able to advise on which units are the best to buy after collecting specific information from prospective homeowners.

This includes performing an audit of the site plans and floor plans, and making sure that it is facing a good direction.

The personal details (such as bazi) of the homeowners might also be taken into consideration for the decision of the unit.

Such a service varies greatly across different consultancies, costing between $198 to $2,800.

Property Inspection

Many of these feng shui masters also provide property inspections, including residential and commercial property.

For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on residential property.

For individuals who are experiencing certain roadblocks in life, some may wish to look into the environment of the homes they are living in.

It is also suitable for those who are looking to boost their own luck and energy in their lives through the interior design or arrangement of their home layout.

Residential property inspection usually includes an audit of the house, where the master would do a walkthrough to have a complete analysis of the place.

Some common factors that will be looked at would include the main door, kitchen, and master bedroom.

This is also for homeowners looking to increase their wealth and career opportunities through feng shui services.

Prices for property inspections range greatly, mainly due to the scope of services provided, as well as the experience and popularity of the feng shui master.

Baby Name Selection

Some people believe that the name of their child has the power of determining their destiny.

With that, there are baby name selection services too!

For Chinese names, there are different elements in the Chinese characters, which could be chosen carefully to align with the baby’s life.

It is also believed that the configuration of a Chinese name represents different aspects of life.

For instance, the last Chinese character represents career and wealth.

Pretty interesting right?

For parents who believe in the power of name selection, this service is commonly offered by the different consultancies.

It typically ranges from $138 to $688.

How to Boost Your Luck and Energy: A Guide To Feng Shui Services in Singapore

Given how some of Singapore’s most popular spots are designed with feng shui in mind (think Suntec City and Marina Bay Sands), it’s evident that the art of feng shui is here to stay.

Have you personally tried feng shui services before?

Are they worth the splurge?

Share your thoughts with the SeedlyCommunity!

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