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Active Wear Comparison: Activewear Brands (Below $50) That Are Cheaper Than Lululemon

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What’s Up With Expensive Activewear?

Working out has become more “fashionable” these days with spin classes, yoga, martial arts, HIIT and on top of that, fitness influencers.

It is a common sight to see people decked out in sleek activewear from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Gymshark and Lululemon.

Needless to say, this active gymming culture has activewear evolving into more than its practical functions; it is now a fashion statement and, in a macro view, artefacts symbolic of one’s socio-economic standing.

Now with fitness wear being a fashion statement (and more), it is no wonder that many people spend hundreds on their workout gear.

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Here at Seedly, we don’t advocate forking out hard-earned cash on branded fitness wear.

Rather, to help you make smarter financial decisions, here are some affordable and stylish activewear alternatives for you to wear for your next yoga class or gym session!

TL;DR: Where To Get Cheap And Good Fitness Wear In Singapore

Brands Style Price Range
My Whey StopSimple, basic, everyday designs. Mainly for women. From $21
KydraUnisex. Block, muted colours, minimalist style. From $36
Moving PeachSports bra with versatile designs and removable padding. From $9
Bods Simple, minimalist sports wear for everyday use. From $19.90
Cotton On Body Everyday fitness wear. Brighter colours, bold prints. From $10
XEXYMIXTrendy and comfortable sportswear for both all genders, from Korea.From $24
Sports Outlet Stores - IMM and Changi City PointMulti-brands from Nike, Adidas, New Balance and moreVarying

While certain brands may tout themselves as “lululemon dupes” or such, when we talk about fitness wear, there is a need to take into consideration 3 qualities before making a purchase:

  • style,
  • quality, and
  • durability.

There’s no point in getting dirt cheap clothes that last only for one or two exercise sessions.

So do keep these considerations in mind when buying your fitness wear!

Disclaimer: While we are affiliated with ShopBack… we select and review products and services independently in line with our Seedly Code of Ethics.

1. My Whey Stop

Affordable Yoga Shorts And Tops From $21

Source: My Whey Stop

As the name suggests, My Whey Stop is an online fitness store that sells an assortment of protein powders and bars to fuel you for your next gym workout.

Beyond the usual protein powders and supplements, My Whey Stop also boasts a range of affordable fitness wear from $21.

Comfortable and stylish, their fitness line is rather limited in range and caters more for women.

So ladies, if you are looking for an affordable pair of tights or workout top, this is something you might want to consider.

2. Kydra

Minimalist Design Activewear For Women And Men

Source: Kydra

Kydra is a Singaporean brand that aims to provide livable, everyday activewear.

With its simple, block-coloured gym apparels, Kydra’s activewear is best for those who prefer day-to-day workout clothes without the loud, or extravagant designs.

With a wide range of workout gear for both men and women, those who are keen on having matchy gym clothes with their partner can consider getting their gear at this online boutique store.

Though not the cheapest, Kydra’s fitness wear are relatively affordable, with prices starting from $36 

3. Moving Peach (Shopee)

Affordable Sports Bras and Tops From $9

Source: Shopee

The beauty of buying from e-commerce sites is getting clothes at a fraction of a price you’d normally get at a retail shop.

I sometimes get my fitness wear from Moving Peach, an online retailer in e-commerce app Shopee.

Their gym tops and bras come in a variety of designs and are sturdy and lasting as well.

With prices starting from as low as $9, you can get insta-worthy gym tops at just a fraction of the price.

4. Bods

Light And Comfortable Activewear For Everyday

Source: Bods

OG activewear brand Bods has a vision of creating quality sports apparel at accessible prices.

With prices from $19.90, Bods boasts a gym wear selection that’s light, comfortable and fun.

With their frequent sales, you can save more by getting 50% off their first item, and 60% off 2 or more items. Do note that the discounts are only applicable for selected items.

5. CottonOn Body

Low Starting Price Point

Source: Cotton On

While Cotton On may not have the best quality fitness wear, their range of clothes is airy, comfortable, and good for low-intensity workouts.

With its relatively low price point from $10, there’s no harm in trying some of their activewear products.

Cotton On activewear boasts interesting designs and unique prints as well. So if you are on a budget but would like to try something different from the usual solid-coloured activewear, you can explore the variety Cotton On has to offer.



Hailing from Korea, XEXYMIX is a sportswear brand created by a fitness instructor and influencer, Lee Suyeon.

They primarily focus on pilates and yoga clothes but have since expanded their collection to all types of fitness wear.

Their designs are functional, trendy, and not to mention, super comfortable.


Prices for yoga leggings start from $22, while men’s quick drying exercise t-shirts start from $28.

You can access XEXYMIX in Singapore via their official store on Shopee.

7. Changi City Point and IMM Sports Outlets

Other than these aforementioned brands, there are also sports brand outlet stores in Singapore.

These two places are Singaporean budget hunters’ favourite for many popular brands’ outlet stores.

Here you can find Adidas, Puma and Nike outlet stores selling items up to 50% off the original price!

Cheap And Good Sportswear In Singapore

With wallet-friendly options below $50 and comfy, stylish design that will get people’s heads turning, you don’t need to spend hundreds on the latest Lululemon, or Gymshark products, especially if you’re on a budget.

While expensive fitness clothing does have its perks, you can still look good and feel good in affordable activewear!

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