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Glamping & Picnic Packages in Singapore: Here's How Much It Costs To Create Your Own Experience Too

profileXue Miao


My impression of ‘camping’ has always been stuck to my Primary 5 days, where we would get down and dirty with team-bonding activities and would be forced to brave through scary high-element obstacle courses.

Source: Naval Base Primary School

Needless to say, camping have always felt like a tiring and messy activity to me.

Realising that the idea of mud and sleeping bags may not be appealing to some, there has been a rise in glamping (glam camping) activities in recent years.

What makes it so popular is that it provides the perfect amalgamation of retaining the thrill from camping and having luxurious facilities in place of the dirt and shagness that we remember.

Who knew that we could ever camp in comfort?

Source: Booking.com

With this whole pandemic that’s going on, the SingapoRediscovers campaign has urged us to explore our own backyards.

For anyone who is looking for an Instagram-worthy activity to spend it with their other halves or even their gal pals, there are now various glamping packages available to choose from.

The idea of glamping has always been quite an exciting idea for me.

I mean, it’s the closest I can get to being in an American romantic chick flick…

Or fulfill my dreams from my younger days of having a setup that’s Tumblr-approved.

Source: Tumblr

I think I’m not alone in this, given how this recent $450 glamping experience got sold out within six minutes.

If you’re one of the not-so-lucky ones who didn’t manage to snag a space for that elusive event, here are some other glamping packages available for you to choose from!

TL;DR: Glamping Packages in Singapore: Prices of Luxurious Camping, Picnics and Parties

Source: Wondrous Glampers

While glamping is usually done at designated camping sites along with BBQ pits, these sites are currently closed based on the regulations issued by NParks in lieu of COVID-19.

As such, glamping companies have since rolled out other types of packages for customers to still be able to have a glamping experience.

These alternatives include picnic packages, home glamping options and intimate party setups.

In this article, we will be focusing on glamping activities that are Phase 2-approved.

CompanyTypePackagePriceDurationWhat's IncludedAdd-OnsHow to Book
Glamping CityHome Glamping Do-At-Home Package$30012 hoursLounge:
- Tipi tent
- Mat
- Cushion pillows
- Picnic basket with snacks
- Fairy lights
- Bunting

Movie Screening:
- 80 - 100 inch screen
- Projector
- Carpets
Cushion pillows & blankets
- Wifi
- Speaker
-Visit Glamping City's website
Glamping SocietyPicnicPicnic Only PackageFrom $2403 hours- Outdoor Picnic mat
- Picnic set-up for 2 pax
- Lace gazebo with fairy lights
- Red/white wine (comes with wine glass)
- Picnic basket (sandwiches, cookies, nuts, brownies, fruits, tortilla chips)
- Flower bouquet
- $34 for additional pax
- $10 for additional hour
Visit Glamping Society's website and contact them via the 'Contact Us' tab
Love4PicnicPicnicRomantic Package for Couple $803 hours- Picnic mat
- Picnic basket
- Cushions
- Crate boxes
- Fairy lights
- Light Box(customised messages)
- Decorations( not fixed)
- Tall Glass/Wine Glass, plates and cutleries
Picnic Food: $15 per pax, min 2pax
Additional pax: $10
Bouquet: $30
Speakers: $10 for 2 hours
- Fairy light pathway: $30
- Lace Gazebo: $60
- Personalised Theme: from $80
- Location & distance fee: $10 to $30, ECP is free
Visit Love4Picnic's website for picnic packages
Standard Candlelight Dinner for Couple with 5-course Western
$1593 hours- Candlelight dinner setup/picnic setup
- Tall glass/wine glass, plates and cutleries
- Fairy light deco
- Standard decorations
- Light Box (customised messages)
Premium Candlelight Dinner for Couple With 5-course Western
$2503 hours- Candlelight dinner setting/picnic setting
- Fairy light pathway
- Lace gazebo
mini cake
- Sparkling juice
- Light box (customised message)
- Tall glass/wine glass, plates and cutleries
- Fresh flower decorations
Wondrous GlampersHome Glamping (or any private garden of at least 5m)Standard Package $350Overnight- 4m Bell Tent
- Queen size air mattress bed
- Bed linen/bedsheet
- 2 x Head pillows
- Board games
- Standard decor
- Portable fans (Battery operated)
- Cloths/carpets for tent floor
- Foldable table (56cm x 36cm x 26cm)
- Fairy lights indoor
- Fairy lights pathway
Birthday Party: $50, additional $50 for special theme

Happy Anniversary: $60

Baby Shower: $80

The Hen's Affair" $80

The Proposal: $170
Visit Wondrous Glamper's website for home glamping packages
Deluxe Package (4 pax)$450- 5m Bell Tent
- 2 x Queen size air mattress bed
- 2 x Bed linen/bedsheet
- 4 x Head Pillows
- Fairy lights Indoor
- Fairy lights pathway
- Deluxe decor
- 2 x Portable fans (Battery operated)
- Cloths/carpets for tent floor
Deluxe Family Package (6 pax) $550- 5m Bell Tent
- 3 x Queen size air mattress bed
- 3 x Bed linen/bedsheet
- 6 x Head pillows
- Fairy lights Indoor
- Fairy lights pathway
- Deluxe family decor
- 3 x Portable fans (Battery operated)
- Cloths/carpets for tent floor
Picnic (up to 5 people, households up to 8 guests)Teepee Tent Picnic Styling$180

- 1 Low Table Package (Outdoor & Indoor Setup)
- Up to 5 pax
5 hours- Low picnic table(s) setup
- Picnic Mats/carpets
- Seat Cushions
- Teepee Tent backdrop
- Curtain hanging fairylights
- Tablewares (Plates, cutleries, glasses)
- Table Decorations
- Fairylights
-Visit Wondrous Glamper's website for picnic packages

- 2 Low Tables Package (For Indoor Setup Only)
- Up to 8 pax
A-Frame Picnic Tent Styling$250

- 1 Low Table Package (Outdoor & Indoor Setup)
- Up to 5 pax
- Low picnic table(s) setup
- Picnic Mats/Carpets
- Seat cushions
- Centrepiece A-frame decor
- Tablewares (Plates, cutleries, glasses)
- Table decorations
- A-frame decorations
- Fairylights

- 2 Low Tables Package (For Indoor Setup Only)
- Up to 8 pax

Do note that the location for outdoor setups is mostly at East Coast Park Area G.

Customers might have the option to choose between different locations within this area, so do check in with the respective glamping companies!

If you find the prices a little steep for your comfort… we tried finding out below just how much it costs to create your own glamping experience below. 😉

Things To Note for Glamping

  • Cancellation policies: Different companies have different cancellation or rescheduling policies, so do give it a check if you’re someone who prefers flexibility in case of wet weather, etc.
  • Bring your own entertainment: Even though glamping activities are a zhng-ed up version of regular camping with more amenities, it is recommended to bring along your own entertainment such as card or board games. Unless you’re good with a 5-hour HTHT sesh.
  • Bring extra fans: Some of these packages include battery-operated fans, but given how humid Singapore is, you might want to gear up with a few more, just because.
  • Bring your camping essentials: There are still things like mosquito repellent you must not miss. Say no to dengue!
  • Check what’s included in your package: Is food included? If not, better pack some snacks.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Your Own Glamping Experience?

Source: Glamping Society

Now, now.

For some of us, glamping might seem a bit luxurious for something that we might seemingly be able to organise ourselves.

While I was looking through these amazing looking packages, a little cheapo voice inside me whispered:

“How much would it cost if I were to recreate such an experience myself instead?”

I put together a list of common items that are used for a glamping experience:

  • Teepee tent
  • Cushion pillows
  • Fairy lights
  • Picnic mat
  • Table
  • Air mattress

Let’s assume that we are recreating a glamping experience for four.

Teepee Tent

I expected teepee tents to be rare and few, but finding it online was surprisingly easy.

A quick search on Taobao showed that a 1.8m teepee tent costs approximately $28.58.

Source: Taobao

There are smaller versions available, with some costing less than $10.

Perfect for our fancy picnics!

If you’re thinking:

“Eh don’t cheat leh, this one where got glamping. Those hugeeee ones you can buy online not?”

Source: Taobao

We found this on Taobao which costs about $297.

Much more expensive for sure, but if you’re someone who likes big gatherings (post-COVID) and plans to use it once every 3 months, each use just costs $74.25.

Still okay right?

Cushion Pillows

What’s one of the best places to get cushions?

You’re right – it’s IKEA.

Source: IKEA

This costs $1.90!

Buy four also cost less than my Foodpanda meal last night sia.

Okay… if these prints aren’t giving off glamping vibes…

Source: IKEA

We have the Ullkaktus cushions offering a series of colours to match your theme.

Four of them costs $19.60.

Fairy Lights

As you can imagine, there are just TONS of fairy lights to choose from.

There are regular ones, snowflake ones, ones you can pin your photos with, globe-shaped ones…

We decided to get two 10m rolls of regular fairy lights, and two with cotton balls with them.

Source: HipVan
Source: Shopee

Fairy Lights from HipVan: $4.90 x 2 = $9.80

Cotton Ball Lights from Shopee: $4.19 x 2 = $8.38

Picnic Mat

Source: Shopee

Found a pretty photogenic one from Shopee at $12.50!

(Btw, in case you’re looking for discounts off your Shopee purchases…)


I think we will be grabbing this from home. Save some money hor?

Table Cloth

Source: Spotlight

To make it more picnic-ish, we’ll be grabbing this printed table cloth from Spotlight with total garden vibes.

Cost: $11.90 (on sale!)

Air Mattress

Source: Decathlon Singapore

Found this 2-person air mattress for $30!

Grabbing two of these makes it $60.

Total Cost of a DIY Glamping Experience

Item Cost
Teepee Tent $28.58
Cushion Pillows $19.60
Fairy Lights $18.18
Picnic Mat $12.50
Table Free
Table Cloth $11.90
Air Mattress $60
Total Cost $138.86

This DIY setup costs $150.76, or $37.69 if split four-ways. 🤯

Pretty affordable if you do it yourself, if I may say so?

While this setup does not include food, packages usually offer food as add-ons, and we all know that prepping food by ourselves would be quite a bit cheaper.

So Is It Worth Paying for a Glamping Experience?

Source: Wondrous Glampers

Personally, I do think that it’s worth paying for a glamping experience.

(Aiyo… after doing all the calculations and saying how affordable it is?)

Why so?

I think it’s worth trying glamping at least once just for the experience.

With these glamping packages including the setup process, it eliminates the logistical trouble of having to lug these items to the beach by yourself.

To me, it’s more of paying for the convenience of the setup, and also outsourcing the hassle of having a packing checklist.

In addition, there are a few items on the list (like air mattresses and fairy lights) which I might not use more than once, and I might potentially chuck them aside in the storeroom for the next twenty years.

Which might not be the best environmentally as well.

However, if I’m someone who enjoys such activities and wish to have such an experience every once in a while, there’s a high possibility of me doing it by myself instead.


How Do You Feel Towards a Glamping Experience in Singapore?

Let us know at our SeedlyCommunity!

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