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(Potential) Income Alert: 4 Singapore Companies That Just Raised Dividends

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Earlier last month, we looked at three companies that increased their interim dividends in their respective quarters. Here, let’s explore four more companies that have made investors cheer lately.

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Note: Share prices are correct as of time of writing (5 September 2019)

AEM Holdings Ltd

AEM Holdings Logo

AEM Holdings Ltd (SGX: AWX) is involved in the designing and manufacturing of equipment and precision components for the semiconductor, solar and smart card industries.

For its latest second quarter, AEM’s revenue increased by 34.8% year-on-year to S$97.9 million as deliveries to its main customer grew. Meanwhile, net profit surged 65.4% to S$15.7 million, and with that, its interim dividend climbed 33.3% to S$0.02 per share, up from S$0.015 per share a year ago.

At AEM’s current share price of S$1.08, it has a trailing dividend yield of 3.6%.

ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd

ComfortDelgro Logo

ComfortDelGro Corporation Ltd (SGX: C52) is one of the world’s biggest land transport companies, with operations in countries such as Singapore, Australia, and the UK. ComfortDelGro is also the majority owner of two other Singapore-listed companies – SBS Transit Ltd and VICOM Limited.

Its 2019 interim dividend grew 3.4% to S$0.045 per share, up from S$0.0435 per share given out a year ago. The increase came on the back of second-quarter revenue and net profit growing 4.2% and 1.2%, respectively, year-on-year. The growth in the top line was largely due to contributions from acquisitions made last year and robust growth in its public transport services business, which SBS Transit is a part of.

At ComfortDelGro’s latest share price of S$2.44, it sports a trailing dividend yield of 4.4%.

SBS Transit Ltd

SBS Transit Logo

SBS Transit (SGX: S61) provides bus and rail services in Singapore. Just like its parent, SBS Transit also upped its interim dividend. The transport outfit’s 2019 interim dividend per share climbed to S$0.0715, an increase of 23.3% from S$0.058 one year back.

For SBS Transit’s 2019 second-quarter, top-line rose 3.9% year-on-year to S$358.5 million thanks to higher revenue from both its business segments of public transport services and other commercial services. Meanwhile, net profit surged 24.5% to S$24.2 million.

At SBS Transit’s current share price of S$4.05, it has a trailing dividend yield of 3.5%.

VICOM Limited

Vicom Ltd Logo

VICOM Limited (SGX: V01) is Singapore’s leading provider of inspection and technical testing services. VICOM joins ComfortDelGro and SBS Transit to round off the list of companies that increased their dividends.

For its 2019 second quarter, VICOM’s revenue improved 3.7% year-on-year to S$25.6 million while its net profit climbed 4.9% to S$6.6 million. With that, VICOM was able to increase its latest interim dividend by 5.3%, from 13.46 Singapore cents last year to 14.11 Singapore cents in the second quarter of 2019.

At VICOM’s latest share price of S$7.17, it has a trailing dividend yield of 5.2%, excluding any special dividend. Including the special dividend already dished out in the 2018 fourth-quarter, the yield soars to 6.4%.

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