SGREIT’s distributions per unit (DPU) have been falling the past two years from 5.18 cents to 4.55 cents. This is worrying as steady, growing dividends are key for any REIT investor. Will SGREIT be able to boost its DPU in the near-term? Here’s what the recent AGM taught us.

Stocks analysis of companies that you indirectly contribute to with the coming of your newborn baby.

To bring jobs back to America, Trump recently renegotiated the NAFTA, which is now set to be replaced by the USMCA. The agreement will affect a range of industries, but the biggest changes are in the automotive industry. Ultimately, what worries the U.S. is not the trade deficit, but China’s plan to overtake them in technological innovation.

In depth analysis on DBS Bank (SGX: D05). Is their stocks worth investing in?

What are the plans for the following three stocks? Shopper360 with NTUC Fairprice, Cityneon with West Knighton Limited and SPH with Shareinvestor.

Buffett today is well-known for investing in high-quality companies with wide economic moats like Apple, Coca-Cola, and American Express. But what most people don’t know, is that he did not start investing that way.

Read about Padini Holding’s updated financial results and its valuation metrics to assess its current stock price. Here are 14 things you need to know about Padini Holdings before you invest.

In depth analysis on Sheng Siong Group (SGX: OV8). Is their stocks worth investing in?

Here are some cheap company stocks that offer attractive dividend yields and what their plans are.

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