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Infant Care in Singapore (2022)_ Guide To Fees, Locations, Subsidies & More

Infant Care in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide To School Fees, Locations, Subsidies and More

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Being a parent can get difficult (and expensive), but we can’t deny that parenthood can be an extremely rewarding journey.

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With an increase in dual-income families, parents often require assistance in caring for children and household duties.

Over the years, besides engaging a domestic helper, infant care programmes have been introduced to provide specialised care for young children.

Choosing a suitable infant care programme is important as the right curriculum is imperative to your child’s early developmental stages, especially when early intervention is required.

Let’s take a closer look at the programmes!

TL;DR: Infant Care Prices in Singapore

Name of SchoolHalf-Day Infant Care Programme (7am to 1pm)Full-Day Infant Care Programme (7am to 7pm)Fees to note
Agape Little Uni$856$1,201 - $1,400$535 (Enrolment Fee)

$3.21 (Annual Insurance)

$85.60 (Mattress + 2 covers)
Cherie Hearts$1,284$1,760$150 (Registration Fee)

$920 (Deposit)
E-Bridge by Etonhouse-$1,275 (w/o GST)

$85.60 (Registration Fee)

$4.28 (Annual Insurance)

Greentree Montessori 7am to 3pm:
7am - 7pm:
Maple Bear$1,780 (Before Subsidy)

$1,604.60 (After Subsidy)
$2,180 (Before Subsidy)

$1,732.60 (After Subsidy)
$32.10/set (Uniform)

$5.35 (Annual Insurance)
MindChamps$2,300 (w/o GST)$2,500 (w/o GST)-
Mulberry Learning$1,712$2,354-
My First Skool-$1,364.25 (Before Subsidy)$85.60 (Registration Fee)

$5.35 (Annual Insurance)

$107 - 4 sets (Uniform)

$17.12 (2 sets of mattress cover)
MY World Preschool$963$1,364.25 (with GST)-
Pat’s Schoolhouse7am to 5:30pm:
$2,354 to $2,386
$2,568 to $2,600.10$588.50 (Registration Fee)
PCF Sparkletots Pre-school-$1364.20 (w/o GST), before subsidies$53.50 (Registration Fee)

$3 (Annual Insurance)

$20/set (Uniform)
Skool4kidz-$1,360$85.60 (Registration Fee)

$3.21 (Annual Insurance)

$35/set - min. 3 sets (Uniform)

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Note: Prices are based on Singapore Citizen rates and vary for Permanent Residents and Foreigners.

When Can You Register for Infant Care in Singapore?

Parents can start sending their children to infant care as early as two months old.

Most childcare centres that offer infant care programmes would cater to an age range of two to 17 or 18 months old (depending on the centre).

Infant care programmes are usually offered in child care centres that have programmes catered for various age groups.

For instance, children can start attending preschool programmes beyond 18 months old.

ECDA Infant Care Subsidies

A younger age would mean a more dedicated level of care from the educators.

This is reflected in the staff-to-child ratio, which is 1:5, as compared to a preschool’s 1:8.

Due to this level of commitment, infant care programmes are more expensive as compared to childcare programmes for later years.

To help with this, there are government subsidies available to make infant care more affordable.

All families of Singapore citizen children enrolled in ECDA-licensed childcare centres will receive a Basic Subsidy for infant care.

The basic subsidy for infant care programmes is set at $600.

There is also an Additional Subsidy for families that meet the eligibility criteria.

Enhanced Monthly Subsidy for Full-Day Infant Care Programmes:

Mother's Employment StatusGross Monthly Household IncomeGross Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI)Basic SubsidyAdditional SubsidyMax Total Subsidy*
Working Mothers with at least 56 working hours a month$3,000 and below$750 and below$600$710$1,310
$3,001 - $4,500$751 - $1,125$640$1,240
$4,501 - $6,000$1,126 - $1,500$500$1,100
$6,001 - $7,500$1,501 - $1,875$380$980
$7,501 - $9,000$1,876 - $2,250$240$840
$9,001 - $10,500$2,251 - $2,625$100$700
$10,501 - $12,000$2,626 - $3,000$40$640
Above $12,000Above $3,000N/A$600
Non-Working Mothers--$150N/A$150

*Subject to a minimum co-payment by parents

Subsidies will be directly disbursed to the centre. Parents only need to pay the net amount after all subsidies, and this amount can be paid with the child’s Child Development Account (CDA) as well.

The Anchor Operator (AOP) scheme was also introduced in 2009 and it provides funding support to ensure that preschools are kept affordable and of good quality.

The scheme keeps a monthly fee cap of $720, $1,275 and $160 (excluding GST) for full-day child care, full-day infant care and kindergarten respectively.

There are currently five pre-schools that have been appointed anchor operators by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA):

  • E-Bridge Pre-School
  • My First Skool
  • MY World Preschool
  • PCF Sparkletots Preschool
  • Skool4Kidz.

Besides the Anchor Operators, the Partner Operator (POP) scheme supports the appointed centres to provide infant care services too.

The fees are kept at $760 and $1,330 (excluding GST) for full-day child care and infant care programmes respectively for Singapore Citizen children.

For a full list of POPs, there is a list available.

Private Infant Care

Privately run childcare facilities typically charge around $2,000 per month, while some can go as high as $4,000+.

Well-known centres such as Tots & Teddles charge $2,289 (after deduction of basic subsidy of $600 and inclusive of GST), while MindChamps charges $2,415 to $2,615 in 2022 and $2,585 to $2,785 in 2023.

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Factors To Consider When Looking for an Infant Care Programme

There are usually a few factors parents take into consideration when choosing a Preschool:

  • The location of the Preschool: Find a convenient preschool to send and pick up their child before and after work
  • The cost of the Preschool programme: Prices vary greatly depending on factors such as the reputation and curriculum. It is important to find the programme that works for your budget
  • Teacher-Child Ratio: Some parents use this as an indicator to determine the amount of attention their child receives from the teacher
  • Types of Preschool programmes: There are a few variations of programmes available in schools to better prepare our next generation for the world. Examples of programmes include bilingual lessons, music or even art-focused programmes
  • Infant care hours: Some of these centres have different hours according to their programmes, where some half-day programmes last till 3pm,
  • The age group for infant care: While most centres cater from two to 18 months for their infant care programmes, some centres have an age cut-off of 17 months.

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Best Infant Care Programmes in Singapore

Agape Little Uni

Source: Parents World

Agape Little Uni was established in 1995 and has since expanded to more than 200 staff and has enrolled more than 1,000 children.

Agape means “unconditional love” in Greek, and this centre aims to create a home away from home.

Their Infant and Toddler Programme focuses on daily interactions, relationships and experiences with children and their families.

Activities with infants and toddlers include the integration of various learning areas such as language, music appreciation and motor skills development. These are achieved through storytelling, songs & rhymes and sensorial games.

Infant care programmes are offered at three of their centres:

Agape Little Uni Infant Care OutletsAddressContact NumberEmail Address
Cecil101 Cecil Street, #01-01, Tong Eng Building, Singapore 0695336223 8081[email protected]
CompassvaleBlk 293B & 293C, Compassvale Crescent, #01-53, Singapore 5422936816 0112[email protected]
Upper Serangoon #01-353, Blk. 473D, Upper Serangoon Crescent, Singapore 5384736920 9473[email protected]

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Cherie Hearts

Source: Youngparents.com.sg

Cherie Hearts believe that every child is a unique individual who deserves to reach his potential.

At Cherie Hearts, their purposeful multi-literacies curriculum approach enhances children’s holistic growth, allows children to experience personal success and develop a joy for learning.

For the infant care programme, Cherie Hearts has a My First Journey curriculum that provides infants and toddlers with a range of activities that stimulate development in the various learning domains (Language & Communication, Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Physical).

Cherie Hearts now has 20 centres islandwide.

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E-Bridge by Etonhouse

Source: E-Bridge

EtonHouse was selected to be part of the Anchor Operator (AOP) Scheme which led to the launch E-Bridge Pre-School, providing high-quality and affordable early childhood services for Singaporean families.

So what’s the difference between EtonHouse and E-Bridge?

EtonHouse offers an international, multicultural learning environment that has children from 61 different nationalities.

The children in E-Bridge preschools will be Singaporean families who will move on to Singapore primary schools, ensuring that what is taught would be aligned with Singapore’s formal schooling route.

E-Bridge follows the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and focuses on learning through inquiry.

E-Bridge offers infant care services for the following centres:

E-Bridge Infant Care OutletsAddressContact NumberEmail Address
East RegionBlk 17 Circuit Road #01-01 S3700176742 0869[email protected]
North RegionBlk 504, Yishun Street 51,#01-05 S760504 (Main Bay)

Blk 431D, Yishun Ave 1, #01-611 S764431

Blk 432C, Yishun Ave 1, #01-543 S763432

Blk 432D, Yishun Ave 1, #01-567 S764432
6555 9276[email protected]
Blk 590B Montreal Link #01-39 S752590

592C Montreal Link #01-26 S753592 (Main Bay)
6465 9538[email protected]
Blk 573 Woodlands Drive 16 #03-01 S730573 (Main Bay)

Blk 573C Woodlands Drive 16 #01-668 S733573
6904 8612[email protected]
North-East Region20 Sengkang Square, S5447096290 9590[email protected]
Blk 178A Rivervale Crescent, #01-453, S5411786443 6563[email protected]
Blk 670 Edgefield Plains #01-01 S820670

670B Edgefield Plains #01-630 S22670

670C Edgefield Plains #01-632 S823670
6444 7545[email protected]
78 Edgedale Plains S8286836481 2680[email protected]
Blk 217 Compassvale Drive S5402176386 5350[email protected]
Blk 365B Upper Serangoon Rd
6282 0069[email protected]
Blk 226A/B & 227A/B Sumang Lane
6969 7329[email protected]
Blk 417A & 418C Fernvale Link S7914176312 9328[email protected]
West RegionBlk 443 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, #01-11 S6504436251 5432[email protected]
Blk 92 Telok Blangah St 31, #02-257 S1000926256 5965[email protected]
Blk 140 Corporation Drive, S6101406256 4210[email protected]

The fees are E-bridge are as follows:

  • Singapore Citizen: $1,275
  • Singapore Permanent Resident: $1,593.75
  • Foreigner: $1,912.50

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Greentree Montessori

Source: Facebook | Greentree Montessori

Established in the year 1990, Greentree Montessori supports a mindful approach to education, parenting and human development by adopting the Montessori Method, the Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) approach, the Pikler approach, and a natural environment.

Their infant care programme focuses on the following:

Free Play

  • Practising respect and freedom
  • Developing confidence
  • Having autonomous exploration and discovery
  • Boosting attention span
  • Developing self-discipline​

Respectful Care-giving

  • Building trusting relationships
  • Having opportunities to participate in all tasks
  • Experiencing reciprocal and responsive care


  • Immersing in language exposure
  • Building listening skills
  • Receiving quality communication and interaction


  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Becoming accustomed and comfortable with body movements

The infant care programme is available at the Greentree Montessori Children Cottage:

  • Address: 26 Jalan Shaer, Singapore 769372
  • Contact Number: 6970 5320
  • Email: [email protected]

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Source: Kinderland

Kinderland’s infant and toddler programme focuses on providing opportunities for sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional stimulation during a child’s crucial growing months.

The KinderBabes and KinderTots programmes are specially designed to allow each child to explore their own abilities.

Some areas of focus include:

  • Sensory-Motor Development
  • Language and Cognitive Growth
  • Creative Stimulation Through Senses
  • Social and Emotional Connection

Infant care programmes are available at the following outlets:

Kinderland Infant Care outletsAddressContact Number
Choa Chu Kang (Beside Lot One)Blk 309 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #02-01,
Singapore 680309
6881 8818
Choa Chu Kang (Sunshine Place)Blk 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, #02-15, Singapore 680475
HougangBlk 202, Hougang St.21, #03-00, Singapore 530202
Loyang Point258 Pasir Ris Street 21 #02-23 Loyang Point Singapore 510258
Marine Parade87 Marine Parade Central #03-201 Singapore 440087
Ministry of National Development7 Maxwell Road MND Complex Annexe B, #06-02, Singapore 0691116323 1138
Pandan Valley3 Pandan Valley #01-316 (S) 5976276881 8818
Revenue House (for Staff from Ministries and Government Agencies Only)55 Newton Road #05-01,
Revenue House,
Singapore 307987
6881 8818
Sengkang363 & 365 Lorong Buang Kok, Singapore 547687
Upper Changi769 Upper Changi Road East,
Singapore 486880
Woodlands Civic Centre900 South Woodlands Dr #05-03,
Singapore 730900
Woodlands Mart768 Woodlands Ave 6 #02-01,
Singapore 730768
Yio Chu Kang449 Yio Chu Kang Road,
Singapore 805946

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Maple Bear

Source: Maple Bear Singapore

Maple Bear utilises the Canadian methodology and curriculum and refines it to suit Singapore children.

They currently have more than 41,000 students in 447 Maple Bear schools worldwide.

Maple Bear also focuses on the importance of being bilingual and uses a signature bilingual immersion methodology, carefully designing programmes to allow children to develop their social, emotional, motor, language and cultural skills.

For their infant care programme, Bear Care, children of 6 weeks and above are accepted and schedules are arranged to suit the best needs of the child.

Spaces and places have developmentally appropriate toys and furnishings that will accommodate the needs of the children as well.

There are 14 Maple Bear outlets that offer infant care:

Maple Bear Infant Care OutletsAddressContact Number
Alexandra (Alexis)354 Alexandra Road #01-21 Alexis Singapore 1599488858 0777
Bukit Timah (Horsecity)100 Turf Club Road
#01-02 Blocks D/E/F Horsecity
Singapore 287992
6463 5733
Harper Junior73 Upp Paya Lebar Rd Centro Bianco #02-01 Singapore 5348189357 2823
Havelock (Annex @ Furama)407 Havelock Road
#04-01 annex@furama
Singapore 169634
6737 8898
Highgate2 Highgate Walk
Singapore 598754
9777 4866 / 6467 2714
Lavender2 Kallang Avenue
#04-16, CT Hub
Singapore 339407
6493 7168 / 9029 8981
Moulmein207 Balestier Road
Singapore 329683
8686 3873
Orchard (Claymore Connect)442 Orchard Road
#02-05 Claymore Connect
Singapore 238879
(Located next to Orchard Hotel)
8569 9560
St. Michael1 Jalan Taman
#01-01 St Michael's Place
Singapore 329022
8163 9818
Toa Payoh978 Toa Payoh North, #01-01
Singapore 319001
8797 8978
Bedok (Panasonic Building)202 Bedok South Ave 1
Singapore 469332
9777 4866 / 9424 4188
SIA Group Sports Club726 Upper Changi Road East
Singapore 486046
6214 8170 / 9661 6735
Bukit Batok15 Bukit Batok St 22
#02-01, Propell Building
Singapore 659586
6901 0272
Jubilee31 Jubilee Road
Singapore 128583
9777 4866

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Source: Mindchamps

Founded almost two decades ago, MindChamps based their education outline on a 3-Mind approach.

They develop their programme around cultivating the Learning Mind, Creative Mind and Champion Mind.

MindChamps constantly research ways to liberate and train the instinct for creativity and problem-solving skills for children enrolled on their programme.

It uses the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ elements for its infant care programmes, which represent- Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social.

There is only one Mindchamps outlet that offers the infant care curriculum:

  • Address: 3 Biopolis Drive, Synapse #01-11, Singapore 138623
  • Contact Number: 6684 5568 or 9831 4567
  • Email: [email protected]

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Mulberry Learning

Source: The Smart Local

Mulberry Learning is the first preschool network in the world to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind.

It has also won awards since 2016 including the Young Parents SG Parents’ Choice award.

Mulberry Learning focuses on the use of Experiential Learning as the main approach for its Infant & Toddler Programme, and encourages children to be mini-explorers through learning spaces, playing with toys, musical instruments, and textural materials.

It mainly follows five domains:

  • Self-Exploration
  • Music & Stories
  • Muscle Development
  • Thematic Discovery
  • Multi-Sensory Experience
Mulberry Learning Infant Care OutletsAddressContact Number
Alexandra12 Hoy Fatt Road,
#02-01 Bryton House
Singapore 159506
6653 8082
Braddell 1 Lor 2 Toa Payoh, #01-02/03/04
Singapore 319637
Bukit Batok25 Bukit Batok Street 22, #03-01
Singapore 659591
Cairnhill1 Anthony Road
Singapore 229944
Dover1010 Dover Road
#01-02, #02-14,#02-15
Singapore 139658
Jurong East31 International Business Park,
Creative Resource,
Level 1,
Singapore 609921
Kallang8 Stadium Walk #02-05 Water Sports Centre Singapore 397699
Shenton Way6A Shenton Way
#03-01/04 Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068815
Toa Payoh743 Toa Payoh Lorong 5,
Level 1
Singapore 319457
Woodlands21 Woodlands Close
#01-01/02/17 Primz BizHub
Singapore 737854
Punggol407 Northshore Drive
Northshore Plaza 1, #03-02 Singapore 820407

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My First Skool

Source: My First Skool

My First Skool is the pre-school arm of NTUC (National Trades Union Congress) First Campus Co-operative.

They have been in business since the year 1977, and aim to give working families peace of mind, by making quality child development and care services accessible.

It offers the infant care programme for children of 2 months to 17 months old to maximise the potential of every child’s earliest years.

It also adopts a relationship-based approach to early years education that builds strong, nurturing relationships between teacher and child.

Research has shown that children are more engaged and involved in learning when a relationships-based approach is adopted.

As such, My First Skool’s relationships-based curriculum approach helps children to develop a positive, “I can do it” spirit and also helps build confidence and resilience.

My First Skool has over 145 centres islandwide, so do check which one’s the nearest to you!

At My First Skool, the monthly fees (before subsidy) is as follows:

  • Singapore Citizen: $1,364.25
  • Permanent Resident: $1,705.31
  • Foreigner: $2,046.38

Contact Number: 6509 7887

Email Address: [email protected]

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MY World Preschool

Source: MY World Preschool

MY World Preschool has been nurturing young children since 1980.

It is also one of the institutions that have been appointed as an Anchor Operator by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in 2014.

Their core values include Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

MY World Preschool adopts a learner-centred and inquiry approach to teaching, and follows the six guiding principles (S.T.R.O.N.G.):

  • Scaffolded Play
  • Teachers as Facilitators
  • Respectful & Supportive Partnerships
  • Observation & Documentation
  • Nurture & Empower
  • Guided Participation

There are outlets around Singapore offering different services at different prices, so do check in with the one you’re interested in to find out more.

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Pat’s Schoolhouse

Source: Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat’s Schoolhouse has been established for over 30 years and prides itself as the pioneer of the Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum since 1988.

To allow a holistic development of children, both English and Mandarin teachers will create the teaching plan together and will be co-partners in the same classroom.

Pat’s Schoolhouse also looks at an inquiry-embedded play approach, and even an enhanced music-integrated curriculum, with in-house music specialists leading children with songs, stories, rhymes, games, movement and the playing of percussion instruments.

There are two outlets that offer infant care programmes at Pat’s Schoolhouse:

Pat's Schoolhouse Infant Care OutletsAddressContact Number
Grassroots190 Ang Mo Kio, Ave 8, #01-04 The Grassroots' Club, Singapore 5680466781 2288
Prinsep30 Prinsep Street, Income@Prinsep, #04-01 and #05-01, Singapore 188647

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PCF Sparkletots Pre-School

Source: Channel News Asia

Singaporeans usually label these preschools as “PAP Kindergarten”.

PCF stands for PAP Community Foundation. It is a charitable foundation founded by the Singapore People’s Action Party. PCF Sparkletots preschool is one of the initiatives from this foundation.

PCF Sparkletots now has 360 childcare centres and kindergartens islandwide.

Its full-day infant care school fees are as follows:

  • Singapore Citizen: $1,364.20
  • Permanent Resident: $1,705.20
  • Foreigner: $2,046.30

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Source: Skool4kidz

Skool4Kidz is another Anchor Preschool Operator appointed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Its campus even won the International Architecture Award 2019 (Community and Public Centers) as one of the world’s best in architectural excellence and sustainability innovation in urban architecture.

Under the Toddler & Infant Programme, it is designed as an age and needs-appropriate curriculum that promotes love, respect and understanding.

There are 19 Skool4kidz outlets in Singapore:

Skool4kidz CampusAddressTelEmail
Yishun61 Yishun Avenue 11
+65 6257 2456[email protected]
Woodlands Ring RoadBlk 628A #01-282
+65 6462 6513[email protected]
Woodlands Crescent MeadowBlk 782D #01-341
+65 6375 4149[email protected]
Marsiling DriveBlk 24 #01-191
+65 6368 9244[email protected]
Sembawang Canberra East CrownBlk 128B #01-530
Canberra Street S(752128)
+65 6950 0308[email protected]
Sembawang SunbreezeBlk 365 #01-11
Sembawang Crescent S(750365)
+65 6950 0309[email protected]
Yishun Orchid SpringBlk 430A #01-376
Yishun Avenue 11 S(761430)
+65 6710 5137[email protected]
Yishun Oleander BreezeBlk 512 #01-01
Yishun Street 51 S(760512)
+65 6257 5404[email protected]
North EastAddressTelEmail
Fernvale Lane60 Sengkang West Avenue
Singapore 797383
-[email protected]

One Punggol1 Punggol Drive, #03-03 S(828629)+65 6978 8533[email protected]
Sengkang Riverside Park3 Anchorvale Crescent, S(544618)+65 6817 3430[email protected]
Hougang Buangkok SquareBlk 992B #01-181
Buangkok Link S(532992)
+65 6950 0305[email protected]
Punggol Waterway BanksBlk 673A #01-593
Edgefield Plains S(821673)
+65 6702 5608[email protected]
Punggol Waterway CascadiaBlk 314A #02-601
Punggol Way S(821314)
+65 6817 3890[email protected]
Punggol NorthshoreBlk 409C Northshore Drive #02-258 S(822409)--
Sengkang Anchorvale CrescentBlk 336B Anchorvale Crescent #01-38 S(542336)--
Senja Parc ViewBlk 636C #01-335
Senja Road S(673636)
+65 6465 6117[email protected]
Bedok Ping Yi GreensBlk 807C #01-56
Chai Chee Road S(463807)
+65 6243 6564[email protected]
Tampines GreenForestBlk 878C #02-65
Tampines Avenue 8 S(523878)
+65 6817 3895[email protected]
Tampines GreenLeafBlk 524A #01-51
Tampines Central 7 S(521524)
+65 6853 6469
[email protected]
Tampines GreenRidgesBlk 606B #01-404
Tampines St 61 S(522606)
+65 6931 2961[email protected]

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Infant Care in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide To School Fees, Locations, Subsidies

Choosing the right education helps in the child’s cognitive development, and the targeted programmes would help optimise your child’s growth.

If you have any queries on education, drop by our friendly SeedlyCommunity to seek some answers!

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