Cheapest movie tickets in Singapore

Which Cinema Has The Cheapest Movie Tickets in Singapore? (Updated 2019)

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Here at Seedly, we decided to create the ultimate movie ticket price guide for all our fellow Singaporeans!

Online streaming portals like Netflix, Amazon video and even borrowing movies from physical shops are a perfect excuse for us to not leave the comfort of our own home to visit cinemas.

However, nothing beats enjoying a movie on the big screen in comfy seats and not having worry about cleaning up after ourselves. Many Singaporeans know this, which is why Singaporeans visit the cinema an average of 4.2 times a year!

Which cinema has the cheapest movie ticket prices in Singapore?

Cheapest movie tickets in Singapore

With so many cinemas to choose from, ever wondered which cinema is the cheapest in Singapore?

We compared the ticket price for GV, Shaw, Cathay, Eagle Wings, Filmgarde, WE and the projector to find out which is the most affordable.

Types of movie ticketWhich Cinema is the cheapest in Singapore?Cheappest Price
2D Movies
(Mon - Thurs)
Shaw, WE Cinema, Filmgarde$8.50
2D Movies
(Fri, weekend & PH)
Shaw, Eagle Wings, WE Cinema$12.50
3D Movies
(Mon - Thurs)
GV, Filmgarde, WE Cinema$11
3D Movies
(Fri, Weekend & PH)
GV, WE Cinema$14
Senior CitizenShaw Theatres$4
StudentsCathay, WE Cinema$8

Take note that weekdays represent Monday to Thursday and weekends represent Friday to Sundays, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays

The Ultimate Price Comparison: GV vs Shaw vs Cathay vs WE vs Filmgarde vs Eagle Wings vs WE Cinema vs The Projector

With the introduction to Eagle Wings and The Projector into the market, movie-goers now have more options to choose from, on top of their usual choice of Golden Village or Shaw.

Movie Ticket Pricing on Weekday (2D Films)

CinemaCinema typesWeekday
Golden Village (GV)Standard$9.00

(Opening titles/ Sneaks)
Dolby Atmos$10.50

(Opening titles/sneaks)
Dolby Atmos$14
Shaw Standard$8.50

(Opening Titles & Sneaks)
IMAX Digital$17

(opening titles/ sneaks)
FilmgardeStandard$8.50 (Monday to Wednesday)


(Opening titles/sneaks)
The ProjectorStandard$13.50
Eagle WingsStandard$9.50
WE CinemasStandard$8.50

(Opening titles/sneaks)
Dolby Atmos$10.50

(Opening titles/sneaks)

  • There is an additional $1 for the ticket price if the movie is a sneak preview or a first-week title.
  • The cheapest movie ticket on a weekday will be at $8.50, at cinemas such as Shaw, WE cinema and Filmgarde (Monday to Wednesday).

Movie Ticket Pricing on Friday, Weekend and Public Holiday (2D Films)

CinemaCinema typesWeekend
Golden VillageStandard$13.50
Dolby Atmos$15
Dolby Atmos$14
Shaw Standard$12.50
IMAX Digital$20
The ProjectorStandard$13.50
Eagle WingsStandard$12.50
WE CinemaStandard$12.50

  • The cheapest cinemas to catch a movie on a weekend is Shaw, Eagle Wings and WE Cinema, at $12.50.

Movie Ticket Pricing for 3D Films on Weekday

CinemaCinema typesWeekday
Golden Village (GV)3D Standard$11
3D Dolby Atmos$13
Cathay3D Standard$16
3D Ultima/Elite$18
Shaw 3D Standard$12

(Opening Titles & Sneaks)
3D IMAX$20

(Opening titles/ sneaks)
Filmgarde3D Standard$11
WE Cinema3D Standard$11

  • For 3D movies, GV, Filmgarde and WE Cinema are the cheapest, at $11 on weekdays.

Movie Ticket Pricing for 3D Films on Friday, Weekend and Public Holiday

CinemaCinema typesWeekend
Golden Village3D Standard$14
3D Dolby Atmos$16
Cathay3D Standard$16
3D Ultima/Elite$18
Shaw 3D Standard$15
3D IMAX$23
Filmgarde3D Standard$14.50
WE Cinema3D Standard$14

  • When it comes to Fridays, weekends and public holidays, Golden Village (GV) and WE Cinema has the cheapest movie ticket at $14.

Senior Citizen Movie Ticket Pricing

CInemaSenior Citizen 2D Movie Ticket PriceTerms and Condition
Golden Village$5Monday to Friday, before 6pm
WE Cinema$4.50
Eagle Wings$5.50Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
The Projector$11.50-

  • Special movie ticket pricing for senior citizens is applicable on weekdays.
  • Shaw Theatres is the cheapest for a senior citizen at $4 per movie ticket.

Students Movie Ticket Pricing

Cinema2D Movies3D MoviesTerms and condition
Golden Village$7$9Monday to Friday, before 6pm
Eagle Wings$6.50-Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
WE Cinema$7$8Monday to Wednesday, all day.
Thursday and Friday before 6pm.
The Projector$11.50--

  • Eagle Wings and Shaw Theatres are the cheapest when it comes to 2D movie tickets for students. The student’s movie ticket pricing is at $6.50.
  • Should a student wish to watch a 3D movie instead, Cathay and WE Cinema are the cheapest at $8 per movie ticket.

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Credit Card Promotions

CinemaCredit CardPromotion
Golden VillageHSBC's Movie Card10 X Weekday Tickets at $70

10 X Any day tickets at $95
DBS/POSB Card$1 off
AIA Vitality $6 off
(redeem 2 movie codes every month)
$8.50 Movie Tickets (Monday to Thursday)

(Friday to Sunday)

Food and beverage combo at $10.90
ShawOCBC Card$1 off 2D movie tickets

$28 2D movie package incl. of 2 movie tickets, 2 32oz drinks and 1 85oz popcorn

$37 3D movie package incl. of 2 movie tickets, 3D glasses, 22 32oz drinks and 1 85oz popcorn
Maybank Platinum Visa$3 off movie tickets
UnionPay Card1-for-1 2D ticket

SAFRA and PAssion Card Promos

$11.50 (u.p $14) weekday movie package incl. of weekday and $5 f&b voucher

$14.50 (u.p $18) weekend movie package incl. of weekend ticket and $5 f&b voucher
ShawSAFRA2D movies

Mon - Thu (non-opening titles)
$7.50 (U.P. $8.50)

Mon - Thu (opening titles)
$9 (U.P. $9.50)

Fri - Sun, eve of PH, PH, all opening titles
$10.50 (U.P. $12.50)

Enjoy $1 off any Popcorn Combo Set
ShawPAssion SilverMon - Fri, movies before 6pm:
Regular 2D tickets @ $4 (U.P. $8.50 - $12.50)
IMAX Digital tickets @ $12 - $15 (U.P. $17 - $20)
IMAX 3D tickets @ $14 - $17 (U.P. $19 - $22)
NTUC Members$9 per movie voucher

Price Of Luxury Movie Tickets

Golden Village, Gold Class$29$39
Cathay Platinum$28$38
Eagle Wings$22 - $26$30 - $34
WE Cinema$23$28


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