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Long Weekends In 2020: Disappear From Work For 40 Days

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It’s only April 2019, but if this has been you recently:

Do I Really Need This Job
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Then boy have we got some good news for you…

In case you haven’t heard, the Ministry of Manpower just released the latest Singapore public holiday list for 2020. And it looks like there’ll be 7 loooooong weekends if you plan your leave right.

We also took a closer look at the calendar and discovered that you only need to take 11 days of leave in order to enjoy a grand total of… 40 DAYS OFF WORK!

Curious? Read on to find out how.

TL;DR: Singapore Public Holidays 2020

Public HolidayDateDay
New Year’s Day1 Jan 2020Wednesday
Chinese New Year25 Jan 2020Saturday
26 Jan 2020Sunday
Good Friday10 Apr 2020Friday
Labour Day1 May 2020Friday
Vesak Day7 May 2020Thursday
Hari Raya Puasa24 May 2020Sunday
Hari Raya Haji31 Jul 2020Friday
National Day9 Aug 2020Sunday
Deepavali14 Nov 2020Saturday
Christmas Day25 Dec 2020Friday

Long Weekends In 2020

How do you take 11 days of leave to get 40 days off work you ask?

We got you, fam.


Singapore Public Holidays 2020

1) January 2020 (3 days of leave)

  • 1 Jan (Wed): New Year’s Day ?
  • 2 Jan (Thu): Leave
  • 3 Jan (Fri): Leave
  • 4 – 5 Jan (Sat – Sun): Weekend
  • 24 Jan (Fri): Leave
  • 25 – 26 Jan (Sat – Sun): Chinese New Year/ Weekend ?
  • 27 Jan (Mon): Chinese New Year Off

2) April 2020 (1 day of leave)

  • 9 Apr (Thu): Leave
  • 10 Apr (Fri): Good Friday ✝
  • 11 – 12 Apr (Sat – Sun): Weekend

3) May 2020 (3 days of leave)

  • 1 May (Fri): Labour Day ?
  • 2 – 3 May (Sat – Sun): Weekend
  • 4 May (Mon): Leave
  • 7 May (Thu): Vesak Day
  • 8 May (Fri): Leave
  • 9 – 10 May (Sat – Sun): Weekend

If you want a 10 day holiday for only 4 days of leave, take 5 to 6 May (Tue to Wed) and this could be you:

How About Never
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  • 22 May (Fri): Leave
  • 23 May (Sat): Weekend
  • 24 May (Sun): Hari Raya Puasa
  • 25 May (Mon): Hari Raya Puasa Off

4) July 2020 (1 day of leave)

  • 31 Jul (Fri): Hari Raya Haji
  • 1 – 2 Aug (Sat – Sun): Weekend
  • 3 Aug (Mon): Leave

5) August 2020 (1 day of leave)

  • 7 Aug (Fri): Leave
  • 8 Aug (Sat): Weekend
  • 9 Aug (Sun): National Day ??
  • 10 Aug (Mon): National Day Off

6) December 2020 (2 days of leave)

  • 24 Dec (Thu): Leave
  • 25 Dec (Fri): Christmas Day ?
  • 26 – 27 Dec (Sat – Sun): Weekend
  • 31 Dec (Thu): Leave
  • 1 Jan 2021 (Fri): New Year’s Day ?
  • 2 – 3 Jan 2021 (Sat – Sun): Weekend

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering where’s Deepavali.


Deepavali falls on a Saturday in October so there’s no long weekend there.

But hey, you have no excuse not to partake in the festivities surrounding the Festival of Lights since it’s on a Saturday! Plus, have you seen the yearly Little India Deepavali Light Up?

Little India Deepavali Light Up 2018
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A Heads-Up If Your Company’s HR Is Damn Cui

Did you know that under the amended Employment Act, which came into effect on 1 April 2019, ALL managers and executives regardless of salary level will be entitled to:

  • A minimum of seven to 14 days of paid annual leave
  • 11 paid public holidays
  • 14 days of paid sick leave
  • maternity protection
  • childcare leave
  • protection against wrongful dismissal, and etc.

When previously, only managers and executives earning up to $4,500 a month were entitled to this?!

Lemongrab This Is Unacceptable
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This means that if you work on a public holiday, you are ENTITLED to an extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay.

Alternatively, your employer and you can agree to substitute a public holiday for another working day.

This new rule applies to:

  • Workmen (such as cleaners, construction workers, and machine operators) earning more than $4,500 a month
  • Non-workmen earning more than $2,600 a month
  • All managers and executives regardless of salary range

I toldja.

We got you, fam.

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