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Holding your wedding at a coffee shop in Singapore

Hold Your Wedding At A Coffee Shop And Save $26,000

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The Average Singaporean Wedding Will Cost You $27,610

Looking to get married soon? An average Singaporean wedding will cost you $27,610.

If you are lucky enough, 60% of your banquet cost will be covered by the red packets collected on the wedding day.

Most Singaporeans have an expectation of how a wedding needs to look. Over the years, we become so accustomed to the standard bridal package, expensive banquet, wedding photography, gate-crashing and tea ceremony.

Every wedding now runs through the same formula with no questions asked. Until now…

Source: justdelegate.co

Break the traditional mindset and have your wedding at a “kopitiam” instead! Be a true blue Singaporean and save some money!

P.S. This is provided that your partner and parents of both parties agree to it.

TL;DR: Save $26,200 When You Hold Your Wedding At A Coffee Shop

Wedding CostHow Much Can You Save?
Transport Cost$528 - $788
Wedding Dinner$21,500
Wedding Photography$300
Bridal Package$3,872
Total$26,200 - $26,460

The above cost excludes any possible returns from the Ang Baos which you may receive.

Wedding Costs Comparison: The Usual Hotel Banquet Vs At A Coffee Shop 

By breaking the tradition of a usual wedding banquet and having it at a coffee shop, here are some immediate cost you can save on.

Transport Cost: Saves $528 – $788

Most weddings include renting a dream wedding car. The bridal car is a mean of transport to ferry the bride and the groom around on the wedding day.

Most of us will look to rent our dream ride for our big day, but given that the cost of having a car is steep in Singapore, it comes at a hefty cost.

Source: carclub.com.sg

Here’s the cost of renting a wedding car on a weekend:

Car TypeRental Cost
Beetle Cabriolet$788carclub.com.sg
Audi A4$528
(for 10 hours)
Mercedes E200 AMG Facelife$600
(for 10 hours)
Jaguar XJ$788weddingcars.sg

For rental of the wedding car, we are looking at spending at least $528 to $788 on it.

Should the wedding be held at a coffee shop near the couple’s house, there will be no need for car rental.

Problem solved.

Wedding Dinner: Saves $21,500

The median cost of a wedding banquet is $35,000 for 300 guests.

That works out to be $117 per guest.

To give a better estimation of a coffee shop dinner, we took 3 of the best Seafood Zi Char places that made it to the Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide 2018.

From there we compile the average price per person:

  • New Ubin Seafood: $37 – $45 per person
  • Ka-Soh Seafood Restaurant: $15 – $19 per person
  • Kok Sen Restaurant: $18 per person

Assuming you go for the more costly option at New Ubin Seafood, your wedding dinner will cost you only $13,500.

If you are concerned about the availability of free-flow beer, the Kopi Uncles and Aunties got your back.

source: dbites

With a large bottle of Tiger Beer costing about $7 at the coffee shop, feel free to allow free flow bottled Tiger beer, the cost will still be affordable.

Wedding Photography: Saves $300

Picture and video memories do not come cheap.

Based on our compilation of actual day wedding photography and wedding videography rates, we are looking at a cost of

  • $1,388 or more for a wedding day photographer
  • $1,688 or more for a wedding day videographer

Unlike a full wedding banquet with all the march in, we assume a coffee shop dinner to be a simple and less formal one.

A coffee shop dinner probably requires fewer hours which may free us up for room to negotiate. Even a 10% saving in cost is close to $300 saved.

Bridal Package: Saves $3,872

The median cost of a bridal package is at $4,500. The package usually consists of the rental of the wedding gown, hair-stylist and make-up artist.

With a less formal setting at the coffee shop, the couple can make do with a casual dress code, without the need for complex make-up or hairdo to go with it.

The cost of renting a wedding dress is at $628.

Drop the heavy make-up for the coffee shop wedding. Get the simple make-up done with the help of friends and family, and keep the cost to the minimum.


Intangible Benefits: Priceless 

On top of just monetary benefits, holding your wedding in a less formal setting comes with intangible benefits too.

Unlike the usual hotel wedding banquet, a Coffee shop wedding would mean that your guests get to enjoy themselves by turning up in their most comfortable outfit for the event.

Think comfortable slippers and casual wear.

The guests for your wedding do not have to stress over the rate of the Ang Bao which they will be giving.

The Ang Bao rate will also be at a very affordable range and yet covers most of the cost for your wedding. A $50 Ang Bao can help cover your wedding cost without breaking the bank of your guest.

The guests will get to enjoy free flow beer or extra portion food, with everyone having an enjoyable time.

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