Hold Your Wedding At A Coffee Shop And Save $31K

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The median cost of holding a wedding is S$39,500. This is with the assumption that 60% of the banquet cost is covered by the red packets.

Should all your friends and family members decide to not give you Ang Bao, the cost will increase exponentially to S$62,500

While everyone assumes that a wedding involves a standard procedure of bridal package, expensive banquet and wedding photography, should you break the tradition and have your wedding at a kopitiam instead, here’s how much you can save!

P.S. This is provided that your partner and parents of both parties agree to it.

TL;DR: Save S$31,359.26 When You Hold Your Wedding At A Coffee Shop

Wedding itemHow much you save?
Transport CostS$369.26
Wedding DinnerS$23,900
Wedding PhotographyS$2,590
Bridal PackageS$4,500

The above cost saved is excluding any possible ang bao returns which you may receive.

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By breaking the tradition of a usual wedding banquet and having it at a coffee shop, here are some immediate cost one can save on.

Transport Cost – Saves S$369.26

  • Rental car to chauffeur both the logistics and couple around on wedding day.
  • Wedding car rental can cost up to S$184.63 per day.
  • Should the wedding be held at a coffee shop near the couple’s house, there is no need for transport.


source: Drive.sg

Wedding Dinner – Saves S$23,900

  • The median cost of a wedding banquet cost S$35,000 for 300 guests.
  • That works out to be about S$117 per guest.

To give a better estimation of a coffee shop dinner, we took 3 of the best Zi Char that made it to the Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide 2016.

From there we compile the average price per person:

  • New Ubin Seafood: S$37 per person
  • JB Ah Meng: S$19 per person
  • Kok Sen Restaurant: S$18 per person

Assuming you go for the more costly option at New Ubin Seafood, your wedding dinner will cost you only S$11,100.

source: dbites

*Feel free to allow free flow bottled Tiger beer, the cost will still be affordable.

Wedding Photography – Saves S$2,590

  • The median cost of a wedding photographer is S$3,250.
  • Unlike a full wedding banquet with all the march in, we assume a coffee shop dinner to be a simple and less formal one.
  • Hence, a very basic wedding photography package of S$110 per hour can help address your wedding photography needs. Assuming a 6 hours session, that will be S$660.

Bridal Package – Saves S$4,500

  • The median cost of a bridal package is at S$4,500.
  • The package usually consists of rental of the wedding gown, hair-stylist and make-up artist.
  • A less formal setting at the coffee shop means a casual dress code without the need of complex make-up or hairdo to go with it.

Intangible Benefits – Priceless 

On top of just monetary benefits, holding your wedding in a less formal setting comes with intangible benefits too.

  • Your guests get to enjoy themselves by turning up in their most comfortable outfit for the event. (Slippers, singlet for a coffee shop wedding, highly recommended!)
  • Your guests do not have to stress over the rate of the Ang Bao which they will be giving. Usually, under stress-free environment, guests tend to give more than the actual cost.
  • The wedding couple can be an AWESOME host, and allow their guests to order all the beer and food they wish to have without breaking a sweat.

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