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The Ultimate Comparison: Is Lasik Worth The Money

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According to an article from TODAY, at least five million people in Singapore will have myopia by 2050. This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise as many of us do have vision problems in varying degrees.

As Lasik, otherwise known as Laser Corrective Treatment surgery has become more and more convenient and popular these days, let’s evaluate whether it is truly worth it to pay more for this (possibly) lifetime investment.

TLDR; Comparison between Lasik, Contact Lenses and Spectacles

 Lasik SurgeryContact LensSpectacles
Price (10 Years)$3,600 - $6000$7,000 - $10,000$1,500 - $5000
LifespanForever (if successful)
Procedure done once
Purchase Daily/Weekly/MonthlyDaily
Purchase every 1-2 years

Lasik (Laser Vision Correction Treatment)

Average Price for 10 Years: $3,600 (1-time surgery)

Before you decide to go for a Lasik, otherwise Laser Vision Correction treatment, here are some things you need to know:

There are several types of types of Lasik treatment and these are some of the more popular ones. Prices are calculated according to the average of the 4 most popular Lasik treatment clinics.

  • LASIK:
    • Average Price $3,200
    • Reshaping the cornea to the appropriate curvature needed to achieve clear vision. Corneal tissue is removed since flap is created.
  • Epi-LASIK (Advanced Surface Ablation):
    • Average Price $3,500
    •  No flap involved reduces risks of flap-related complications.
  • LASEK (Advanced Surface Ablation):
    • Average Price $3,500
    • Less corneal tissue is discarded compared to Lasik, an ultra-thin flap remains attached to the eye.
  • ReLEx SMILE:
    • Average Price $5200
    • Newest technique and minimally invasive. Treatment removes a small piece of corneal tissue through a tiny keyhole incision, involves no flap and only one laser.

These prices exclude eye assessments, consultation and review fees which range from $30 to $150 each session, depending on the clinic you visit.

Risks Of Lasik Surgery

When considering Lasik surgeries, commonly asked questions include “Pain or not?”, then “How much?” Even though Lasik technology has significantly advanced over the years, the risk of having this surgery still overtakes that of wearing contact lenses or spectacles.

Here are some possible long-term side effects and risks:

  • Inability to be exposed to UV rays
  • Loss of vision
  • Daily regimen of using eye drops
  • Eyesight can still deteriorate back to the original state

Before you decide to do a Lasik Operation, do make sure that you are suitable for it or there may be serious side effects!

Do note that Medisave cannot be used for cosmetic eye surgeries such as Lasik. However, this is possible if it is done for medical reasons and when spectacles and contact lenses are not effective. You can find more information on the MOH website. 

Contact Lens

Average Price for 10 Years: $8,124

Average Prices from top 3 most popular brands:

  • Daily Disposable: $76/ month
  • Weekly Disposable: $52/ month
  • Monthly Disposable: $41/ month


Wearing contact lenses brings its fair share of problems. Without proper care, you may be subjected to infections that may cause short-term to long-term side-effects such as:

  • Discomfort
  • Excess tearing or other discharge
  • unusual sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision



Average Price for 10 Years: $1,500

*Calculated based on a pair of $300 spectacles bought every 2 years

Spectacles have become a part of fashion over the years. “Nerdy” big and “turtle shell” glasses have had its fair share of fame. But surely all of us who wear spectacles understand the hassle of feeling blind before putting them on after waking up in the morning, or not being able to lie sideways to use your phone without your spectacles jabbing you in the face. When it comes to comfort, spectacles certainly do not win its two contenders.

People are encouraged to get their eyes checked every year and most usually change their spectacles every two years, depending on how fast their eyesight deteriorate or possibly improve.

Spectacles Prices:

  • Lower Tier: Average $200
  • Higher Tier: Average $600

Prices of spectacles are not only charged on whether the spectacle frames are branded or not but also the type of lenses to treat different varying degrees of vision problems such as Myopia, Astigmatism, Farsightedness, Aging eyes and so on. Furthermore, there are different lens materials such as transition lenses, anti-reflective lenses, thinner or thicker plastic lenses and so on.


You do save more doing Lasik. If you do a Lasik treatment at age 21, in 30 years you spend an average of $3,600 from the one-time surgery if there are no side effects and complications.

If you wear spectacles for 30 years, you will spend an average of $4,500 if you change one pair of spectacles every two years.

Contact lenses will cost you the most in 30 years, where you will spend up to $24,372. 


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