I remember being greeted by Auntie with a concerned ” 吃了没有?” (Have you eaten?)  every morning in school, followed by “好好读书!” (Study hard!) said with a kind smile.

“We are expecting a baby! Our combined savings, however, is only $4,000. How do I reduce expenses and increase savings as young parents?”
Here are tips from parents who have “been there done that”!

Wondering what to do with your ang bao money? Here are a few tips and tricks to maximise and really “huat” (make it big) this year.

Seedly CNY Tools: Chinese New Year Games Guide Happy CNY from the Seedly team! It’s that time of the year again, Seedly smells money in the air. In order to save you all the searching, we have put together the instructions on how to play 3 popular card games during Chinese New Year: Blackjack, Poker […]

We give you tips on where to buy Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies. Avoid expensive haircuts and how to save on that expensive outfit.

A comparison between the Entertainer app vs Burpple beyond. A complete guide to all the mobile apps that can help foodie save time, spend smarter.

Stressing over furniture after you got your first home? Don’t worry, our community’s got some shopping hacks for you!

In COE-laden Singapore, is renting or buying a car more worth it?

Helping a family member in need.

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