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Best (And Cheapest) Unlimited Data Mobile Plan In Singapore 2020

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Do you use your phone to only…

  • Scroll mindlessly through Instagram or TikTok
  • Shop on (insert your favourite online store or platform)
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Text friends on WhatsApp or Telegram

and somehow find yourself busting your data usage cap every month?!

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Y’know what?

You probably need to switch to an unlimited data mobile plan.

I mean, it beats having to pay a ridiculous amount for additional data after you bust your data usage cap right? (read: not very personal finance-friendly)

TL;DR: Cheapest Unlimited Data Mobile Plan On The Market

Best Unlimited Data Mobile Plan

Total DataPrice Per MonthFair Usage Policy (Daily)Features
Zero1 6uUnlimited$9.90Managed after 6GB200 min Talktime
200 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Zero1 30uUnlimited$24.90Managed after 30GB450 min Talktime
450 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Grid Mobile 20GB Plan + 80GB Data Add-on100GB$37.90-120 min Talktime
50 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Circles.Life Unlimited 100GB100GB$38.00Rollover of up to 300GB at 4G speeds100 min Talktime
25 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
MyRepublic Unlimited Unlimited$39.004GB per day at 4G speed

Managed thereafter
1,000 minutes talktime
1,000 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Grid Mobile 40GB Plan + 80GB Data Add-on120GB$44.90-200 min Talktime
200 SMS
Free Caller ID
Free TravelRoam 1GB Malaysia
No Contract
M1 Base Plan (30GB) + 150GB Bundle Pack180GB$50.00-11,000 min Talktime
10,000 SMS
No Contract

Note: all of the plans mentioned are SIM-only no-contract plans

IMO, the true unlimited data mobile plans aren’t the best options as the speeds are always managed after a certain cap

If it were up to me, I would go with one of those base plans where I can add on a bundle and push my data up to however much data that I want.

For example, up to 100GB or more.

Which is pretty close to unlimited if you ask me.

And it’s better since the speeds are throttled.

Comparison Of The Best Unlimited Data Plans In Singapore

Here are the best unlimited data mobile plans from the various telcos in Singapore.

FYI: I’ve also included plans which provide more than 100GB mobile data (I know it’s not technically unlimited, but it’s close enough) into consideration for this unlimited mobile data plan comparison.

How To Decide On Which Unlimited Data Plan To Get

Finding the cheapest unlimited data mobile plan is only half of the story.

In order to find the best unlimited data mobile plan, you’re probably going to want to find out more about stuff like customer support, network coverage and connectivity, and whether the speeds are throttled or not.

And the best way to find out about stuff like that is by relying on real-user reviews left by the SeedlyCommunity!

I mean, you could ask your friends what they’re using.

But most people are just gonna complain that their plan is cui.

Or aren’t really sure what to tell you.

So why not check out SeedlyReviews left by community members who want to help others make better financial decisions when it comes to finding an appropriate data mobile plan?

Oh, and if an unlimited data plan is just waaaaaay too much data for you, you could also use our Cheapest SIM Only Data Plans Comparison to find a more ideal plan.

You’ll be able to find the cheapest SIM-only plan for yourself amongst other popular Singapore telcos like Singtel, Starhub, GOMO, giga!, and many more.

Unlimited Data Mobile Plans In Singapore

With the advent of MVNOs like GOMO and giga! who have made data accessible and affordable for the masses.

Not many telcos offer a traditional unlimited data mobile plan.

Because more often than not, you can probably pick up multiple, cheap SIM-only plans to satisfy your data needs.

Here’re the true unlimited data mobile plan options left on the market.


The MyRepublic Unlimited Data Plan gives you, well, unlimited data at $39 per month.

Take note that it’s 4GB per day at 4G speeds, and managed speeds thereafter.

As a side note: the plan also gives you 1,000 minutes talktime and 1,000 SMS.

This deal is probably one of the cheapest unlimited data plans offered so far.

But as we all know, the mobile data plan scene is highly competitive so look out for promos and limited time deals.


At first glance, Zero1’s 6u unlimited data is a pretty good deal: $9.90 per month for unlimited data.

However, your 4G data is capped at 6GB and will be rendered at “usable speeds” thereafter (read: managed).

After that, the unlimited data you get is pretty much only good for watching YouTube videos in 144p.

For reference:

Source: mintjade9 | Reddit

If you wish to stick with Zero1, a more realistic plan to get would be the Zero1 30u ($24.90 per month) which comes is capped at 30GB cap for 4G data.

And you’ll get managed speeds thereafter.

Mobile Plans with More Than 100GB Data In Singapore

The following are data mobile plans that are not unlimited.

BUT have at least 100GB per month for your heavy data consumption.

So it’s kinda like unlimited data…

Circles Life

The Circle Life’s Unlimited Plan gives you 100GB at 4G speed with free data rollover of up to 300GB at an affordable $38 per month.

You also get 100 minutes talktime, 25 free SMS, free caller ID, and there’s no contract.

Your rollover data never expires as long as you don’t cancel your subscription.

That’s all there is to it: an abundance of data with no plans and no-frills.

Grid Mobile

Grid Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) by Singtel and ST Telemedia.

While it doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, it has add-ons that you can add to your data allowance.

Which can total up to more than 100GB per month.

Here’s an example of what you can do with your Grid Mobile Base Plans in order to get more than 100GB in mobile data:

  • 20GB Base Plan ($17.90) + 80GB Data add on ($20)
  • 40GB Base Plan ($24.90) + 80GB Data add on ($20)



Yes, I’m aware that selected M1 plans offer free-flow weekend data.

But that’s only for the weekend, so that’s not really true unlimited data.

So what you want to get is M1’s Base Plan (30GB for $25/month) + 150GB Bundle Pack in order to get a total of 180GB per month.

As M1 is currently running a promotion that offers 50% off all bundle packs, this entire 180GB comes in at $50 per month (U.P. $75).

You’ll also get

  • Free incoming calls
  • Unlimited streaming of music on Spotify
  • Free Caller ID for 3 months
  • 11,000 mins talktime
  • 10,000 SMS

If you’re running a business or are a sales professional who makes hundreds of calls a day.

The lengthy talktime and SMS-es should come in handy.

And that’s on top of the almost unlimited data that you’re already getting.

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