Best Unlimited Data Plan Singapore 2019

Best (And Cheapest) Unlimited Data Mobile Plan In Singapore 2019

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This one’s dedicated to my wife who somehow manages to use more than 20GB of data every month to:

  • Look at Instagram accounts about plants
  • Shop on Carousell (“Eh, I got this damn good deal on a BNWT IGC dress sia!”)
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • WhatsApp her friends

Yeah… Don’t ask me how she puts up those numbers doing stuff like that. It’s like she watches feature-length HD movies via her phone on her commutes to work or something.

It ranks up there with mysteries like why do people always fall asleep whenever they occupy the ‘Reserved’ seat on the MRT? And why do hotdog buns come in packages of 4 when hotdogs are sold in packages of 10?

Wife As A Blackhole

If you know someone who consumes data like a black hole, do them a favour and share this with them.

TL;DR: Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan On The Market

PlanMonthly Cost For Unlimited DataFair Usage Policy (Daily)
Circles.Life Base Plan + UNLIMITED Data$38 (with porting in)Managed after 40GB
M1 mySIM3 98$98Managed after 50GB
Singtel Combo 3 + DATA X INFINITY$98.80Managed after 50GB
Starhub $25 SIM Only Plan + 50GB Worry-Free Data$45Managed after 55GB
TPG XL Unlimited Data$0Managed after 2GB
Zero1 1GB To Unlimited Data$9.90Managed after 1GB
Zero Xs Unlimited Data$39.95 (with porting in)Managed after 45GB

Note: ‘with porting in’ means you have to transfer your number over to the telco

The cheapest unlimited data plan: TPG Mobile’s XL Unlimited Data ($0 for the first 12 months), but you need a VoLTE compatible device.

The next cheapest option: Zero1’s 1GB To Unlimited Data ($9.90 per month), but your 4G data is capped at 1GB.

The best value choice: Circles.Life Base Plan + UNLIMITED Data ($38 per month), comes with no contract as well.

Comparison Of The Best Unlimited Data Plans In Singapore

Here are the cheapest unlimited data plans from the various telcos in Singapore.

PlanBase DataMonthly CostUnlimited Data Add-On CostTotal Monthly Cost For Unlimited DataFair Usage Policy (Daily)Features
Circles.Life Base Plan + UNLIMITED Data20GB$18 (with porting in)
Managed after 40GB100 min Talktime
25 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
M1 mySIM3
Unlimited$98-$98Managed after 50GBUnlimited Talktime
Unlimited SMS
No Contract
Singtel Combo 3 + DATA X INFINITY3GB$68.90$29.90$98.80Managed after 50GBUnlimited Talktime
Unlimited SMS
24 Month Contract
Phone Subsidy
Starhub $25 SIM Only Plan + 50GB Worry-Free Data5GB$25$20$45Managed after 55GB100 min Talktime
Free Caller ID
Free Roaming
No Contract
Free 10GB/day on Sat & Sun
TPG XL Unlimited Data Sim OnlyUnlimited$0 (for first 12 months)-$0Managed after 2GB20 Talktime
20 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Zero1 1GB To Unlimited DataUnlimited$9.90-$9.90Managed after 1GB200 min Talktime
200 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract
Zero Xs Unlimited DataUnlimited$39.95 (with porting in)
Managed after 45GB100 min Talktime
50 SMS
Free Caller ID
No Contract

Note: ‘with porting in’ means you have to transfer your number over to the telco

If you would like to read user reviews on which is the best unlimited data plan for you, check out our Seedly Reviews as well!


Circles.Life Logo

The Base Plan ($18 per month) with UNLIMITED Data add-on ($20 per month) is arguably the best value unlimited data plan on the market right now. Data speed is only managed after 40GB, you also get 100 minutes talktime, 25 free SMS, free caller ID (Editor’s note: ahem Singtel ahem), and there’s no contract.

And just in case you’re wondering, the UNLIMITED Data add-on is not applicable to their $0 Flexi Plan. Although that would be pretty sick.



M1 Logo

Yes, I’m aware that mySIM3 20, mySIM3 40, and mySIM3 50 all offer free-flow weekend data. But that’s only for the weekend, so that’s not really true unlimited data.

With that said, the mySIM3 98 ($98 per month) is probably for people who need 10,000 outgoing local call minutes or more than 10,000 local SMS and MMS per billing cycle. And that’s on top of the unlimited data that you’re already getting.


Singtel LogoSingtel’s Combo 3 ($68.90 per month) with DATA X INFINITY add-on ($29.90 per month) is the most expensive option in the list.

It comes with a 24-month contract and phone subsidy of course. Oh, did you know that opting for a SIM-only option and buying your own iPhone could potentially save you thousands of dollars?

And I guess it’s always nice that they have physical customer service centres all over the island so you can actually choke speak to a customer service representative when they mess up.


Starhub Logo

Starhub’s $25 SIM Only Plan with 50GB Worry-Free Data add-on ($20 per month) is another viable option for those who prefer to get their mobile plan from the more established telcos.

MyRepublic (No Unlimited Data Plan)

MyRepublic Logo

MyRepublic does not have an unlimited data plan for now.

But they do have a Boundless Option for their mobile plans, meaning that once your data limit is exceeded you’ll still be able to use data with no charges. However, the speed will be limited to between 300kbps to 1.2Mbps.

TPG Mobile

TPG Logo

The newest kid on the block’s unlimited data sim-only mobile plan is currently on a trial offer for a very reasonable price of $0 for the first 12 months. Customers will be notified of any standard monthly charge (prices are not confirmed yet) at least two months before the end of the year-long trial period.

Making and receiving mobile voice calls require a Voice over LTE (VoLTE) device compatible with the TPG network. If you do not use a compatible VoLTE device (read: Apple fans), well… Congratulations. You now have a very expensive paper weight.

Here’s a list of VoLTE devices compatible with TPG’s network:

  • Huawei Nova 3i
  • Huawei Mate20
  • Huawei Mate20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate20 X
  • Honor 10 Lite
  • Honor 8X
  • Samsung: S9 / S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Samsung Galaxy A30
  • Samsung Galaxy A50


Zero1 Logo

At first glance, Zero1’s 1GB To Unlimited Data is a pretty good deal: $9.90 per month for unlimited data. But in reality, your 4G data is capped at 1GB. The unlimited data you get after is pretty much only good for watching YouTube videos in 144p. For reference:

Pikachu Quality Upgrade
Source: mintjade9 | Reddit

If you wish to stick with Zero1, a more realistic plan to get would be the Zero1 3GB To Unlimited Data ($29.99 per month) which comes with a 15GB cap for 4G data. Or the Zero1 9GB To Unlimited Data ($39.90) which comes with a 27GB cap instead.


Zero Mobile Logo

After Circles.Life, Zero probably offers the next best-value, unlimited data plan through the Zero Xs Unlimited Date ($39.95 per month) which comes with a 45GB cap for 4G data. If you want to get unlimited talktime and SMS, it’ll cost you $10 more for the Zero X Unlimited Everything.

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