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Trust Bank, GXS Bank & MariBank: Should You Open a Digital Bank Account?

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Digital banks have sprung up in Singapore with the likes of GXS and Trust Bank, which offer no minimum balance and attractive interest rates that accrue daily.

Talk about compound interest!

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But what exactly are digital banks? Should you open an account with one?

Read on to find out!

TL;DR: Best Digital Bank Accounts (2023)

AccountGXS Savings AccountTrust Bank Savings AccountMari Savings Account
Base interest rate (p.a., accrued daily)2.38% (for deposits up to $75k)1.50% (for deposits up to $125k)

0.05% (for deposits above $125k)
2.88% (till 31 Dec 2023 for deposits up to $75,000)
Bonus interest (p.a., accrued daily)Get up to 2.68% for saving money in GXS Saving Pockets (up to 8)Additional 0.5% (with 5 eligible purchases on the Trust Link card on deposits up to $125k)

Additional 1% (with 5 eligible purchases on the NTUC Link card on deposits up to $125k)

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Disclaimer: The information provided by Seedly serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be personalised financial advice. Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before committing to any financial product.

What is a Digital Bank? Digital Banks vs Traditional Banks

You might be wondering…

What exactly is a digital bank? Don’t traditional banks like DBS already offer digital banking?

Simply put, digital banks offer the same kind of banking services as traditional banks, except that they operate entirely online. This means there are no physical bank branches, and all your regular bank services will only be available through your smartphone or smart device.

Some services such as GIRO and cashing in cheques are unavailable.

On the bright side, there are perks that come with digital banks such as the absence of pesky fees (fall-below fees or monthly fees). Moreover, they often offer attractive interest rates with little to no conditions (minimum salary crediting for example).

Retail Vs. Wholesale Vs. Full Digital Bank Licenses

Now, when we talk about digital banks, there are two classifications – digital full banks and digital wholesale banks.

For the uninitiated, digital full banks are able to take deposits from retail customers, while digital wholesale banks will generally cater to SMEs and other non-retail segments.

In December 2020, the MAS issued two players a digital full bank license to the GXS Bank (by Grab & Singtel) and the MariBank (by Sea Group).

Singapore’s other digital banks – Anext Bank and Green Link Digital Bank – are wholesale banks that can serve micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-retail clients.

On the other hand, there is also Trust Bank, which is another digital bank and operates online only.

However, it possesses a full banking license which allows it to operate similarly to conventional financial institutions. It is supported by two prominent entities, Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group.

Are Digital Banks Safe?

Digital banks also have the same deposit protection as traditional banks as they are part of the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (SDIC) Deposit Insurance (DI) Scheme.

All full banks and finance companies in Singapore are members of the DI Scheme, except those exempted by the MAS.

Under the DI Scheme, if any member bank or finance company fails, all of your insured deposits with that member are aggregated and insured up to $75,000 by the SDIC.

As your insured deposits are covered under the DI Scheme, SDIC will pay you the insured amounts in the event that a digital bank fails.

The digital banks listed in this article have met all relevant prudential requirements and licensing preconditions before MAS grants them their respective banking licences.

The applications were assessed based on the following:

  • The value proposition of the business model, incorporating innovative use of technology to serve customer needs and reach under-served segments;
  • Capacity to run a responsible and long-lasting digital banking business;
  • Reviews of the business plans and assumptions underpinning their financial projections arising from the impact of COVID-19;
  • Expected to establish that they will be profitable based on a five-year financial projection, according to criteria from MAS;
  • Growth prospects and other contributions to Singapore’s financial centre.

In other words, your deposits are safe with digital banks as they are meant to be long-term businesses.

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Trust Bank

First, let’s talk about Trust Bank, a digital bank backed by Standard Chartered and FairPrice Group.

On top of a savings account, Trust Bank has also launched two other financial products, a family personal accident insurance and a new NTUC Linkpoints card that is set to replace the old OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card.

Everything related to Trust Bank is managed in the “Trust App”, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Trust Bank Savings Account Interest Rates

 Trust Bank Savings Account
Base interest rate (p.a., accrued daily)1.50% (for deposits up to $125k)

0.05% (for deposits above $125k)
Card SpendAdditional 0.5% to 1.0% (with 5 eligible purchases on the Trust card as a non-NTUC Union Member on deposits up to $125k)

Additional 1% (with 5 eligible purchases on the Trust card as an NTUC Union Member on deposits up to $125k)

The interest in your Trust Savings Account is accrued daily and credited at the end of the month.

Trust Bank Savings Account Key Information

Eligibility: Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or foreigner; and 18 years old and above

Minimum initial deposit: None

Minimum monthly balance: None

Maximum deposit amount: N.A.

Ability to use FAST and Paynow: Yes

Ability to withdraw cash: Yes, at one ATM located in Fairprice at Vivocity or any of the 19 Standard Chartered ATMs.

Trust Bank Cards

Trust Bank offers two cards: the Trust Link card (for everyone) and the NTUC Link card (exclusively for NTUC Union members).

The cards are VISA Signature cards that offer dual functionality as credit and debit cards. They come with no annual fees or foreign transaction fees.

Aside from that, the main selling point of these cards is that they are used to earn NTUC Linkpoints, which grants you up to 21% savings so long as you hit the required minimum spending.

For the uninitiated, these cards are essentially the replacement for the OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card which is slated to be phased out from 1 Feb 2023.

Trust Bank Family Personal Accident Insurance

For Trust Bank account holders, you may opt-in for the Trust Bank Family Personal Accident Insurance at just $0.50 per month with a complimentary first 2 months of coverage.

You can apply for this policy within the app and get up to $8,000 coverage for Death and Permanent Total Disability due to accidents.

Trust Bank Sign-Up Promo

From now till 30 Sep 2023:

  • Get free rice and a $25 FairPrice Group e-voucher when you sign up
  • Earn a chance to win a Tesla Model Y upon signing up and up to 10x chances for every friend you refer till 30 Nov 2023
  • Earn $20 in referral rewards till 30 Sep 2023

GXS Bank

Founded by Grab and Singtel, GXS Bank is one of the first two digital banks to be serving retail customers.

While you can download the GXS digital bank app now, you won’t be able to use it just yet as the service is currently by invite only.

The Bank’s services will be rolled out progressively to consumers starting with selected employees and underbanked customers within the GXS, Grab and Singtel ecosystems.

As of the time of writing, GXS Banks offers a savings account as its sole product. However, they offer some pretty attractive interest rates with benefits when you spend on Grab and Singtel Dash.

GXS Savings Account Interest Rates

GXS Savings Account has a simple 2.38 per cent p.a. base interest rate accrued daily on deposits up to $75,000.

But if you transfer your money into the GXS Saving Pockets, this interest is increased to 2.68 per cent p.a.

GXS Savings Account Key Information

Eligibility: Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident; and 16 years old and above

Minimum initial deposit: None

Maximum deposit amount: $75,000

GXS Saving Pockets

Aside from the main savings account, you can set your money aside in eight pockets to help you get into the habit of saving.

These pockets are great as you can personalise them to help you visualise your goals better, all while earning 2.68 per cent p.a. on each pocket. If you’re concerned about being locked in, don’t worry as you can instantly transfer money out from one pocket to your main account, which you can then transfer out.

Pro tip: Keep all your money in pockets for the extra interest and transfer it to your main account when you need to spend. A slight hassle for an extra 0.3 per cent p.a.

Open GXS Savings Account

Due to the popularity of GXS when it first opened, all GXS Savings Account slots are now full. For early access to new slots, register via the GXS app!


Newly launched by Sea Group, Maribank is the latest digital bank to hit our shores. Like GXS with the Grab ecosystem, Maribank will greatly benefit those within the Shopee ecosystem.

Maribank Savings Account Interest Rates

MariBank has just increased the Mari Savings Account interest rate from 2.5 per cent p.a. to 2.88 per cent p.a. (till 31 Dec 2023)

This makes them the top among Singapore’s digital banks for interest rates!

The interest is accrued daily and calculated based on the previous day’s balance.

Maribank Savings Account Key Information

Eligibility: Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident; and 18 years old and above

Minimum initial deposit: None

Maximum deposit amount: $75,000

Ability to use FAST and Paynow: Yes

Mari Savings Account users may also opt to top up your ShopeePay balance.

Maribank Public Launch Promo

Maribank has finally opened to the public and there is also a public launch promo where you can get a $100 Shopee Voucher Pack!

Here are the steps:

  • Open a Mari Savings Account and link your account with Shopee
  • Deposit a minimum of $1,000 during the promotion period (till 31 Oct 2023) and hold for at least one day
  • Get a $100 Shopee Voucher Pack ($10 off $20, $5 off $50, $10 off $100, $25 off $250, $50 off $500)

You can register for a MariBank account using a valid Singapore mobile number and open a savings account using Singpass Myinfo.

Should You Consider Opening an Account with a Digital Bank?

If you own a savings account with a traditional bank

The first thing most of us would look at is the interest rates offered. Digital banks currently offer 2.5 to 2.88 per cent p.a. with Maribank being the highest. For comparison, here are the realistic interest rates that banks are offering based on our criteria:

Realistic interest rates are based on a minimum account balance of $10,000, $2,000 in salary credited into the savings account, a minimum of $500 card spent a month and paying at least three bills.

All digital banks offer pretty competitive interest rates compared to the realistic interest rates that Seedly has set out.

Personally, I believe that digital banks are great secondary savings accounts that you can take advantage of.

Why secondary?

Firstly, digital banks are completely online, which is a double-edged sword.

While you can enjoy lower or no fees for using their services, it also means that they are more susceptible to technological issues or cyber-attacks.

There are also other pros and cons that you need to take note of:

Interest accrued daily (i.e. interest compounds faster than traditional banks that credits interest monthly)No physical bank branches.
Little to no fees compared to traditional banksLimited number of ATMs and CDMs.
No minimum monthly balance!Services are maintained online and hence more susceptible to technological issues.
24/7 helplines and support services
More efficient and flexible than traditional banks due to use of technology

After all, it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs into one basket.

If you do not own a savings account with a traditional bank

For those of us who are unbanked or are unable to qualify for traditional savings accounts, digital banks are a life-saver as you can now enjoy the perks of banking to grow your savings, maximise your spending with credit cards (responsibly) and take advantage of other financial products available!

If you are an NTUC Union member or shop at Fairprice frequently

For NTUC Union members who have been using the OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card, applying for the NTUC Link Card is a no-brainer if you want to continue earning Linkpoints and saving when you shop at FairPrice Group (aka NTUC grocery stores and Cheers).

For non-union members who shop at Fairprice, applying for the Trust Link Card is a great option to help you save too.

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