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Best Apps For Foodies in Singapore from Burpple to Tasty

Best Mobile Apps That Every Singaporean Foodie Should Have

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Given the limited avenue of entertainment in Singapore, most of us end up finding joy in the food we indulge in.

Like most Singaporeans, the Seedly team loves food too!

But unlike many Singaporeans, our tiny paycheque requires us to be more financially savvy when it comes to our frequent food hunts.

We believe that to be a true foodie, you need to be armed with the latest mobile app to help you dominate your next dining experience!

TL;DR: Food Apps Which Every Singaporean Foodie Needs


Mobile Apps Every Singaporean Foodie Should Have

For Cashback
1.ShopBack GO by ShopBack
For Good Deals And Table Reservations
1.The Entertainer App
2. burpple
(previously Groupon)
For Food Delivery
3. GrabFood
For Easy To Follow Recipes

Disclaimer: While we are affiliated with ShopBack… we select and review products and services independently in line with our Seedly Code of Ethics.

Best for 1-for-1 deals

All that the consumer needs to do is really easy:

  • Foodies need to pay a yearly or monthly subscription
  • Download the app
  • Head over to any of the partners & redeem your 1-for-1
  • Each app has a maximum number of 1-for-1 redemption for each restaurant, cafe and bar.

1. The Entertainer

With the Entertainer App, find thousands of 1-for-1 foodie deals!

Case in point: Fat Cow

With Entertainer, you’d be saving 50% of a Main Course when dining with your partner – that’s an approximate savings of $95!!

Finished up your vouchers? No problem! Simply use your Smiles points to redeem more or use Pings (with friends) to swap for your desired offers!


Note that offers CANNOT be used with any other discounted offers, promotions or on special menu items.

Generally, the rules for Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deals are pretty simple to grasp. Simply note that only 1 offer can be used by 2 people at a time.

Pro-tip: Save this & you’re good to go!

(Source: The Entertainer App Website)

Click here for more details.

2. Burpple Beyond

Similarly, you can also find 1-for-1 offers on Burpple Beyond!

Search for places easily and quickly decide where to eat and what dishes to order based on the community’s genuine reviews.

Click here for more details.


Note that offers CANNOT be used with any other discounted offers, promotions or on special menu items.

Each member are allowed to redeem 1 deal for every 2 diners and up to 4 members are allowed to redeem 4 deals for a party of 8 or more.

A comparison between The Entertainer vs Burpple Beyond

 Cost & SubscriptionMax no. of redemptions at each venue
the ENTERTAINER$95 / year
(Original $145)
Burpple BeyondAll Day Monthy - $9.90 / mth
All Day Annual - $5.75 / mth
Off Peak - $4 / mth

While Burpple Beyond has a higher maximum redemption at each venue, once your 1-for-1 deals have been used up, there are no other ways to get more.

As a rule of thumb, off peak members are only allowed to redeem deals during off peak hours (pre-defined by restaurants) while annual and monthly members can redeem as and when required.

In a certain sense, the restaurant merchants on Entertainer can be geared more towards the “High SES” range while Burpple Beyond tends to gear towards being somewhere in the middle – an “Intermediate SES” range, if you will.

Suffice to say, both apps are continuously bringing more variety of merchants on board to keep a lookout and don’t stop exploring!

Best for deals & making table reservations at ease

3. Eatigo

Enjoy real-time discounts of up to 50% off food bill for every restaurant every day with Eatigo.

Supported by more than 2,000 venues across the region, it’s available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand.

Most of the offers allow diners to dine at a discount during off-peak hours, at the same time, allowing restaurants to get more customers during those hours.

Plus its totally free to use, no strings attached.

Click here for more details.

4. Chope

Find a restaurant, and book your table directly via the app!

Launched recently, their Chope Loyalty Programme (Chope Perks) gives you even more redemption options at your favourite online & offline retailers! Think Asos or even Singapore Airlines!

Click here for more details.

5. fave 

An app that brings one of the best deals and discounts, from meal deals to spa visits, fitness studios to hotel stays.

Users can browse, buy and after which redeem the deals at the respective place.

Look out for their Deals of the Day for exclusive offers limited to a certain timing only.

Click here for more details.

6. HungryGoWhere

Already known as the go-to place for food discovery and reviews, the app adds an additional advantage that allows reservation through it.

Online reservation support for more than 550 restaurants. Discover different types of restaurants, cuisines, or dishes at ease and post your views or photos of places you’ve visited – all at the click of a button, easy!

Click here for more details.

Best for food deliveries in the comfort of your home

7. deliveroo

Make sure to check out deliveroo plus if you’re a new user! Enjoy a 14 day free trial, coupled with free delivery for every order!

Click here for more details.

8. foodpanda

One of the pioneering food delivery companies in Singapore, sign up now to gain instant access to over 300+ restaurants!

Bonus points – Apply for a Citibank card and get 6 free meals worth $20 each!!

Or if you’re are a Standard Chartered Card holder, simply key in SCFD plus your 6 digit credit card number for free delivery – perfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year period! Offer is valid till 28 Feb 2018.

Click here for more details.

9. GrabFood

New to GrabFood? Where have you been?! Just kidding.

Apply the promo code, FREEMEAL, for a literal free meal (capped at $20) with Grab Food!

Or get 2x $8 off for first time Grabfood orders!!

Click here for more details.

Read more: Comparison between deliveroo, foodpanda, and GrabFood. Which is the best?

Best for home cooking

10. Tasty

With over 2,000 Tasty recipes at your fingertips and Step-By-Step instructions, this innovative search tool allows users to filter recipes based on ingredients, cuisine and even special occasions.

Click here for more details.

11. Tastemade

Famous for its entertaining food and travel shows, awe-inspiring original series, tasty recipes with video instructions, and easy to follow cooking classes, most Singaporeans would have come across Tastemade videos on social media.

Click here for more details.

12. Epicurious

With Epicurious, you’ve got over 35,000 tested recipes to choose from. Coupled with recipe reviews and ratings from home cooks, this is the all-in-one home cooking mobile app that you must have!

Click here for more details.

Best for earning cashback on food

13. FavePay

I’m sure most of you would have seen this at restaurants or food stalls now.

Simply scan QR code and enjoy cashback on your next visit! What better way dine on a dime and make every cent count!

Click here for more details.

14. Shopback & Shopback GO


Source: ShopBack

With Shopback, gain access to the latest coupon codes, deals and offers at over 500 stores.

Receive cashback when you order your meal through deliveroo, foodpanda, eatigo, hungrygowhere and many more!

Here’s a nifty trick, install the ShopBack browser extension and get instantly notified of cashback options!

Don’t miss out on dollar saving deals anymore!

ShopBack GO

After a few months of its beta, Shopback Go has finally officially launched! Besides earning cashback on your online purchases, you can earn cashback whenever you dine out!

The purchasing power of consumers has certainly never been stronger.

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