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Abalone deals CNY 2022

Abalone Price Comparison Guide: Where to Get The Best Abalone Deals This Chinese New Year (2022)

profileRachel Yeo

I’ve got to be honest.

I’m not a big fan of abalone and never really understood why Chinese families usually have it during Chinese New Year (CNY).

So imagine how “enthusiastic” I was when I was tasked by the editor to find the cheapest abalone promotions available for our Seedly members.

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However, I did learn a couple of interesting facts about abalone, which made me appreciate the dish a little more.

It turns out, abalone is consumed not only for its good taste but for its auspicious symbolism as well.

In Mandarin, 鲍鱼 sounds similar to the words for ‘guaranteed’ and ‘abundance’.

So the Chinese believe that if you have abalone, you’re ushering in the new year with great abundance and joy.

During CNY, abalone is usually eaten in Pen Cai: a dish created during the Song Dynasty where locals served their best food in large wooden basins to feed the emperor and his troops who were fleeing from Mongolian invaders.

FINE. So I learnt something.

Enough random trivia.

Abalone can be expensive.

So if you’re looking for the cheapest abalone promotions in Singapore this Chinese New Year in 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

Information is accurate as of 11 Jan 2022. Prices and promotions are subject to terms and conditions and can be changed without prior notice.

TL;DR: Cheapest Abalone Promotions for Chinese New Year (2022)

Cheapest Abalone Promotions and Discounts

To help you get the best abalone deals, I scoured the internet for the best abalone promotions and offers.

You’re welcome.

RetailerAbaloneWeightPrice/PromotionValidity | Terms & Conditions
Cold StorageNew Moon Australia Abalone425g$49.80 $55.80-
New Moon New Zealand Abalone425g$39.80 $45.80
New Moon Royale Braised South African Abalone400g$45.80
2 for $50
On Kee Abalone in Oyster Sauce430g$38.00
2 for $71.00
On Kee Braised South Africa Abalone234g$44.80
2 for $84.60
Flying Wheel Abalone w Black Truffles425g$19.80
2 for $28.80
Flying Wheel Abalone in Teriyaki Sauce425g$19.80
2 for $28.80
GiantFlying Wheel Premium Braised Whole Abalone425g$19.90
2 for $28.80
Fortune Baby Abalone in Brine China425g$30.90
2 for $56.80
Fortune Braised Abalone425g$34.80
2 for $56.80
New Moon Australia Braised Abalone425g$49.80 $55.80
New Moon New Zealand Abalone425g$39.80 $45.80
On Kee Braised Abalone in Oyster Sauce430g$38.00
2 for $71.00
NTUC FairPriceFortune Braised/Mushroom/Mala Baby Abalone180g$5.90 $8.9017 Feb 2022
Fortune Baby Abalone425g$38.80
2 for $56.80
Fortune Braised Abalone425g$38.80
2 for $56.80
Golden Chef Australian Baby Abalone425g$36.80 $49.8013 Jan 2022
Golden Chef Australian Premium Wild Abalone425g$40.80 $55.80
Golden Chef Baby Abalone in Brine425g$25.80 $28.80
Golden Chef New Zealand Superior Wild Abalone425g$38.80 $46.80
Golden Chef South Korean Baby Abalone425g$32.80 $42.80
New Moon Australia Abalone425g$39.80 $55.80
New Moon New Zealand Abalone425g$35.80 $45.8027 Jan 2022
New Moon Royale Braised Abalone400g$45.80
2 for $50
17 Feb 2022
Skylight Australia Prince Abalone425g$50
2 for $59.90
Skylight Australia Superior Abalone425g$55
2 for $79.90
Skylight New Zealand Superior Abalone425g$45
2 for $69.90
Skylight South Africa Cherry Heart Golden Abalone400g$45
2 for $49.90
Sheng SiongHappy Family Australia Wild Abalone425g$37.80
2 for $69.80
Happy Family
China Baby Abalone
2 for $27.80
Happy Family
Korea Baby Abalone
420g$29.80 $36.80
Happy Family
Korea Baby Ginseng Abalone
420g$27.80 $35.80
Happy Family
South Africa Baby Abalone
2 for $44.80
New Moon New Zealand Abalone425g$39.80 $45.80
Jean Fresh
Frozen IQF Abalone
10 pcs$9.99

So… Why Is Abalone so Expensive?

Like I stated earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of abalone.

And am still not even after reading so much about them.

I mean, there definitely are better tasting food at this price point.

If you’re wondering why is abalone so expensive, it’s because it has to be manually harvested by hand.

Source: Giphy

Naturally, this method of fishing means that abalone is usually only available in limited quantities.

On a slightly worrying note, I found out that because abalone is such an in-demand delicacy, it is usually overfished.

The white and black abalone, in particular, are listed as critically endangered under North America’s Endangered Species Act.



Are There ‘Cheaper’ and More Sustainable Alternatives to Abalone?

COVID-19 has kept us away from our loved ones for the past few years, as of this article’s writing, every household is limited to five visitors a day.

And traditions like giving abalone during Chinese New Year help to show your family members that you care for them, especially during such a trying time.

So if you’re buying them as gifts for your parents or elders, you’ll probably want to splurge a little and get them the good stuff.

But if you’re just getting some abalone for personal consumption, here are some other alternatives you can try:

Small Abalones

For a cheaper alternative, get the small abalones from big brands like Skylight, New Moon, and Golden Chef.

These are also perfect if you are lazy, since you don’t need to slice a huge abalone into tiny slices to make sure everyone gets a taste.

Source: Giphy

As an added bonus, everyone gets their own personal abalone, so much easier for sharing!

Frozen Abalones

At prices as low as $9.99 for a 10pcs pack, fresh frozen abalones are also a great cheap alternative to canned abalones.

Source: Sheng Siong Online

I’ve never tried this myself but from what I gather online, fresh abalone usually tastes a bit fishier.

If you’re wondering why it’s cheaper than the canned version, it’s probably because the canned ones are already brined or cooked in a sauce and can be eaten straight out of the can.

For the fresh version, you’ll have to know how to prepare them properly.

Mock Abalone

Source: Song Fish

If you like abalone for its stretchy, rubbery texture, then I’d recommend buying mock abalone.

My uncle usually gets this for CNY and it goes well with a piping hot steamboat.

If you’re wondering where you can get it, mock abalone is usually available in grocery stores or online supermarkets like FairPrice Online or RedMart.

The Seafood Market Place By Song Fish also sells a 300g packet for $4, you can even buy three packets of it for $10.

The taste and texture are similar to the fake abalone dish you can get from Sushi Express!

Best of all, you don’t need to spend as much as you do on the real thing.

Other CNY Promotions in Singapore

Source: Giphy

Whether you’re buying abalone for your relatives or having it for your next reunion meal, it is always great to be able to get this expensive delicacy at a discount!

Buying CNY goodies for your family and friends? Here are some of the best Pineapple Tarts and Bak Kwa you can gift them to show that you care for this Chinese New Year!

Hopefully, all of these purchases during CNY doesn’t burn a big hole in your wallet/bank account.

Here’s to having a happy and wonderful Chinese New Year!


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