The Latest ERP Rates And Hacks To Avoid ERP Fines

The Latest ERP Rates And Hacks To Avoid ERP Fines

Kenneth Fong

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If you’re a driver or someone who takes taxis and uses ride-hailing services regularly, the biggest bane that you face is: Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges.

With charges ranging from as low as $0.50 to as high as $3 for every entry during peak hours.

Kermit Drive Car In Disbelief
Source: tenor

Yep, there’s a reason why we’re the most expensive city in the world since 2014.

The small reprieve we get is that ERP rates and charges are reviewed every quarter.

And we usually see these adjustments during the June and December holiday period.

The December holidays are just around the corner, so that means that ERP rates have been revised!

TL;DR: Changes In ERP Rates For December 2019

For the most recent change to ERP rates, there’s a general reduction of $1 across the following gantries (less where the current rate is $0.50, then the reduction simply brings it to $0):

Expressway / RoadTimeCurrent RatesRates w.e.f. 16 Nov 19
After Jurong Town Hall towards City7am - 7:30am$1$0
6pm - 6:30pm$2$1
6:30pm - 7pm$1$0
After Buona Vista Road towards Tuas6:30pm - 7pm$2$1
Southbound CTE
Before Braddell Road7am - 7:30am$2$1
After Braddell Road7am - 7:30am$2$1
PIE slip road into7am - 7:30am$2$1
Auxiliary Lane to PIE (Changi)/ Serangoon Road7:30am - 8am$2$1
Northbound CTE
After PIE6pm - 6:30pm$2$1
6:30pm - 7pm$3$2
7pm - 7:30pm$3$2
7:30pm - 8pm$2$1
ECP (City) & KPE slip road onto8:30am - 9am$2$1
Eastbound before KPE8am - 8:30am$3$2
8:30am - 9am$1$0
Westbound before exit to Maxwell Road and on slip road to Marina Coastal Drive8am - 8:30am$2$1
8:30am - 9am$2$1
Eastbound before exit to Central Boulevard and at slip road from Marina Boulevard 6:30pm - 7pm$3$2
7pm - 7:30pm$1$0
After Defu Flyover7am - 7:30am$2$1
Adam and Mt Pleasant7:30am - 8am$2$1
5:30pm - 6pm$2$1
6pm - 6:30pm$2$1
6:30pm - 7pm$2$1
7pm - 7:30pm$1$0
Other Roads
Bendemeer Road and Woodsville Tunnel7:30am - 8am$0.50$0
8am - 8:30am$0.50$0
9 - 9:30am$0.50$0
Dunearn Road8:30am - 9am$1$0
Kallang Road8:30am - 9am$0.50$0
9am- 9:30am$0.50$0
Thomson Road7:30am - 8am$1$0
8am - 8:30am$2$1
8:30am - 9am$2$1
9am - 9:30am$0.50$0
Kallang Bahru and Geylang Bahru8am - 8:30am$1$0
Lor 6 Toa Payoh8:30am - 9am$1$0

The revised rates are effective from 16 November 2019 to 2 January 2020.

If you’re wondering why ERP rates are lower during June and December, it’s probably because it’s the Singapore school holiday period.

This means that there are noticeably lesser cars on the roads during peak periods as parents won’t be sending their kids to school. #themoreyouknow

And here are the best hacks to avoid ERP fines:

 EZ-PayMotorPayNets Contactless CashCardNets vCashCard
Subscription Fee$0$1.07 per month$5 one-time fee for the card$0
Top-Up Fee$0$0$0.30 via Nets bank cards
$0.50 via cash, credit or debit cards
- waived for AMEX and UOB till further notice
Can Pay For Carpark Charges?YesNoYesYes
Bank Cards Accepted For PaymentCitibank
ConsAvailable to Citibank and DBS/POSB customers onlyAvailable to DBS/POSB customers onlyNot all carparks accept Contactless CashCards$0.50 top-up fee

What Is ERP?

Who doesn’t know amiright?

But just in case…

The ERP system is basically the government’s way of managing road congestion.

ERP Gantry
Source: Straits Times

Whenever you pass through an ERP gantry during its operational hours, you will incur charges.

The ERP is to encourage drivers to:

  • seek alternative routes to their destination
  • travel outside ERP operation hours, or
  • take public transport

This coupled with how high our Certificate Of Entitlement is, and crazy petrol prices.

It’s basically the government subtly hinting, “Don’t drive lah…”

Where Will I Find ERP Gantries?

You’ll find ERP gantries all over the Orchard cordon as well as the rest of the Central Business District.

That might not sound like a huge area but get this.

There are a total of 93 ERP gantries in operation – as of the time of writing.

Kermit Frustrated
Source: tenor

So What Are The Operating Hours Like For ERP?

ERP operating hours are only from Mondays to Saturdays and largely start as early as 8am in the morning until as late as 8pm in the evening.

The time periods are set in half hour intervals, so there are specific windows in the day where certain gantries do not levy a charge.

There are also no ERP charges on Sundays and all public holidays.

Erm… Yay?

Okay lah, at least still something right?

Oh, you’ll also be pleased to note that the ERP also stops operating at 1 pm onwards on:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Christmas Day
  • Deepavali
  • Eve of New Year’s Day
  • Hari Raya Puasa

How Much Will I Have To Pay If I Pass Through An ERP Gantry?

The amount of ERP charge you pay depends on:

  • Your vehicle type (bigger vehicle types pay more)
  • Your time of entry (peak hours means you pay more)

Can I Choose Not To Pay For ERP?


Just be ready to pay an ERP violation fine.

Kermit Freaking Out
Source: tenor

As long as you pass a gantry and did not pay your ERP charges due to:

  • defective IU
  • expired CashCard
  • improperly inserted CashCard
  • insufficient value in CashCard

You’ll hear a long beep emanating from your car’s IU unit. After that, you’ll receive a notification within a couple of days.

Here’re the ERP violations and accompanying fines at a glance:

ERP ViolationFineDemerit Points
Passing through ERP gantry with
- improperly inserted stored-value card
- insufficient value in stored-value card
ERP charge + $10 admin fee-
Evasion of ERP charges (eg. stopping on the road shoulder to wait for ERP charges to be lifted)$130 to $160 + $10 admin fee4

FYI: You can save $2 off the admin fee by paying for your violation through:

  • AXS stations, AXS e-Station, AXS m-Station
  • iNETS kiosks
  • Electronic banking such as ATM, mobile, and internet banking
  • SAM kiosks

Hacks To Avoid An ERP Fine

The best way to avoid paying an ERP fine is to make sure that you always have a fully topped up, functioning CashCard that is properly inserted into your IU unit.

But a smarter way would be to automate this just in case you ever forget or can’t find a functioning Nets Top-Up machine nearby.

Here are four simple hacks to avoid EVER having to pay an ERP fine.

1) EZ-Pay

EZ-Pay How It Works
Source: EZ-Pay

EZ-Pay is a free-to-use, post-paid, cardless payment service by… you guessed it: EZ-Link.

It allows you to use your bank cards to pay for ERP and carpark (not all, but they’re working on it) charges.

Simply register your vehicle number and NRIC/FIN number, and add the details of your preferred credit or debit card.

Note: Only Citibank and POSB/DBS bank cards are accepted for now.

Even if you forget to insert a card into the IU or have insufficient value, the ERP charge will simply be deducted from your EZ-Pay account!

2) Nets Contactless Cashcard

NETS Contactless CashCard
Source: Nets

You can purchase a Nets Contactless CashCard at:

  • Convenience stores (eg. 7-11 and Cheers) for $10 (inclusive of $5 stored value)
  • NETS Online Sales Portal for $5 (not inclusive of stored value)
  • VICOM for $10 (inclusive of $5 stored value)

Then all you have to do is heads to the NETS website and register for Auto Top-Up.

Whenever your Contactless Cashcard’s balance is insufficient, it will automatically be topped up with your stipulated amount.

This way, you’ll never forget to top-up your cashcard or have to look for a NETS Top-Up machine to do so.

The only problem with this option is that some carparks aren’t equipped to read Contactless Cashcards yet.

So that means you’ll still need to have a chip-based Cashcard, just in case.

4) Nets vCashCard

Nets vCashCard
Source: Nets

Virtual CashCard (vCashCard) is a free-to-use, pre-paid, cashless payment service.

Subscription is free but a $0.50 top-up fee is charged for each fixed, auto top-up of $50.

Note: Only AMEX, POSB/DBS, OCBC, and UOB bank cards are accepted for now. For AMEX and UOB cards, the $0.50 top-up fee is waived till further notice.

All you have to do is register for a vCashCard account and top it up with your registered credit or debit card, or bank account.

Your ERP charges will be directly deducted from the vCashCard account so you won’t have to ever worry about not having sufficient funds!

3) MotorPay

Source: MotorPay

MotorPay is a post-paid, cardless payment service created by LTA and DBS.

Subscription costs $1.07 a month, and it allows you to pay your ERP charges by your DBS/POSB credit or debit card.

Note: This subscription fee is applicable even if you do not use MotorPay for the month.

If your CashCard has insufficient value for an ERP charge, the full amount will be charged to the credit card which you registered with MotorPay.

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