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091122 - Personal Trainer in Singapore Starting From $25 Per Session

Personal Trainer in Singapore Guide: Personalised Training From $25 Per Session!

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Keeping up with fitness is something that many office workers tend to shun away after a long day at work.

There are many ways to get in shape – yoga, spinning, cycling, and hitting the gym.

We know we know, hitting the gym can be intimidating because you’re not sure what to do, so this article is for you!

You can engage a personal trainer to kick off your fitness journey!

TL;DR: Cheapest Personal Trainers & Are Personal Trainers Worth It Singapore?

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Disclaimer: Prices reflected are accurate as of 9 November 2022 and can be subject to change without prior notice.

Job Scope of a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are specialists responsible to educate and supervise the proper use of gym equipment.

They help you to create and implement a customised workout regime that suits your needs.

Depending on your desired outcome, they may also help you plan your diet to achieve your goals.

Personal Trainer Free Trial

If jumping straight into hiring a personal trainer seems too intimidating, you can always book a free trial!

Just note that you might not be able to choose the trainer since it’s free.

These are places where free trials are available:

  • Core Collective
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Raw Active
  • Ubuntu Fitness
  • Urban Active Fitness

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Personal Trainer Rates Singapore

For those who’re looking to hire personal trainers, whether it’s home-based or at a specific gym, the rates are as follows:

My Fitness ComradeOnline:

$50 - $100/session
Dennis Gym3 PT session:
$157 for 3 sessions ($53/session)

Ultimate 40:
$2,500 for 40 sessions ($62.50/session)

Special 50:
$2,950 for 50 sessions ($59/session)

Master Trainer:
$3,888 for 10 sessions ($388/session)
Gold's Gym$70 - $110/session
Gymm BoxxFrom $86/session
Urban Active FitnessBasic:
$950 for 10 sessions ($95/session)

$1,800 for 20 sessions ($90/session)

Buddy Package:
$2,600 for 20 sessions ($130/session)
Ubuntu FitnessIndividual:
$1,000 for 12 sessions ($120/session)

Buddy Package:
$1,000 for 10 sessions ($100/session)
Strings SG2 coaches:
$1,284 for 8 sessions ($160.50/session)

Group personal training:
$2,400 for 12 sessions ($200/session)

$960 for 12 sessions ($80/session)

Dennis Gym

Gym owner, Dennis Tew, was once a Singapore Bodybuilding Federation Coach and has multiple records of training top bodybuilders.

The gym is said to offer certified trainers who are mostly top national athletes and body-building champions.

Well, the rates are certainly not the cheapest if you want to train with Dennis Tew, at $388 per session.

The package rate for 40 sessions would cost you $2,500 ($62.50 per session) over a span of 10 months.

In case you just want to try, you can start by registering for its 3 PT session, which is packaged at $157 ($53 per session).

Contact: Website

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Gold’s Gym

You will be able to get a customised workout programme complemented by a food diet at Gold’s Gym.

The gym also offers services such as sports performance training to value add your strength, endurance, and agility and coaches you on nutrition.

The sessions are priced at $70 to $110 per session, and have a free trial!

Contact: Website

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Gymm Boxx

If you haven’t heard of the other gyms, you would’ve heard of Gymm Boxx.

The gym has a total of eight outlets islandwide and its personal trainer rates are fairly competitive.

Starting from $86 per session, you will be able to make your selection out of 10 trainers choose your trainer.

Contact: Website

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My Fitness Comrade

My Fitness Comrade has the lowest rates on this list, at $50 per in-person session

While it has the lowest rates, the gym matches trainers with you based on availability and you might not be getting the same trainer.

Personally, if I were to go for personal training, I would prefer sticking to one that I’m already used to, understands my fitness goals, and can adjust my workout accordingly.

For those who don’t have a preference and are mindful of costs, My Fitness Comrade might be a good choice for you.

Contact: Website

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Strings SG

StringsSG is not a fitness platform, but it connects you to personal trainers in Singapore based on your requirements like budget, location, fitness goal, and preferred workout time.

The platform offers several fitness packages from individual to group training sessions.

If you’re looking for fitness deals, this is the place to go.

Contact: Website

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Ubuntu Fitness

Under Ubuntu Fitness, there is a team of personal trainers who are well-equipped with drawing out an effective and sustainable training programme.

During your free trial session, the trainers will briefly go through a plan based on the information they’ve gathered from your assessment, and make recommendations.

The trainers also do not charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan.

The sessions are priced at $1,000 for 12 sessions ($120/session).

Contact: Website

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Urban Active Fitness

Urban Active Fitness has a diverse selection of personal trainers who are able to bring fitness to your doorstep.

If you have a condominium gym or you live near a gym, the trainers will be able to accommodate your convenience.

The plus point here is that you save some time from traveling, and some money from transport and gym memberships.

Their rates range from $95 to $130 depending on whether you have a workout buddy, and the number of sessions required.

Contact: Website

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Is Personal Training Worth It?

It really depends on your fitness goals.

If you have a friend who is a fitness enthusiast and someone whom you trust enough to help you with your journey, perhaps training with your friend suffices.

However, if you have a specific physique you hope to achieve and prefer being guided by a professional, how about starting with a free trial to see if you’re up for it?

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