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Cost Of Giving Birth In Singapore And Baby Bonuses To Help You Save

Cost of Pregnancy in Singapore: Baby Bonus, Maternity Packages, Cost of Delivery and More

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Most of us would’ve thought about having children at some point.

We know that having a baby is an expensive and laborious feat.

With the rising cost of living and everything else, we thought it would be good to create a guide that’s for future and potential parents out there so that you can be prepared for any pregnancies!

TL;DR: Cost of Giving Birth, Types of Births, Maternity Schemes & Baby Bonuses

Prenatal CommitmentsEstimated Price
Gynaecologist Consultation Fees (15 visits)$1,800 to $4,500
Packages (from Second Trimester onwards)
$600 to $2,000
Ultrasound (4 scans)$800
Prenatal (per class)$50 to $300
Harmony testing
$1,000 to $1,500
Childbirth / Delivery OptionsEstimated Price
Public Hospital (Normal/Assisted)$805 to $5,589
Private Hospital (Normal/Assisted)$2,534 to $10,341
Public Hospital (Caesarean)$1,491 to $9,351
Private Hospital (Caesarean)$10,786 to $17,901
Water Birth (excluding maternity packages)$400 to $3,000
Doula$700 to $2,500

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Disclaimer: The Information provided by Seedly does not constitute personalised financial advice or an offer or solicitation of any hospital packages. It does not consider the specific objectives or particular needs of any person. We strongly advise you to seek advice from a gynaecologist to identify the suitable and necessary tests you need. All prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice and are sourced from historical data from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Pacific Prime Singapore, gynaecologistsingapore and the hospitals mentioned. 

Pre-pregnancy or Preconception Screening in Singapore

When it comes to having a baby, we want to take the extra steps to be extremely careful.

Therefore, choosing to go for a prenatal or pre-pregnancy screening test before couples conceive, can help a couple identify any possible health risks associated with their records and family medical history.

A preconception screening is not the same as a fertility assessment in Singapore although some of the test components are the same.

The focus of a fertility assessment would be to find out the causes of infertility while a pre-conception check is very much like a health check prior to pregnancy.

Prenatal screening requirements vary from person to person and couple.

Apart from general physical assessment and urine test, these are the costs and types of tests or checks you may need because you conceive.

Add-on Checks/TestsAverage PricePurpose
Consultation$50 to $200
For medical advice
Pelvic ultrasound (each visit)$80 to $150For detection of cysts and fibroids in the ovaries and uterus, including infectious disease tests such as sexually transmitted diseases
Pap smear$40 to $80For cervical cancer screening
Blood tests$75 to $180For anaemia, Thalassemia, blood group and type (e.g. Rhesus)
Prenatal genetic tests$650 to $1,600This depends on the type and number of tests, as well as whether you have them at a government hospital or a private specialist clinic.

You can opt to go ala carte and pay for each test or screening separately or a prenatal screening package at the hospital or health facility you visit.

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Prenatal Tests & Maternity Packages

Congrats that you have a bun in the oven!

Throughout the 9-month pregnancy, there’re multiple tests and check-ups that have to be done.

Source: Mount Elizabeth

Gynaecologist Fees in Singapore

Each consultation fee at a private clinic is expected to be $120 to $300 per visit.

This would highly depend on the popularity of the doctor and where you’re seeking consultations from.

Based on sg.asianparent.com and kiasumom.com, a humble estimate of 15 visits throughout the pregnancy is expected.

This would mean that your estimate for all visits to a private clinic would easily cost you $1,800 to $4,500.

Thankfully, as Singaporeans, we are able to enjoy subsidies as subsidised patients at a public hospital.

However, this would mean that there would be a different doctor per visit.

Not to forget, you can also be a private patient at public hospitals. This means that you can have a dedicated doctor at a public hospital.

Looking for an affordable gynaecologist in Singapore?

KK Women and Children’s Hospital (KKH) offers $29.40 per visit for subsidised patients.

You can also be a private patient at KKH – $114.49 to $143.38 for the first consultation, and $80.25 to $107 for every repeated visit.

First trimester (first 12 weeks)

Your first trimester begins when you get pregnant. This means by the time you find out you are pregnant, there might be limited time left to do all the check-ups.

There are a series of tests which have to be done in the First trimester. Be prepared.

Source: Giphy

As the first trimester is the most vulnerable to mothers and riskiest for babies, you would need to take extra good care of your health.

Gynaecologists may also recommend taking supplements prescribed by the clinic. We estimate that these would cost you about $63.

If you go to public hospitals, the cost would be much cheaper as your fees will be subsidised if you are a Singapore citizen.

Second Trimester & Third Trimester (13 Weeks & Beyond)

Pre-natal Package PricesEstimated Price
KKH Antenatal Package (Private patients)~$738
Government Hospital Package (subsidised patient)~$600
Government Hospital Package (private patient)~$800
Private Hospitals~$2,000
Ultrasound (x4)$800
Harmony Testing$1,000 - $1,500

A package is usually offered by your gynaecologist from Week 13 onwards as a monthly check-up, followed by a weekly check-up is required for your third/final trimester.

As Singaporeans, you can enjoy subsidised packages for about $600.

A private patient at KK Women and Children Hospital starts from $738.

In contrast, a private hospital package can go up to $2,000.

Throughout your pregnancy, one can expect between 2 to 4 ultrasounds. Each ultrasound is expected to cost between S$100 to S$200 each. This cost is usually not included in the package.

Furthermore, if you opt for further testing such as Harmony testing, you can expect to spend another $1,000 to $1,500.

Prenatal Classes

Source: The Community – The Bump

Becoming parents is never easy and hence, it might be good to attend some classes conducted by professionals, such as what to do when contractions come, good postures, lactation, and nutritious eating.

These classes may or may not be part of the hospital or clinic packages, so you may have to pay for them separately.

For pricing, you can expect the cost to range from $50 to $300 per class.

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How Much Does It Cost To Deliver a Baby in Singapore

There are a few ways for delivery: Normal Delivery, Normal Delivery with Epidural, Assisted Delivery, Assisted Delivery with Epidural, Caesarean and Water Birth.

We will be comparing the most common hospitals for childbirth deliveries, the average prices, as well as the most common wards chosen for delivery.

The average length of stay is two nights for normal delivery and three nights for caesarean.

Cost of Normal (Vaginal) Delivery and Normal Delivery with Epidural

  • Ranges from $805 to $10,341 depending on the hospital and type of ward.
  • Highest cost: $10,341 (Gleneagles Hospital, Private)
  • Lowest cost: $805 (National University Hospital, Ward C)

HospitalType Of WardEstimated Price
KK Women and ChildrenWard A$4,173 to $5,337
Ward BB1: $4,173
B2+: $2,820
B2: $2,448
Ward C$1,251 to $1,971
National University of HospitalWard A$4,799
Ward BB1: $3,597
B2: $1,102
Ward C$805
Singapore General HospitalWard A$3,740 to $5,589
Ward BB1: $2,633 to $4,021
B2: $1,174 to $1,874
Ward C$1,054 to $1,653
GleneaglesPrivateTwo-bedder: $2,992

Single: $3,978

Superior: $6,678

Deluxe Suite: $10,341
Mt AlverniaPrivateTwo-bedder: $2,931.80

Single: $3,453.96

Single – St Michael: $3,563.10

Family Suite: $4,364.53

Super Deluxe: $4,028.55
Mt Elizabeth OrchardPrivateTwo-bedder: $3,303

Single: $4,238

Suites: $13,142
Mt Elizabeth NovenaPrivateSingle: $4,328

Suite: $9,430
Parkway EastPrivateFour-bedder: $2,633

Two-bedder: $2,835

Single: $3,957

Deluxe: $4,297
Raffles HospitalPrivateTwo-bedder: $2,782

Single: $3,424
Thomson Medical HospitalPrivateFour-bedder: $2,533.76

Two-bedder: $2,849.41

Single: 3,826.32

Premium single: $4,121.64

Cost of Assisted Delivery and Assisted Delivery with Epidural

There is usually no difference between normal/assisted delivery in public hospitals and some private hospitals.

But for Mt Alvernia and Thomson Medical, there’re more affordable options to choose from.

HospitalEstimated PriceEstimated Price (with epidural)
Mt Alvernia2-Bedded: $3,186.46

Single: $3,708.62

Single – St Michael: $3,817.76

Super Deluxe: $4,225.43

Family Suite: $4,533.59
2-Bedded: $3,402.79

Single: $3,942.95

Single – St Michael: $4,052.09

Super Deluxe: $4,764.71

Family Suite: $5,126.37
Thomson Medical HospitalFour-bedder: $2,796.98

Two-bedder: $3,921.55

Single: $3,826.32

Premium single: $4,216.87
Four-bedder: $3,079.46

Two-bedder: $3,398.32

Single: $4,214.73

Premium single: $4,510.05

Cost of Caesarean Section With and Without Complications

  • Ranges from $1,057 to $16,698 and $3,124 to $17,594 (with complications) depending on the hospital and type of ward.
  • Highest median costs for caesarean section: $16,698 and $17,594 (Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Private; without and with complications respectively)
  • Lowest median costs of caesarean section: $1,057 and $1,419 (National University Hospital, Ward C; without and with complications respectively)

HospitalType Of WardMedian PriceMedian Price
(with complications)
KK Women and ChildrenWard A$8,779$9,351
Ward B1
Ward B2
Ward B2+
Ward B1: $7,321
Ward B2: $3,297
Ward B2+: $4,166
Ward C$2,212 $3,124
National University HospitalWard A$7,004$7,778
Ward BB1: $5,536
B2: $1,485
Ward C$1,057$1,491
Singapore General HospitalWard A$7,462 to 9,393N.A.
Ward BB1: $6,319 to $,7641
B2: $2,234 to $3,000
Ward C$1,495 to $2,269
GleneaglesPrivateTwo-bedded: $13,062

Single: $16,698
Single: $17,594
Mt AlverniaPrivateTwo-Bedded: $4,647.01 / $4,507.91 (with epidural)

Single: $5,430.25 / $5,291.15 (with epidural)

Single – St Michael: $5,593.96 / $5,454.86 (with epidural)

Super Deluxe: $6,284.11 / $6,146.08 (with epidural)

Family Suite: $7,103.73 / $6,966.77 (with epidural)
Two-bedded: $10,786

Single: $12,982
Mt Elizabeth OrchardPrivateTwo-bedded: $12,176

Single: $16,037
Mt Elizabeth NovenaPrivate$15,776Single: $17,901
Parkway EastPrivateFour-bedded: $10,961

Two-bedded: $10,426

Single: $12,559
Single: $13,689
Thomson Medical PrivateFour-bedded: $8,847

Two-bedded: $11,003

Single: $12,613
Four-bedded: $10,985

Two-bedded: $11,949

Single: $13,187

Cost of Water Birth

Source: TheAsianParents

Water birth is a delivery method that is less heard of.

Women who prefer natural childbirth without the use of epidural or medication. In a warm water environment setting, this could be a gentle way to support the birthing experience.

The average cost is between $400 to $3,000 on top of maternity packages.

This birthing method is said to be offered by the National University Hospital (last checked that it is currently not available), Mount Alvernia, Thomson Medical and Raffles Hospital.


Source: Sassymama

A Doula is someone who is a birth companion and supports a woman and her partner from the prenatal to postnatal journey, assisting non-clinically.

Doulas have a deep understanding of how birth works and, how childbirth systems work in Singapore, so can answer the many questions that you and your partner may have.

They are also there to offer a continuity of care that you rarely get in a hospital setting, including providing contacts should you require anything post-natally, such as breastfeeding support.

The packages offered range from $700 to $2,500.

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Medisave Maternity Package

Source: Central Provident Fund

The Medisave Maternity Package (MMP) allows parents to use their Medisave for

  • offsetting delivery expenses
  • offset pre-delivery medical expenses such as consultations and ultrasound
Type of ExpensesMedisave Limits for Delivery ProcedureMediSave Limits under the MediSave Maternity
Vaginal Delivery (Normal)$750$1,650
Vaginal Delivery (Assisted)$1,250$2,150
Caesarean Section (Normal)$2,150$3,050
Caesarean Section (with
Tubal Ligation)
Caesarean Section (with
Pre-delivery Medical Expenses$900

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Baby Bonus Singapore – Cash

Also known as Child Development Co-savings, the baby bonus’s cash gift aims to help lighten the cost of having children.

The procedure is as such:

  • Submit an online form to join the scheme (as early as 2 months before the estimated delivery date)
  • Delivery of the baby
  • The cash gift is to be received within 7 to 10 working days upon registration of your child’s birth.
Number Of BabiesCash Gift
1st Baby$8,000
2nd Baby$8,000
3rd Baby onwards$10,000

Do note that the baby bonus payout is disbursed over the course of 18 months:

Disbursement TimelineAmount of cash gift given out
1st and 2nd Child3rd Child onwards
Within 7 to 10 working days from birth registration or joining the scheme, whichever is later$3,000$4,000
When child turns 6 months old$1,500$2,000
When child turns 1 year old$1,500$2,000
When child turns 15 months old
(Baby Bonus Plus)
When child turns 18 months old
(Baby Bonus Plus)

Baby Bonus Singapore – Children Development Account (CDA)

The CDA is a special savings account for your child.

The child’s CDA will be opened within 3 to 5 working days upon their birth registration and completing the online form.

  • One can choose to open a CDA with DBS, OCBC or UOB.
  • One will then have up to 12 years to save for their child in their child’s CDA
  • The government will match the savings in the CDA within 2 weeks
  • Your child will receive up to $3,000 of the CDA First Step grant.
Child OrderChild Develop Account
(for approved uses, such as healthcare and preschool fees)
Total CDA Benefits
CDA First Step (No initial deposit required)Govt's Dollar-for-Dollar Matching
1st child$5,000
Up to $4,000
Up to $6,000
2nd child$5,000
Up to $7,000
Up to $9,000
Up to $9,000Up to $14,000
4th child$5,000
Up to $9,000Up to $14,000
5th child onwards$5,000
Up to $15,000Up to $20,000

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What Other Expenses Do I need?

Post-delivery, there’re also other expenses you need to consider:

  • Confinement nanny
  • Newborn and maternity clothing
  • Maternity insurance
  • Postnatal massages
  • Starter pack after delivery (cot, pram, clothes, formula, diaper)

Similarly, you might want to consider getting maternity insurance that provides financial protection for both the mum and baby during pregnancy and even after.

To future parents out there, it’s time to have a personal finance tracker to help you save up for that baby.

Also, join our community where we discuss tips on savings and cutting costs!

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