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The Ultimate Salary Guide For Singaporeans

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About Singapore Salaries (as of the year 2017)

  • The average salary in Singapore is $4,056 per month. This adds up to $48,672 per annum, inclusive of employer’s CPF contribution.
  • The latest result indicates that Singaporeans work an average of 45.2 paid hours per week.
  • Singapore’s nominal wage increases by 4.5% from the year 2011 to 2016.
  • The top few paying industries are accounting, banking & finance, healthcare & life sciences and information technology.

Key Takeaway:

Before we move on to a list of occupations and their monthly salary, here are how this information can be helpful to you:

  • For those looking to further their studies, the below information can help one better decide if the cost of a higher study is worth it.
  • The salary range can help one manage his expectation when he goes for his job interview.
  • Knowing some of the specific jobs in the industry and how they pay can help one work towards his dream job better.

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  • Accountancy professionals to increase by 15% to 21,000 by the year 2020
  • 60% of graduates join a Big Four accounting firm
  • The most popular accounting qualifications for finance professionals in Singapore is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). This is followed by CPA and CA Singapore.
  • The monthly wage range for accounting industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    Senior Accounts/ Accounts ExecutiveDegree/ Diploma3,5004,500
    Senior AccountantDegree5,0007,500
    AccountantDegree/ Diploma2,8003,800
    Accounts Payable/ Receivable ExecutiveDegree/ Diploma2,8003,800
    Accounts Payable/Receivable Assistant'N'/'O' Levels and above2,0002,800
    Finance ControllerDegree8,00016,000
    Finance Manager/ Assistant Finance managerDegree5,5009,000
    Financial AnalystDegree5,5008,000
    Internal Audit
    Audit ManagerDegree5,5008,500
    Tax ManagerDegree5,5008,500
    Tax AssociateDegree4,0005,500

Banking & Finance

  • Banking & financial services industry has seen major disruption from the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector which gives it a negative outlook.
  • Projected salary growth for banking & finance sector is at 3%
  • The monthly wage range for banking & finance industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    Senior Officer/ Officer, ComplianceDegree/ Diploma3,5004,500
    Senior Associate/ Associate, Financial ControlsDegree4,4006,000
    Associate Financial AnalystDegree3,0004,500
    Business AnalystDegree6,0009,000
    Bank OfficerDiploma2,5003,500
    Senior Officer/ Officer, Loan OperationsDegree/ Diploma4,5006,200
    Risk ManagementDegree/ Diploma3,0005,000
    Credit AnalystDegree/ Diploma3,7004,000
    Credit Control OfficerDegree/ Diploma2,0003,300
    BancassuranceDegree/ Diploma2,8005,000
    Trade Finance
    ExecutiveDiploma/ Degree3,2004,500
    Senior Officer/ OfficerDiploma/ Degree3,5004,000


  • Manufacturing is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy.
  • Manufacturing sector’s contribution to Singapore’s GDP has been growing steadily.
  • The monthly wage range for engineering industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    Adminstration & Support
    Technical OfficerDiploma2,4002,700
    Technical Support EngineerDiploma1,6002,500
    Healthcare &
    Biomedical EngineerDegree/ Diploma3,5005,000
    Field Service EngineerDegree/ Diploma4,0006,500
    Maintenance Technician'N'/ 'O' Levels/ Diploma1,7002,200
    Senior Process Engineer/ EngineerDegree/ Diploma4,5006,500
    Chemical Process TechnicianDegree/ Diploma1,8003,000
    Production Operator 'N'/ 'O' Levels1,8002,100
    Project Management
    Senior Project Engineer/ EngineerDegree/ Diploma3,8005,600
    Facilities ManagerDegree/ Diploma5,0006,000
    Executive, FacilitiesDegree/ Diploma3,2004,000
    Facilities EngineerDiploma/ Degree3,8005,000
    Real Estate/ Property Development
    Property ExecutiveDiploma1,6002,800
    Estate ManagerDiploma3,0004,500
    Property ManagerDiploma/ Degree5,0008,500

Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Ministry of Health to expand and improve existing polyclinics and family medicine clinics. There are also plans to increase the number of hospitals, nursing homes and senior care centres.
  • 30,000 healthcare workers will be needed in the year 2020.
  • The monthly wage range for Healthcare & Life Sciences industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    Healthcare &
    Life Sciences
    Senior Chemist/ ChemistDegree/ Diploma4,2006,500
    Laboratory TechnicianDiploma2,0003,000
    Medical TechnologistDegree/ Diploma3,0004,500
    Chiropractic AssistantDiploma1,8002,000
    Clinic Assistant'N'/ 'O' Levels1,6003,000
    Dental Assistant'N'/ 'O' Levels1,6002,500
    Senior Staff Nurse/ Staff NurseDegree/ Diploma2,5005,500
    Social WorkerDegree/ Diploma3,3004,600
    Paramedic'N'/ 'O' Levels1,7002,500
    Ambulance Driver'N'/ 'O' Levels1,6001,800
    Senior Pharmacist/ PharmacistDegree/ Diploma4,5006,500
    PhysiotherapistDegree/ Diploma3,0004,000

Information Technology

  • Steady hiring outlook for the Information Technology Industry
  • Singapore to expect about 15,000 jobs to be created, mainly focusing on development, network and infrastructure, cybersecurity and data analytics.
  • The monthly wage range for Information Technology industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    App Development
    Application DeveloperDegree4,0004,500
    Application EngineerDegree4,5005,000
    Web DeveloperDegree2,8004,700
    Mobile DeveloperDegree4,5006,500
    Analysis & Project
    Data AnalystDegree5,0006,000
    Business System AnalystDegree3,8007,700
    Technology Architecture AnalystDegree3,8004,500
    Business Development
    Digital Marketing ConsultantDegree4,5008,000
    Online Community ManagerDegree/ Diploma3,0006,000
    Finance IT
    Banking Business AnalystDegree5,0007,800
    FinTech DeveloperDegree7,50012,000
    Network Security ConsultantDegree4,6005,500
    Solution ArcheitectDegree3,7006,000

Supply Chain & Logistics

  • 20 of the top 25 global logistics companies operate in Singapore
  • Singapore’s major Supply Chain and Logistics sectors include Aerospace, Chemicals, Electronics, Healthcare and Cold Chain Logistics
  • The monthly wage range for Information Technology industry:
     QualificationMedian Gross Wage
    Warehouse and Logistics
    Warehouse SupervisorDegree/ Diploma2,5003,700
    Inventory ExecutiveDiploma2,5003,600
    Inventory Control AnalystDiploma2,5004,200
    Shipping Coordinator'N'/ 'O' Levels/ Diploma3,0003,500
    Documentation Coordinator'N'/ 'O' Levels2,0003,500
    Procurement/ Purchasing
    Procurement OfficerDegree/ Diploma4,2005,500
    Senior Purchasing Executive/ ExecutiveDegree/ Diploma2,5004,000
    Export ExecutiveDiploma2,5003,300
    Supply Chain
    Senior Supply Chain Executive/ ExecutiveDegree/ Diploma3,0005,000
    Senior Order management Executive/ ExecutiveDegree5,0007,800
    PlannerDegree/ Diploma4,2005,000

Take Action now!

Thankfully when you live in Singapore, you can start looking for your next opportunity to improve yourself today. For both the salary or and the scope of work.

Here are some of the platforms which we recommend:

  • SkillsFuture: Use the $500 credit that the government has credited to your account (beyond age 25)
  • TechInAsia Jobs: A new and effective platform to find jobs in tech (IT, design, marketing, finance, related)
  • Glints Jobs: A career discovery and development platform to help you up-skill
  • Startup Jobs Asia: A slightly more mature platform to find jobs in tech (new companies)
  • JobStreet: The No 1 jobsite in Singapore
  • Glassdoor: To read reviews from previous employees on the current job role and company

Sources: Kelly Services and Adecco

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